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American Idol 9 Results, Apr. 7 – Some New Meat In the Bottom 3

Once again, Lennon and McCartney music proved to be iconic, outlasting two of the Beatles themselves. Our Idols took on these hits last night and many proved that they could make these thirty- to forty-year-old hits into radio hits today. Casey James, Lee Dewyze, and Crystal Bowersox had great nights as always, and a few others had some good nights as well. We have a handfull of others that should be very worried, and as we found out last night, Lee will still be worried, even though he has no reason to be.

Ryan Seacrest is talking about Idol Gives back in a couple weeks and asking what the judges are donating. Simon Cowell is donating some clothes, which he thinks no one will want, and they’ll also give away the opportunity at making a record. Ellen DeGeneres is giving away lots of pairs of tennis shoes and and VIP tickets to the show, assumably her talk show. Kara DioGuardi and Randy Jackson are giving away singing lessons, and Ryan is giving away hair product and a couple of his suits. I’m not sure how much of that is a joke.

The Top 9 American Idols take on some Lennon/McCartney in a group medley, starting with Here, There, and Everywhere, moving on to Got To Get You Into My Life, and continuing on from there. I have to say theyse Idols sound really good together. I also have to love the girls in the go-go boots.

Our Ford Music Video tonight is to Will It Go Around In Circles It features kaleidescopes and a little bit of psychedelic. It’s a little bizarre as they pass the kaleidescope from one person to the next, as it brings up thoughts of something else being passed around. I’m not quite sure who dreamed that one up, but I’m wondering if it was Hyde and Kelso.

Casey James says he’s ready to go with the results, and Tim Urban thinks after getting to sing some of the best songs in the world, which was so excitiing, he’s feeling good. Katie Stevens is a little nervous, but always is.

Siobhan Magnus is the first to stand up for the results, and Kara says she was confused as it seemed a bit dramatic, but it’s a classically feeling vocal with an alternative look. It was restrained and she wasn’t used to seeing her that way, yet she explained it well and from her heart. She is asked to move to the center of the stage. Crystal Bowersox stands and joins Siobhan at center stage.

Katie stands next and says she was singing the song for her grandma. She is also asked to come to center stage. Randy is asked if one of these girls could be going home, and based on their performances, he doesn’t think so. The studio audience doesn’t think so either. Crystal is indeed safe, and so are both of the others. All three are safe, meaning it will be an all male bottom three.

Ryan announces that Adam Lambert will be mentoring the Idols last week, and Katie’s jaw drops, saying she didn’t know. She definitely seems stoked. Jason Derullo, who has been signed by Kara, takes the stage singing When the Truth Came Out and In My Head, and he’s continuing the Idols’ black and white theme of the night, and so are his backup dancers. Kara explains afterward that she signed him as she sees an incredible songwriter in him. He only had four days to get this together, and she’s proud of him. Even Simon has to hand it to him, as well as Kara, as it was a job well done.

Before we get to more results, though, David Archuleta is back to sing Imagine again. He loooks much older in just these two years, but I wonder if he’s just trying to look different than Aaron Kelly. At any rate, it makes me realize how far apart their performances really are. David says afterwards that the finale was probably a little more nerveracking than this one, yet he does still feel like he’s being judged. He’s working on his next album, doing writing and recording, and he’s looking forward to it.

The six guys are separated into two groups onstage. Lee Dewyze says he doesn’t have self doubt as much as he just needs to show his confidence more. He does feel like he has it, like Randy told him. He goes to the far side of the stage. Michael Lynche didn’t think his performance was too theatrical, saying he was putting on a show, but if you want the stuido/radio version, you need to check him out on iTunes. He begins a group on the near side of the stage. Bottom?

Casey James stands up, admits he’d want to put out an album filled with music like last night and joins Lee. Aaron Kelly is next, and Simon says what he likes about him is that he’s hardworking and likable, but his problem is he’s trying to sound like the original artist and paling in comparison. He joins Big Mike. Tim Urban stands, amidst screams, and joins Lee, as Andrew is up last, saying he thought the band sounded good. He oviously joins Mike and Aaron, and I believe that’s our bottom three.

Ellen is asked which group she guesses is the bottom three. She says she hates this, but goes with the group I guessed. Either way, it’s horrible. Indeed, Lee, Tim, and Casey are safe, and Andrew, Aaron, and Mike are the bottom three. One person is sent back to safety, and that person is Aaron.

And just when I really want to hear the rest of the results and find out who could be going home, everyone sits down and Rihanna comes out to sing Rock Star 101. I hate when they do performances at this point. I don’t want to watch a performance. I want to know who had the least votes.

Back to the results, the person who is definitely safe until next week is Andrew Garcia. Big Mike sings for the judges, hoping they’ll use the save for him. He’s singing This Woman’s Work, and his wife is crying in the audience. It’s a smart choice, as this is the song that made Kara cry. The judges are seroiusly deliberating this time. Simon says the frustrating thing is they all wish he sang something like that yesterday. This is why he’s in this posiition, and it’s unanimous. We’re going to be seeing Big Mike next week!

That’s right! The judges used their one and only save on Michael Lynche. It’s great for him, as I wasn’t quite ready to lose him yet. However, this leaves us vulnerable for the rest of the season. We could have a tough loss, someone the judges wish they had … saved the save for. And on top of it, two singers will go home now next week. There’s only a few people who are mostly likely safe. They know who they are, unless their name rhymes with Glee.

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