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Amazing Race 16, Ep. 8 Commentary – Cowboy Comeback

Route Markers

• Is it me, or does Boy Jordan continually enjoy pointing out the obvious? This week – “I don’t want to walk by foot.” Well, how else are you going to walk? On your elbows?

•Did they change the opening credits images to include more Race shots? Or am I imagining things?

•Boy Jordan’s dream is to win the Amazing Race. His dream. Somehow, the Boy Jordan “I Have A Dream” speech would be less inspiring than that of Martin Luther King.

• Where did Allie find that Virginia Tech t-shirt in Africa?

• Jet – “How do you say fast in Malaysia?” Cord – “Fast.” And the comedy stylings of the Oklahoma Cowboys continue!

• In the category of Strange Sibling Rivalry Contests – Cord to Jet – “I bet I could balance it on my nose for longer.”

• Why was everyone taking the incense sticks two at a time? Couldn’t they double up so they didn’t have to take six trips up and down those steps?

• Anyone else weirded out by that tea task? Why was that woman sitting by herself making tea in the forest? Was that a real guru? Where did he get that swing? I must know these things!

• Is it really a Hindu ritual to bash coconuts? It seems like such a waste of coconut milk.

• How awesome was Cord wearing both cowboy hats at once? That made me laugh.

• Sibling pride – “Ain’t nobody on this island that can smash coconuts better than Jet.”

• Graphic error – at the coconut task, it said Brent/Caite – currently in fifth place. Meanwhile, they were in fourth. Oops!!

• Cord to Phil – “We should play poker when we’re done!” HA! But Carol one-upped him, “Wait for the eyebrow to go up.” HA HA!

• Michael called Louie a “coconut smashing fool” after it took him only two tries to find the right one. But then he calls Caite a “coconut smashing fool” on the way out, and she went through more coconuts than a Mounds factory. I think Michael needs to rethink what being a coconut smashing fool really entails.

Detour – Buddhist Tradition – (Carry 12 giant incense sticks up 150 steep steps and light them) – Dan/Boy Jordan, Crandy, Brent/Caite, Steve/Allie (eventually)

Chinese Custom – (Balance a huge flagpole on your forehead for 120 feet, as per Chinese New Year Tradition) – Cowboys

Roadblock – Smash coconuts to find one with color inside, and then build miniature offering to send to sea – Jet, Carol, Louie, Caite, Boy Jordan, Allie.

Speed Bump – choose the correct tea to bring to a guru on a swing.

Standings – Cowboys, Crandy, Detectives, Brent/Caite, Dan/Boy Jordan, Steve/Allie (ELIMINATED)

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