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American Idol 9, Apr. 6 – Didgeridoo and Bagpipes

What everyone admires about Tim Urban the most, of course, is his smile and that he’s so happy all the time. Siobhan thinks if his teeth could sparkle, they would. Crystal admits he’s a good-looking guy. Andrew says when the gets the smile and hair going, he has to say, “I love you, Tim.” He wanted to pick a Lennon/McCartney song that was fun and that he could sing with a smile, so he chose All My Loving. This is honestly a genre he’s meant for. He has the look, the smile, the hair, and even the sound. He even changes up the melody successfully a little.

Randy tells Tim that he’s in his own category, so he’ll start judging based on if it’s a good Tim performance. He thinks it’s a much better performance than he’s had the past couple weeks, and what he loved is that he’s a rocking a kind of Beatles ‘do. Tim admits he decided to do something different with his hair and didn’t even think about it looking like the Beatles. But Randy likes it, and Tim thinks it would look good on him. Ellen thinks it was the perfect song choice for him and his second best after Hallelujah. She agrees he has the Paul McCartney look about him now.

Kara always thought his best performances were when he had a guitar, as it seems more honest. They have really come after him week after week, and she likes he took some of their criticisms and has his guitar, and he’s to be commended She wants him to just smile. Simon isn’t going to judge him on the Tim scale, but based on everything they’ve heard tonight, and taking that into consideration, he thinks he did really well with that. There were no gimmicks and just the right thing to do and he didn’t try to oversing it. He thought it even sounded current. What he does like is that he takes the criticism like a man with no whining. He’s been given a great opportunity, and if you have to take a few bobs along the way, so what. He’s handled himself very well, and Simon is very proud of him.

Big Mike calls Casey James the playboy of the bunch, and says they always make fun of him for being like a soap opera star. They come up with names for him like Trevor, Fabio, and Drake. Siobhan says his laugh cuts through the room and you can hear him across the stage. They all seem to be able to do his laugh. Of course his hair was a big topic too, and Andrew says he looks like an angel with the light behind him on the stage. He’s singing Jealous Guy, as the words and melody are really great. He thinks it will be beautiful, and it is. It’s a nice controlled performance after what he had last week. It’s a great change of pace and comes off really sincere.

Randy loved that Casey was playing the acoustic and not the electric, and loved seeing the sensitive vibe to him. He was really impressed he took this kind of leap. What he’s proud of with all of them this week, is that they’re artists who are individuals, and he loves that Casey set himself apart with that bluesy/Stevie Ray Vaughan thing. It wasn’t the perfect vocal, but so heartfelt. Ellen says whether it was about somebody or not it felt like it was, and for her that was his best to date, and so soulful. That’s what they were talking about, switching things up. It was a beautiful arrangement, just him and the cello. She was moved, as he has a great voice … and pretty hair. She wanted to feel him really pouring into a song and he did, and that’s what they need to see more of.

Kara thinks what Casey showed tonight is a vulnerability that was lacking in his other performances. It was very tasteful tonight, how he sang and played to accompany himself. It was showing depth and what she wanted to see. She knew he had a range and thinks he can still do more. When he wants to take it there, he can go there. Simon tells Goldilocks it was the best performance of the night so far. They’re used to a consistency with Crystal, but the difference week to week with him has been ginormous, and he thought it was his stamp on the song. He felt him being emotional. He’s very impressed with him tonight. Casey says he was thinking about being a jealous guy while he was singing. I’m guessing he’s much more deep than he just made himself sound.

The other Idols say Siobhan is amazing, weird, and the most interesting person they’ve ever met. Crystal says she has her own style and own sense of being. Katie notes it’s unique, but all works. And, she has an incredible voice. Casey notes there’s no doubt she can sing. Crystal hasn’t heard any other little white girl sing with soul like that. She’s singing Across the Universe tonight, hoping it shows a different side to her voice. She’s singing from a stool tonight and she’s not belting it, as we all sit and wait for it. Yet, she has some serious soft pipes she’s showing, even when soft.

Randy loves watching every week wondering what Siobhan is going to do and wear. No one screams artist more than her. He loves the outfit. The performance was a little sleepy for him, but he loves the tender side and her singing the high note in the falsetto. He loves the artistry in her, and she needs to believe in it always. Ellen is a big fan of people that march to the beat of their own drum, and Siobhan certainly does. She supports that and should always honor that as she is special and talented. Ellen loves that song and yes it was different, but she loves that. Kara says from a purely singing perspective, Siobhan hit the notes and showed control. She just thinks it was very restrained and polite, which we’re not used to seeing fro her. When we talk about turning the songs into something current, she’s not sure we’d heard that, but she’s still a fan, as she’s sure she connected to it.

Simon asks what Siobhan was connecting with personally, and she notes she was looking at the lyric saying nothing is going to change my world, and she remembers saying to them at the beginning of Hollywood week that she was there for her baby sisters that were her whole world, and nothing is going to change that. Everything is changing around her and it’s crazy, but she’s not going to change as a person, as they’re still her whole world. Simon won’t take that away from her. She had a disastrous week last week, but came back stronger. Like they said on the panel, what’s great about her is she’s unpredictable. Standing there tonight if it was the first time someone saw her, they’d be confused, but that’s what they like about her. Earl from the audience comes out to hug Siobhan. He’s the one that’s been booing Simon all night.

Lee Dewyze is the resident worrywart, according to Siobhan. He thinks he’s the one going home every week, even if Simon says he’s the best. He always thinks everyone hated it. They bet him money nw that he’s staying, and Andrew says he owes him $100. Crystal makes fun of him and Andrew a little, saying they can get together and be married and have lots of Danny Gokey babies. Lee and Andrew think people make fun because they’re jealous of their tight bond. tonight Lee is singing Hey Jude, because he can relate to it and feel it. He’s glad he has a shot at performing it. It’s not may favorite Lee Dewyze, but he does it justice like he does everything. And from Adam’s stairs we have … bagpipes? What the … The funny thing is the bagpipe player is totally rocking it out onstage.

Randy says the bagpipe guy is funny, and he, too, almost wore a kilt tonight. While Lee always seems like a bundle of nerves before the performance, after it’s like a total release for him. He doesn’t have to be nervous. He has this and it was another hot one for him. “Please believe.” Ellen notes the confidence Lee showed tonight and that he’s smiling more. Even when the bagpiper got separated from his parade – she’s sorry, and they’ll help him – Lee didn’t even get rattled by him showing up. Seriously, she thought it was cool.

Kara knows he feels more comfortable and there were some good moments and some off moments, but she is still a fan. She can hear him on the radio. It’s hot. Simon doesn’t know if they allow drinking in the Idol house, but we had didgeridoo players and now bagpipes. No disrespect to the bagpiper, but he thought Lee was doing great, and then the bagpipe player walked down the stairs. It was like he showed up at the wrong show. Lee admits this was all his idea, 100%.

Here’s the people that will be in trouble Wednesday night, the people who are behind the performances we no longer remember. Katie may have seemed good earlier in the night, but we can’t remember her anymore. Nor can we remember Aaron. The problem with Ellen telling Katie she was safe was that she may have had a good performance, but everyone did, even Tim. I think the bottom three will be among Katie, Tim, Aaron, and even Andrew. They all had good performances, but someone has to land in the bottom. Lee, Crystal, Casey were all too strong, and Mike and Siobhan are in the middle. However, we only have three girls left in the competition, so I tend to think it will be a guy going home, and it would be a shame for Tim to go after a particularly good performance.

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