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The Amazing Race 16, Apr. 5 – 1 Bad Cabdriver Can Cost You a Million Dollars

Steve and Allie make it to the other challenge, and she tells Steve she can’t do that. He tells her to just try. She does for a split second, then quits. They go back out to get their cab, and he’s gone. Now they have to find another cab, as she says she is so mad they decided to try this one. While the Cowboys are going from last to first, father/daughter seem to be going from first to last.

Jet is still smashing coconuts and finally gets a colored one. He admits he’s not really crafty, but sets to work making this offering. He announces it’s his first time for arts and crafts. Steve and Allie get another cab, as Brent and Caite’s driver tells them he thinks this is the temple at Teluk Bahang. It’s obviously not, as I swear I saw a carport. Jet keeps building his offering and gives it to the guru who sets it off to sea and gives him the next clue. They receive a clue to go to Pinang Peranakan Mansion, the pit stop of this leg of the race. I wonder if this is the first time a team has gone from speed bump to first.

Crandy see the Cowboys speeding away and wonder how they could be that far ahead doing their Detour, speed bump, and Roadblock. Wait until they start questioning them again, as you know, no one else is allowed to be good on the race if Crandy can’t be. Cord says there isn’t a person on this “Pain-Gang” island that can break coconuts faster than Jet just did. Carol thinks she can, though, as she decides to do this one and starts smashing. Brett and Caite’s driver is asking for directions.

Steve and Allie finally arrive to the challenge and start to fight, as Dan and Jordan continue to carry the incense sticks up the stairs. Carol gets the pink coconut and heads off to make the offering, as the Detectives arrive, with Louie doing the Roadblock. He comes up and starts smashing the coconuts and finds the pink one right away. Brent and Caite arrive, and she’s the one smashing.

The Cowboys call themselves back in the saddle, leave their shoes out by a phone booth, head inside the mansion, and find Phil and his mat. They are pronounced team number one, and Phil looks happy. Because of the somber face he had a few seconds ago, Cord tells him he should play poker with that face. As winners of this leg, they’ve won a trip for two to Maui. They are indeed the first team to go from speed bump to first in one leg.

Dan and Jordan are carrying their last incense sticks up, as Steve and Allie are heading back down. Carol completes her offering and gets the next clue. Louie is still working on his, as Michael tells him his wife would love him. He gets it completed and brings it out to sea, and they get their next clue. Caite is still smashing coconuts. Dan and Jordan get their clue to go to the Roadblock, leaving Steve and Allie behind. The brothers call it “bad ass hot” and feel it’s the toughest leg of the Race so far.

Caite finally gets her pink coconut, and starts building her offering. She carries it out, and they make their way to the pit stop. They can’t believe Crandy got out in front of them. Crandy is now at the pit stop and Carol says she’s “waiting for the eyebrow to go up.” They get it and find out they’re team number two. Steve and Allie are lighting their incense and move on to the next challenge.

Dan and Jordan, still smacking themselves for losing their other cab driver, have their current driver stop for gas on the way to the Roadblock. Steve is busy giving his driver a hard time, saying they don’t want a tortoise; they want a rabbit. Allie apologizes for him. Louie and Michael walk onto Phil’s mat and are declared team number three.

Dan and Jordan arrive at the cluebox first and decide Jordan is definitely the one who could use a splash of color, as he dances around with his coconuts. He finds a blue one right away and starts crafting. He makes the offering, but is told it’s not good enough. He retires again and gets it right, and Steve and Allie still aren’t there yet. Steve and Allie arrive, and she decides she’s doing it. Dad thinks she’s being mean as she smashes them. I think she has some aggression to get rid of.

Brent and Caite arrive on Phil’s mat for fourth place, and they decide they’ll take it. Allie is still smashing, and finds a coconut, builds her offering and sets it out to sea. She gets the clue and they take off for the pit stop. They tell the driver to go really fast. Dan and Jordan have found a traffic jam, as Dan says everyone and their mother are turning that into a parking lot right now. It’s up to the drivers to decide who will go home this time.

The team that jumps on the mat next is Dan and Jordan, as team number five, which they call huge. Steve and Allie step on the mat and are told they are the last team to arrive, and are eliminated. Steve kisses his daughter, and she says she’s going to cry as this has been so much fun. It was so special, and she had the time of her life with him. Steve isn’t the type to get emotional, but says she’s the only one that can make him this way. He still looks at her as his 5-year-old little girl, so it surprised him how tough she could be. This even tops the World Series rings for him.

I guess I got the answer to my question. Yes, the Cowboys could get back in it.

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