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The Amazing Race 16, Apr. 5 – 1 Bad Cabdriver Can Cost You a Million Dollars

The Detectives are stuck in traffic, as are Dan/Jordan and Steve/Allie. Steve makes what is hopefully a smart move, asking how long it will take to walk there. The driver says four or five minutes, so Steve and Allie run there, telling the driver to keep going and meet them there. Dan and Jordan make the same choice, but since the Detectives can still see them in their sights, they decide to wait and not bolt, as “in this Race, one bad cabdriver can cost you a million dollars.”

The Cowboys somehow are the first to arrive at either of the two Detours, and crack, “Is that the biggest flags we can get?” Wonder how they compare to PeeWee Herman’s chocolate cake. They realize they’re the only ones there, and what follows is an “Oh my gravy!” They watch a demonstration and “play the wind” to get going the distance, as Cord says once you figure it out, you can just trot with it. Cord has it figured out, while Jet has to work on it a little.

Steve and Allie are asking for directions, and while they do that, the Detectives pass them up. Dan/Jordan and Steve/Allie just end up running after them. Jet figures out the flag thing quickly enough, saying playing with brooms as a kid, it’s not long before someone says let’s trying balancing this on our noses. They are the first to finish the Detour, which is a really lucky break for them, going from last to first, as they have a Speed Bump coming up here at some point. Their clue tells them to make their way to Teluk Bahang to get their next clue. They have a little inkling of hope that they can finish this leg of the Race somewhere other than last.

Brent and Caite are moving their incense sticks, as are Crandy, who know the younger couple are moving their sticks so much faster. The Detectives arrive, and I’m betting they can carry more than two at a time. Sure enough, they decide to do it in sixes. Brent makes the comment, “I wish God would turn on the air conditioning.” Maybe he can pray for that inside the temple.

The Cowboys get to Teluk Bahang, and sure enough find their speed bump in front of the next clue. They’ll need to make their way to a Tropical Spice Garden and find the lady preparing spice tea. They’ll need to use their sense of smell to determine which tea is brewed from the bowl of crushed spice, then deliver it to a meditating guru. If they make the right choice they can rejoin the Race.

Crandy is taking their second break carrying the incense sticks, as Brandy says she is feeling lightheaded. Caite tells Brent to try and carry three, while Louie carries one, and Michael carries an armful of others. Louie starts hacking up a storm, and Michael declares, “Cardio Man is back.” Brent and Caite are on their last trip up, and Crandy still has two more.

The Cowboys again tell their driver to wait for them, as they know they’ll need him to take them right back. Jet says his sinuses have been stopped up, but the aroma of the tea is still strong enough to smell through that. They make their decision, and go in search of the guru on the giant swing. Cord pours him a cup of tea, and he tells them it isn’t the right one.

Steve/Allie and Dan/Jordan are still making their way to the Detour. And now they have to run up a hill. Steve is definitely kicking himself in the butt for this decision, and Dan/Jordan are doing the same for following them without thinking. The Cowboys try again with another pot of tea, and this time get the right one, catch their cab again, and now make it back to the Teluk Bahang.

Steve and Allie catch up to their cab again at the end, take it the rest of the way, then realize it’s the wrong place. Dan and Jordan try to steal their cab, but the cabdriver stays loyal to the father/daughter. The brothers are stuck without a taxi and don’t want to keep hoofing it. However, Steve and Allie’s driver admits he doesn’t know where he’s going. The brothers find a taxi, and Steve/Allie step out for directions and show their driver where the flag balancing tradition is and make the switch.

The Cowboys arrive back at Teluk Bahang, still before any other teams have gotten there yet. They find a Roadblock. One member from each team will take part in two rituals to bring them luck, but it doesn’t seem like they need it on this leg. First they’ll smash coconuts until they find the one with a colored inside, then use that and other materials to make an offering. They’ll present it to a guru where it will be sent off to the sea. Jet does the challenge and says there is no faster way to break these coconuts open, then to just keep busting them up, as he does one after the other.

Brent and Caite are at the point of lighting their incense while Crandy and the Detectives are still carrying. Dan and Jordan have finally made it to this challenge, and it isn’t looking good for them. Crandy lights their incense and take off. Brent and Caite just can’t stop talking about beating “the lesbians.” The Detectives finally light their incense, as the brothers start carrying theirs up.


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