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The Amazing Race 16, Apr. 5 – 1 Bad Cabdriver Can Cost You a Million Dollars

Personally, I was looking to end my Easter holiday with an hour of The Amazing Race, followed by two hours of Celebrity Apprentice. The storm raging outside had a different idea. My electricity was cut off, leaving me with just the first eighteen minutes of Amazing Race. By the time it came back on, I’d missed the first half hour of Celebrity Apprentice as well. Looking up the episode of The Amazing Race on CBS, it strangely was giving me last night’s Undercover Boss. Yet a quick shot over to Hulu.com is giving me the right one. It’s not the same to watch it here on my laptop, but it’ll do. I need to find out if the Cowboys can get back in it.

The first team to leave from The Seychelles are Steve and Allie at 7:22 PM. Their clue has them boarding a boat to head back to the mainland, then flying to Penang, Malaysia, making their way to the Snake Temple to find their next clue. Allie wonders what the weather is like right now in Malaysia, after they left their backpacks behind on the Detour during the last leg. They were worried they’d go somewhere freezing, since they only have the clothes on their backs, but instead they’re headed somewhere quite warm. Steve says it’s not how you look, but how you act and where you’re going, then tries to buy the shirt from the man in the place where they’re using the Internet. He also gets some plastic bags to carry their belongings in.

Dan and Jordan are the next to leave, at 7:35 PM. Jordan’s big dream is to win The Amazing Race, and his brother Dan is psyched for him. Every leg they get through and the more they do, the more his dream is being fulfilled. Brent and Caite leave at 9:15 PM, and the Detectives, Louie and Michael, leave just one minute later. Carol and Brandy leave at 10:19 PM, and Carol doesn’t think anyone would have figured they would be as strong as they are, and feels they’re way more competitive than even they give themselves credit for. She’s not too thrilled with going to a snake temple, though.

The Detectives get along really well with Brent and Caite, and she even calls them “The Daddys.” Brent points out as they head to the snake temple that Louie even has a snake tattoo. He says he thinks the serpent in this Race so far is Carol. The Detectives see Crandy as a threat, with their good language skills and being well-traveled. They know they need to get rid of this threat. Maybe that’s why they like young Caite and Brent, as they don’t see them as a threat. They goad Caite, who is one of their “trained wolf cubs” into saying when she comes up to a U-Turn, she’s going to “U-turn the [expletive deleted] out of ’em!” Assumably she means Crandy. Brent says it’s unanimous, and thankfully it’s anonymous this time.

Jet and Cord are the last to leave at 10:22 PM, and Cord thinks the odds are stacked against them, since they’re leaving last and have to complete a speed bump. But that boat ride is going to certainly do them well, eliminating Steve and Allie’s three hour head start. Jet says failure isn’t an option for them, and the only time they’ve ever failed is when they’ve quit. Cord says they have a second life or second chance, and they’re just trying to take advantage of that.

As everyone’s waiting to board the boat, the Detectives tell Steve they’ll have some underwear and a hat maybe for him. He’s a good guy, and they wouldn’t mind seeing him and his daughter in the final four. Looking at the larger underwear in front of him, Steve says it takes a big man to fill his pants, but he’ll do the best he can.

Everyone hits the same flight, as Jet and Cord note they’re tied for both first and sixth place, which they know is better than sitting in sixth all alone. They fly to Dubai first, then to Penang. Brent and Caite make it out of the airport and into the taxis first, as she says “we smoked all the other teams.” Dan and Jordan feel they have the best taxi driver in all of Malaysia as he passes all the other racers’ cars.

This makes Dan and Jordan the first to arrive at the snake temple, with Brent and Caite close behind. They find a Detour – Buddhist Tradition or Chinese Custom. In Buddhist Tradition, teams will make their way to a temple, choose a set of twelve huge incense sticks, then carry them up about 15 steps. At the top, the teams will insert the sticks into a giant burner and light them to get their next clue. In Chinese Custom, teams will make their way to an esplanade and choose a pair of 32′ flagpoles that are used to celebrate Chinese New Year. Balancing these on their foreheads, they’ll walk 120′ across the park to get their next clue.

Dan and Jordan decide on Buddhist Tradition, but have to get there first. They had that fantastic cab driver and let him go, assuming the challenge was going to take place at the snake temple. The fan of the Race that Jordan is, he should have known that. Brent and Caite decide to do the incense sticks, as do Steve and Allie. Dan and Jordan have to work to find another cab driver, as most of the cabs there are waiting for others in the Race who thought ahead and asked the drivers to stay there. Crandy decide to do incense as well, as do Louie and Michael, while Jet and Cord decide on flagpoles. The Detectives tell their driver to follow Brent and Caite, as the Cowboys have lost their cab, most likely to the other set of brothers.

The Cowboys get a local to call them a cab, and he tells him it will take about five minutes. They say they’ll wait if he hurries up, but honestly do they have a choice? I don’t know what it is, but the race is on right now like this is the final leg of the Race or something. You can feel the tension. The Detectives pass up Crandy, followed by Dan and Jordan, and I bet they’re wishing they had their fantastic cabdriver right about now. Michael compares their driver to Jason Bourne, making me wonder if he knows who that is. He could be like a heavier, Malaysian Matt Damon. The Cowboys finally get a driver, as Crandy has found a way to sneak ahead of the Detectives.

After that little cat and mouse game, Crandy are the first to arrive at the insense sticks challenge. As they start laying out the sticks, they realize how heavy they are and that they’ll need to make more than one trip. They start walking their first two of their dozen carrying them like a stretcher. Brent and Caite arrive and are also carrying just two at a time.


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