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Project Runway 7, Apr. 1 – Of Red Carpets and Murphy's Law

Mila made a dark grey dress with an overly wide V-neck that exposes some of the model’s assets – and the space between them. There are two-toned diagonal gold stripes starting from the left hip and ending at the hem in front.

Anthony sends down a long sleeveless gown. The top consists of some white fabric crossed over some black fabric. The long slit skirt also has a white right side and a black left side, and the whole thing is cinched in with a black belt. Seth Aaron made a long black gown. It has strips of black material sewn on it.

Jonathan made a draped cream dress decorated with strips of coral and black fabric. The back looks okay, but, in the front, some of the draped material seems to be hanging funny. It’s very obvious that Jonathan simply ran out of time. Finally, Emilio made a long, sleeveless, metallic copper gown decorated with a loop over the right breast.

As we’re now down to six, Heidi does not declare anybody safe. Instead, the judges talk to everybody, starting with Seth Aaron. He wanted to make a sleek and sophisticated look that was still him. Nina thinks he was more worried about himself than Heidi. Michael thinks the dress would be worn by the presenter at an awards show, but not the winner. Ouch. Jessica can’t see Heidi wearing it, and Heidi doesn’t like the cleavage of the dress.

Anthony wanted to use black and white. Heidi loves the dress because it’s sexy without being vulgar. Jessica says it’s beautiful and elegant from all sides. Michael believes that Anthony was in the zone this week. Nina says Anthony captured the glamour of the red carpet, and Jessica adds (inanely) that the dress looks like one movie on one side and another movie on the other side.

Mila tells the judges she wanted to make something sleek and sexy. She was also thinking about Heidi’s love of jewelry. Jessica likes the type of dress, but says this one is too wide in the bust. Michael adds that the cups are terrible, while Nina thinks the dress is just too simple.

Emilio was inspired by his “liquid gold” fabric. Michael calls the dress “impeccable,” while Heidi says it’s simple, but sexy. Nina comments that the fabric could have easily looked cheap, but Emilio made it look expensive instead. Jessica loves the fit.

Jay wanted to create a short strapless dress with a “360-degree experience.” Huh? For those who flunked math, a circle has 360 degrees. He wanted to make a dress that makes the wearer look ROUND?! What was he smoking?! Not surprisingly, Heidi likes the corseted top, but not the bottom. Michael tells him that no woman on the planet wants to have a fat butt. Nina says the pleating and the ruffles together make the model look wide. Jessica adds that she wants to hide her remaining baby fat, not accentuate it.

Finally, Jonathan says he wanted to make something fun. Michael thinks the dress is too short. Jessica agrees, noting that people might be able to see the model’s butt cheeks. Michael likes the effortless back, but not the obviously rushed front. Heidi is amazed when Jonathan tells her that he’d made three dresses. Michael notes that the dress was the product of an insane rush. Nina dislikes the color, saying it makes the model look waxy and won’t photograph well.

Afterwards, the judges deliberate. Seth Aaron simply made something safe and boring. Anthony made a beautiful dress that has movement and flows well. Jonathan’s dress looked amateurish and had a sloppy front. Jay made the horrible mistake of using ruffles on his skirt. He should have used a longer skirt in order to avoid making the model look big-bottomed. Emilio was the only one who put the right structure in his dress. Mila’s dress had an unflattering cut and looked more suitable fro Real Housewives of New Jersey than the red carpet.

The judges announce the winner. Actually, that’s winners, as it’s a tie between Emilio and Anthony. Heidi will wear Emilio’s dress, while Jessica wants Anthony’s. Seth Aaron and Mila are both in, leaving Jay and Jonathan in the bottom two. Heidi takes Jay to task for not listening to her when she’d told him she thought the ruffled bottom would be unflattering. Jonathan’s dress was simply a mess. Jay is in, and Jonathan is out.

Next week: The final challenge. Learn who goes to Fashion Week. As things stand, I’d guess that Emilio and Seth Aaron all but have locks on two of the spots, leaving the other three to duke it out for the third spot. Anthony’s having been eliminated once could put him at a disadvantage, but Jay and Mila have both been in a slump for weeks now.

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