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Project Runway 7, Apr. 1 – Of Red Carpets and Murphy's Law

Back at the workroom, the remaining five wonder how Maya’s departure will affect the competition. Tim comes in and announces they are bringing a designer back to take Maya’s place. As per the rules, it will be the most recently eliminated designer, which means Anthony’s back. The other designers are happy to see him. Tim tells everybody that Anthony will get a little extra time to make up for his late start.

While Anthony goes to Mood, Jonathan is doing his cutwork. He tells us that it takes a long time to sew the different fabrics together and create an open-work filigree. Emilio is draping a very see-through fabric and realizes he’ll have to make an understructure – which is basically a second dress – to keep Heidi decently covered. Seth Aaron wants to make a sleek, teardrop silhouette.

While the designers are working, Tim asks to see Seth Aaron. It turns out that his model, Valeria, has quit in order to take another job. Seth Aaron will therefore be working with a model named Cerri. He’s never worked with her before. Worse, she has a different shape, which means he will have to drastically alter his dress.

Anthony returns from his shopping and starts work, vowing not to let the pressure overwhelm him. Tim comes in to make his usual rounds – accompanied by Heidi. They start with Seth Aaron, who is making a smoked black dress. Heidi sees nothing wrong with it, but reminds him she wants it to be a showstopper. Anthony is making a black and white dress. Emilio is making a “long mermaid” dress. Tim and Heidi find this a difficult task, but an intriguing one.

Jay tells Tim and Heidi he is using hard and soft fabrics and shows them his ruffled skirt. Heidi warns him not to make his model’s butt look bigger than it actually is. She also dislikes the cleavage in the top. When Jay explains it’s supposed to be the space between her breasts, Heidi retorts she has no such space … and proves it, giving Jay quite the eyeful.

Mila is combining three different fabrics. She asks Heidi if her idea is too simple, and Heidi asks her if the other ideas are any better. Jonathan’s textile reminds Heidi of curtains, which means eight hours of work may have just gone down the drain. She suggests a draped dress instead, which Jonathan notes will take a lot more time than he has.

The models come in for their fitting. They’re shocked to learn about Maya’s quitting. Seth Aaron doesn’t know Cerri’s measurements, so he has to take them then and there. Jay is still trying to figure out what to do with his skirt. Jonathan hates the drapey dress Heidi had asked for and trashes it. He starts over, even though it’s now 11:30 p.m. Because of his late start, Anthony was allowed to stay until 2:30 a.m. – which he means he got less sleep than his fellows.

The next morning, Mila feels stressed. So does everybody else. At work, Anthony thanks God and blesses Maya for his return. He finds he need to redesign the front of his dress. Jay feels the need to show the judges something new. Mila notices Jonathan’s third dress has odd draping and a misshapen hem. That pleases her, as she’s hoping other designers will tank worse than her.

Tim comes in and checks on Anthony, who only got about two hours sleep the previous night and still has a lot of work to do. Nonetheless, he’ll push on. Tim sends in the models. Seth Aaron is happy with his vampiresque look, but Emilio can’t see Heidi wearing it. Nor does he deem it suitable for the red carpet. Mila thinks her dress looks sophisticated, but Jonathan comments that it fits the model quite poorly.

On the runway, actress Jessica Alba is the guest judge. Heidi describes her as a “style icon.” I just remember her from the Fantastic Four movies. She was also the lead in the science fiction series Dark Angel.

Jay is up first and has made a creamy, sleeveless dress with a pleated bodice. The ruffles down the short skirt do indeed make the model’s butt look bigger. Jay is okay with that; he says he likes big butts. Maybe so, but he needs to remember that the client probably does not.