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American Idol 9, Mar. 31 – It's All About the Attitude

Ryan approaches the judges’ table and talks about Simon gloating. Simon says he’s getting on his nerves, and he’s not gloating, but making a certain point. He wishes Katie had taken his advice, and he does think she had a good night when she sang Wild Horses, making him frustrated she’s not taking his advice.

Next week the theme will be the Lennon/McCartney songbook again, which will be good after not hearing it for two years. Ryan sits down next to Justin Bieber and chats with him about being mentored by Usher. Usher himself now performs with Will.I.Am singing O M G. It’s a big stage production with dancers and Usher dancing all over as well. He’s a good performer. I’ll give him that.

It’s back to the results, as Didi Benami stands and is asked if she’ll pick up the guitar again like the judges are suggesting. She says if she sticks around, it’s still scary for her to play the guitar onstage, as she just started playing a few years ago. For her, it’s taking a risk. She might not get the chance, as she’s the next person in the bottom three. She gets a big hug from Crystal before she heads over there to the three stools.

Big Mike gets his shot to stand and Ellen is asked what she saw in his performance that stood out. She says she didn’t see it, as he was behind her. What she did see was subtlety, beause he’s a big guy with muscles, and that’s what they see, but inside of that guy is a little tiny sensitive “Tiny Mike.” He’s so sensitive and so sweet, and last night it was much more subtle than he’s ever been. He’s safe, although Ryan fakes him out and makes him walk over to him to tell him. Mike picks him up and nearly throws him around for a bit.

Once Crystal Bowersox is asked to stand, it’s a cue to Tim and Andrew. They know one of them is the other one in the bottom three and actually seem to acknowledge this with each other. No questions or playing around here, she’s safe. Although, she says she’d pick Ryan up too, but she couldn’t. He explains she could, as he weighs 95 pounds.

Tim and Andrew are asked to stand up, and they’re all ready. Kara doesn’t know what to make of Tim smiling when they’re being tough on him and notes he’s smiling gain. It’s like he doesn’t take it seriously, but she wants to know if he gets what they’re saying. He explans every time he steps on the stage he knows it’s a once in a lifetime oppotunity, so when he gets done and if it is his last, he’s going to walk off the stage and for the rest of his life be thankful and remember how great it was. How can you want the guy out after that? After the nationwide vote, Andrew is safe.

The two ladies join Tim onstage for the bottom three. One of them gets to go back to the couches, and that’s Katie. Tim’s still smiling, but now his leg is going a mile a minute sitting on his stool. Diddy-Dirty Money (honestly, how many different names will he come up with for himself?) comes out to perform Hello Good Morning. And I’m sorry, but once we’re down to the bottom two, I only want results. I don’t want any more filler. Please. I have to think Didi and Tim feel the same.

It’s back to the final two with Tim and Didi. The person who will go home without a save is Didi, as Tim is safe yet again. She’s asked to sing for her life and is singing Rihanna. I don’t see the judges saving her. They said last night they haven’t liked anything she’s done so far in the live shows. Simon speaks for the judges and with the crowd shouting to save her, Simon tells her it’s bad news. He does tell her it was a million times better than last night, though.

Teflon Tim lasted again, and so did Katie. Yet honestly, I still don’t like Tim’s performances, but I have so much respect for him as a person with that attitude. I think it’ll be sad now when he leaves. Although, to follow his spirit, we shouldn’t be sad when he leaves, just happy that we got a chance to see him perform. When you think about it, maybe that means a lot more than we’re giving credit for at this point. If you have two mediocre performers, and one is somewhwat better than the other but has a sourpuss attitude, who do you save? The better attitude. He’s connecting with people.

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