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American Idol 9, Mar. 31 – It's All About the Attitude

The big question for me isn’t who will end up in the bottom three tonight on American Idol, as it’s pretty much only between certain people. I don’t expect there to be huge surprises. However, what I am interested to find out is if “Teflon Tim” Urban will finally bid adieu, or whether he will Sanjaya around for awhile.

Before we get to the results, though, we have a cross of both a review of last night’s performance show, as well as the trailer for Clash of the Titans, that’s in movie theaters this Friday, by the way. I guess they paid some good advertising bucks for that one.

Instead of a group performance of an R&B hit, we have season two winner Ruben Studdard gracing the stage, singing Don’t Make ‘Em Like You No More. I have to say Dawg is looking good. He’s not svelte by any means, but he’s not as heavy as he’s been, and I hasten to say thinner than he was when he was wearing his area code. Yeah, I’d say the Velvet Teddy Bear still has it. Ryan Seacrest mentions his weight loss, and he says he’s a vegan now and working out every day. Ryan brings Michael Lynche out onstage to compare and asks Big Mike what Ruben should be doing in the gym. Big Mike says it looks like he’s doing it. Ruben also notes he’s going out on tour this summer with Clay Aiken.

We have our Ford music video with the top 10 tonight, and this time it’s to the song Kung Fu Fighting. They’re all dressed up in Asian clothes, except Casey James who’s in normal street clothes. It’s cute. I’ll give it that.

Ryan asks Mike what’s in his hair, and he says something fun, as he doesn’t get to see the hair stylist too much. He was feeling like Siobhan Magnus with a pink curl coming out of his hat. It turns out the curl is just taped or something to his head. Crystal is asked about the first time she played the piano, and says she was around 6, then stopped around 9 or 10, as a guitar was easier to carry around. She admits to being nervous before the show and stresses she wouldn’t have done it if she wasn’t comfortable with it.

Andrew is asked about the judges commenting on not knowing him too much at this point, and he says they don’t really hang out with him, so of course they don’t know. He thinks he’s cool and gets some affirmation from the other Idols. Mrs. Garcia is in the audience, and Ryan tells her to cook up something nice and invite the judges over for dinner to get to know Andrew a little bit. Her advice for her son is to just be himself, as “Mama raised him right.”

Here we go with the Clash of the Titans again. It’s the Final 10 going to the premiere of the movie. Oh wait. They didn’t go. Instead, it’s the cast of the film telling the stagehands to dim the lights for the results.

Lee Dewyze stands up first and says he did watch himself back last night, and he has to say he felt it more than any other performance. He was himself and getting into what he does, not worrying about the judges, the fans, etc. It was just having fun again for him. Lee knows you have to make every time like your last time. Simon 100% sees a potential finalist based on last night. He put himself in a completely different place. Not suprisingly, Lee is safe.

Casey James stands next and is asked what he’ll do to challenge himself more. He doesn’t have a good answer for that and says he can always give more. He might play it safe sometimes, but is just playing a song he wants to do, and isn’t trying to get too crazy about it. Yeah, you got it. He’s safe.

Aaron Kelly is next, and based on the judges saying they didn’t believe his performance, is asked if he’s ever been in love. He says not really at 16. Ryan notes Simon Cowell is in love, and he says he’s heard the same about Ryan, who says it’s not true. Ryan wants to know how a kid who has never felt that before is supposed to sing a song about being in love. Simon complains to Ryan it’s not the Oprah Winfrey Show, and Ryan shoots back he’s going to him to answer this, as he’s a judge, and that’s his highly paid job. Kar a DioGuardi jumps in and says she knows who Simon is on love with, himself. Randy Jackson jumps in and says you’ve loved things before, and it’s the same sort of emotion, just a little different. After all that, yeah, he’s safe. HIs family, which looks to include Terry Bradshaw, celebrates.

Siobhan Magnus and Katie Stevens stand. Siobhan says it was hard to hear the feedback last night and was not her favorite Idol moment. She could give a million excuses, but she’s not that kind of person. She’s a human being and stuff happens. She does want to say about the video in the beginning that she is not defeated. Katie is asked what she’s going to do with the judges’ differing opinions. She’s going to take what she wants to do, take in what they say, and try to add it and see what she can use to benefit who she is and what she wants to be. Randy agrees more with Kara that Katie should be a pop girl with R&B leanings. After the nationwide vote, Katie is the one in the bottom three. Siobhan sits down and cries.


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