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Amazing Race 16, Ep. 7 Commentary – You Didn’t Load All Your Coconuts

Route Markers

• Steve thinks this is like the World Series? If AR is the Series, does that make Tool Academy the hot dog eating contest?

• Dan and Boy Jordan and their brilliant analysis of the number-taking concept – “We take a number and it means we are put into some kind of order.” Fascinating.

• Brent in a rare funny moment after Caite implies they were the bad kids in school (doubt it); “I wasn’t bad.” (Don’t doubt it)

• Allie had to get all religious on me, I really want to like them, but I like my religion out of my government and out of my reality show contests.

• However, Steve after luring the tortoise with the banana, “Her mom does that to me, except with some beers.”

• Ox crap. Always funny. Not even the first time this season we had herd animals crapping on screen.

• Dan and Boy Jordan’s dad owns a box company? I wonder if this is their dad’s company?? Or perhaps this happened to them at some point?

• 7-Up gives Steve/Allie ocean dining, massages, seven grand each and a lifetime supply of 7-Up (I think, it sure did sound like it, right?) Not bad.

• Detectives serve up a “fat bastard” reference, and immediately I miss Kevin/Drew.

• Having once tried to swim in jeans, the Cowboys are correct. Bad idea.

• Caite sounded just like an eight-year-old at the Pit Stop talking about how the “lesbians” have been mean to her. Granted, they are mean, but still, Caite, by now you should have a thick skin when it comes to mocking. To say that referring to your “tiara” isn’t fair because you have only been in “a couple of pageants” is a bit ridiculous. Once you’ve been in multiple pageants, you are open for the jokes.

• But no matter how dumb she is, at least she knows what anonymous means … BRENT! Well, actually, I am pretty sure she thinks anonymous is the French town they just left. And that “unanimous” is a cartoon mouse partner of Mighty Mouse.

Next week – Malaysia. Giant flags. Taxi issues. And “dag gummit” getting spelled out in subtitles.

Detour – Turtle Toddle (lead a giant tortoise with a banana across a field, then carry a bunch of bananas a mile) – Only Steve/Allie did this one, (Crandy bailed), or;

Ox Trot (fill a cart with coconuts and take to the harbor) – All the other teams

Roadblock – dive down and untie a bottle. Go to shore and solve the map puzzle to find the pit stop – Steve, Jordan, Michael, Brent, Brandy, Cord

Standings – Steve/Allie, Dan/Boy Jordan, Brent/Caite, Detectives, Crandy, Cowboys (Non-Elimination)

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