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Amazing Race 16, Ep. 7 Commentary – You Didn’t Load All Your Coconuts

I must say, I would have done the same thing. I would ask off-camera for production to retrieve them so I could get them back after the Race, but to me it is a no-brainer choice. More than one team has finished first in the Race despite having had all of their things taken away (BJ/Tyler, Uchenna/Joyce). It is a hassle for them, and probably more for Allie based on her reaction, but they should be able to recover.

And winning $7000 each certainly eased the pain of having no change of clothes or makeup, one would think.

Brent/Caite and Carol/Brandy – These two arch-rivals (and has there been a more useless rivalry on the Amazing Race?) each made the same error, and each had the same obnoxious reaction. The task was to fill a cart up with coconuts and have it led by an ox to the fruit merchant. Said merchant would approve and give your next clue if you have all of your coconuts. Repeat – IF YOU HAVE ALL YOUR COCONUTS.

Clearly, there are teams here on this Race who are a couple of coconuts short of a full ox cart. (Wow – a new expression – I should patent that)

My first thought is … how hard is it to walk around your cart and make sure you didn’t drop and friggin’ coconuts before you begin your mile-long journey being led by a beast of burden? Each of the teams who failed to do this properly (half of the teams!) left a single coconut behind. Ten seconds to walk around the cart, bend over to look under it, pick up the damn coconut and move on. Seriously.

Second, how did the merchant know? Is he a coconut Rain Man? Can he look at a cart and know there are exactly 161 coconuts in there and not 162? (Not sure if that was the number – bear with me) Or did the coconut judge back at the first part of the task let him know ahead of time, so he could pretend to inspect and deliver his “No, you didn’t load all your coconuts” line with just the right amount of smirk?

Or am I just reading too much into this?

Either way, the Idiot Models and Crandy each swore up and down the board that they were in the right. We loaded everything! We checked all around the cart…oh, wait.

Brent reacted by calling back to AR6’s Adam and threatened to quit. I only wish Rebecca was here instead of Caite so she could encourage him to make his way to the airport. That’s a great idea! Let’s quit! The models then initiated an IQ-reducing argument on the cart by questioning which one of them is actually a dummy, and which one is a friggin’ idiot. I know my vote.

Crandy made their tantrum in a different way, using their patented condescending tone to imply that the merchant had screwed up somehow. I don’t want to put words in their mouths, but I think you can put two and two together and get four here. Not exactly sure if they would have had that attitude if their counting was questioned by the clerk at the Midtown Manhattan Whole Foods. They compounded the embarrassing display by having Carol blame Brandy for dropping the coconut, and then defend herself by saying she wasn’t blaming her. No, Carol, you were. Just accept that you are in fact, that person, one who instantly shifts blame. No one tied your behind to the cart and prevented you from searching for the coconut.

I’ve officially had it with these two teams.

Jet/Cord – Our charming cowboys have lost focus. Not only did they accompany the Detectives on the ill-advised snack run, but they also left their coconut on the ground. Compounding the error, they retrieved the bottle during the Roadblock and somehow didn’t think to open it. What kind of bottle in the ocean doesn’t have a message inside? This prompted them to double back, swim out to sea to catch up to the boat and by the time they got back had been passed by Crandy. The boys were saved by the non-elimination leg, but really, that was a poor, poor leg from them.