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Amazing Race 16, Ep. 7 Commentary – You Didn’t Load All Your Coconuts

Friends, first my apologies. I went MIA for a couple of episodes, but I have great excuses.

1. That health care bill, perhaps you’ve heard of it? My job puts me smack dab in the middle of that, so that took up loads of time

2. I bought a house, and it took every remaining second of free time to get that done.

3. My DVR screwed up one Race episode thanks to basketball, and by the time I had managed to view it, it was just about time for the next episode.

All in all, I missed two episodes and I’m sorry about that. Especially since both were pretty good. I will do a couple of quick things about them before moving on.

1. Somehow, the stupid blind U-turn of a team directly behind you, when you know you are in first place, managed to work for the Detectives. It shouldn’t have.

2. How pathetic were Joe and Heidi huddled in a hole once reserved for frightened teenage French solders almost 100 years ago? Also, WWI battle reenactments are a bit disturbing to me – there was nothing too heroic about them, or even meaningful. The slaughter of a pointless war doesn’t seem worth glamorizing in my book.

3. Jordan and Jeff will be missed – they may be intellectually challenged, but they were kind of fun.

4. Why, oh why, would you stack those glasses when all it took was raised voices to knock them over?

5. I think it is time to accept the fact that the infamous video of Caite was not a one-time thing; she really is as dumb as advertised.

Ok – caught up.

This week took us to the Seychelles Islands, and for one of the first times ever I can safely say that I had no idea this place existed. They are just off the coast of Madagascar, and officially qualify as an African nation. I must say, they look gorgeous, or as Brent says, they look sick.

This episode had one prevailing theme – idiotic mistakes by racers. Amazingly, of the six remaining teams, only Dan and Boy Jordan managed to escape unscathed, and they still managed to not pull down a first place finish. Let’s take a look at some of the errors made, starting with the least damaging of them all:

Louie/Michael – The Detectives were riding a three-leg winning streak and decided to celebrate that success by handing over control. How? At the airport in France, they elected to get some chow rather than to pay attention to what seats they were receiving. Granted, it could have been edited out of order, but the fact that Brent/Caite were able to get the best seats, means that the last place team had caught up to them at the airport. The only excuse – the windows didn’t open until after a bunching took place, but even then, they still allowed multiple teams to outflank them while they took a walk over to the nearest Macaroni Grill.

Steve/Allie – I must say that their error, while a big one, didn’t hurt them at all. As they left the turtle challenge, my wife instantly noticed that they had no backpacks, a fact that Steve/Allie didn’t notice until they were a mile away and on a boat speeding away from shore. Faced with the choice of doubling back and getting their bags, clearly losing the leg to the rapidly approaching Brothers, and perhaps risking elimination (they had no idea how far back the other teams were), or moving forward with no bags, they chose to move forward.