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American Idol 9, March 30 – Ushering In the Top 10

Last up is Aaron Kelly who is singing Ain’t No Sunshine. Usher has a certain line he wants Aaron to hit, and that’s the “I know, I know, I know.” Aaron wants to make sure he hits it to be sure people are listening. Usher wants him to be sure he personalizes it and wants him to tell the story, knowing he has a chance at scoring high if he plays his cards right. Aaron takes the stage tonight, and it’s good, but not as good as it was with Usher. The nerves must be getting him, or maybe he picked up Lee’s pneumonia. His I Know doesn’t quite hit it the same as Usher wanted him to either. And unfortunately, he does this the season after Kris Allen did it amazingly.

Randy tells Aaron is started a little rough, but once he got into his power zone, it worked itself out, but he thinks he has more soul power than that. It was kind of alright for him. Ellen thinks if she had that amount of confidence at 11, then confirms he’s really 16. She thought it was a good song choice and a good job. Kara liked it, but wasn’t in love with it. She wishes he could have gone higher up and more in his energy.

Simon thinks if you compare it to the other good performances tonight, like Lee’s, the main course, it was more like a cupcake. He’s not jumping out of his chair, and he’s heard it sung so many times so brilliantly on this show. It wasn’t as good as last week, because he didn’t believe it as much as he did last week. Having said that, he won’t be leaving this week, and it was okay.

Usher was amazing as a mentor tonight. These are the types of mentors that these kids need, someone they can relate to. Not Kenny Rogers or the like. Not only could they relate to him and were honored to be around him, but he had great advice. He encouraged them to do the things he knew that would make them connect to their audience. Knowing that he started out Justin Bieber in the business, the Idols he said he was going to watch are really lucky.

There were clearly some performances that were not so good tonight. Siobhan has nothing to worry about. Her fans will save her, and she most likely won’t hit the bottom three. Teflon Tim did nothing to change his tune, so he’ll be in the bottom three again, with the only question being if he’ll go or stay. Katie did good last week and was in the bottom three, and was hitting more her own genre. She’s likely to be in the bottom three again, unless her fans manage a save. Didi Benami sunk herself lower and is in clear danger. The only other question out there is if Andrew Garcia saved himself in time.

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