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The Amazing Race 16, Mar. 28 – 3 Steps Forward, 1 Step Back

Brent and Caite finally get their next clue. Jet and Cord arrive and are told they don’t have all the coconuts and try to convince the local they have enough coconuts. They figure that’s probably against the rules, prompting an “Oh my gravy.” The detectives swim to their boat. Crandy takes off with their coconuts, but they too are leaving one behind. They are figuring someone has to be making a mistake somewhere, but little do they know they are them.

On the boat, Brent and Caite talk about making their mistakes again, as she’s just happy to get wet again, as she felt dirty. Their boat passes the Detectives, and they’re not happy. Crandy wonders why the Cowboys are going back the other way, as they know they’re in last place in between a rock and a hard place. The Cowboys get their lost coconut and head back, as Crandy is told they don’t have all the coconuts either. Brandy asks if he’s sure, as Carol says they have to go back, meaning they’ll be done. Carol blames Brandy, saying she thinks she must have threw some over the side, but somehow doesn’t think she’s blaming her.

Brent and Caite reach the Roadblock, as he makes the dive. He calls it an experience for sure as she yells out she loves him. The Detectives are right on their backs, with Michael deciding he’ll dive. He calls it incredible. Crandy is passing the Cowboys on their way back, and Carol says she would have paid them to pick up the coconut they left behind as well. Jet and Cord realize there’s still hope. They get their clue to reach the boats. They would rather swam in jeans, but know if you watch swimming, you don’t see them doing that in jeans. They wouldn’t wear speedos, though, and find these trunks a happy medium.

Crandy pick up their coconut and know they have to be last. Brent and Caite and the Detectives jump in the water and head to shore. Louie isn’t a fast swimmer anyway, and takes off his shirt to speed it up. Cord is making the dive and gets the bottle. Carol and Brandy bring in their last coconut an get on the boat. Brent and Caite assemble their map, as the Detectives arrive and start doing it as well. They help each other out with their maps, as Brent says they didn’t want them kicked out, and it was more strategy. Carol and Brandy arrive at the Roadblock with Brandy doing the dive. Carol says they did their share of bickering but are now moving on to the task in front of them. Brandy gets the bottle.

Steve and Caite run into the pit stop first and are called team number three as the Detectives are called team number four. All fist bump each other. Phil tells Louie by the time this Race ends, he might actually be fit. He knows they’ll be there at the end, and say they want Brent and Caite along with them. If he had to pick a team to go next, it would be Crandy, as Michael says they’re negative people. Caite wants them gone too, because of their comments about her and pageants. She would like them eliminated as well. Brent says it’s pretty “anonymous” from what he hears, and someone corrects him that he means unanimous.

Jet and Cord take off for the shore, but leave their boat behind. They run onto the mat, and of course are told they are the fifth team, but Phil asks how they found it. They say something caught their eye. He asks why they didn’t look inside the bottle. Jet says there was a leather pouch in there, but they had a hard time getting it out. They’ll need to go get the contents of the bottle and bring it to shore before he can check them in.

As the Cowboys swim back to the boat, they spot the boat some 300 yards away and know they have to swim out there. Crandy feels they’re on the world’s slowest boat, and Jet and Cord see them ahead of them, but aren’t giving up yet. They get the bottle quickly as Crandy swims, and they know they’re still in it. Basically they have to hope they can swim quicker than Crandy can do the map. Crandy can’t find the pit stop, but finally get in the right direction and get there ahead of the brothers. They’re told they’re team number five, and Brandy celebrates.

The Cowboys come back as Phil tells them they’re now the last team to arrive. He’s sorry to tell them it’s a non-elimination leg, and they’re still in the race, but have to do the Speed Bump. They feel they’re up for the challenge, even thought the odds are against them. Jet says the champions aren’t the ones that ride the most bulls, but the ones that can get bucked off, pick themselves up and go get another one. “That’s just what we do. When we hit bottom, there’s only one place to go … up.” Cord tells him he should write a country song.

In the previews, they tell us the Cowboys struggle to get back in the race next week, but you figure they have to be moving on from this tiny island. They can’t be staying there for another whole leg of the race. If so, they could get lucky as travel will hopefully bring them closer to the others timewise. If not, they might just keep struggling in the rear, as Jeff and Jordan did, until they’re finally eliminated.

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