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The Amazing Race 16, Mar. 28 – 3 Steps Forward, 1 Step Back

Dan and Jordan load their coconuts and don’t feel their pile seems to be lessening. As Brent and Caite are stopped with their ox, not being able to get him to move, Steve and Allie walk past with their bananas, trying to lure the ox with that, but he seems resigned to staying in that one spot. Steve and Allie figure the bananas weigh 20 pounds or so, and she gets bananas mushed all over her as she carries them. Brent is pissed they didn’t do the turtle challenge since Steve and Allie made up so much time.

Brothers Dan and Jordan note that sometimes the coconuts bounce out of the cart, so know they have to keep an eye on that, unlike Caite did. Their ox then takes a dump right before they take off. Crandy arrive and decide on Tortoise. Dan and Jordan name their ox “Box” in honor of their father who owns a packaging company. Jet and Cord arrive and decide on Ox Trot, as the Detectives start loading their coconuts, knowing they’re in control of their own destiny. Crandy choose a tortoise and try to lure him out with their banana. Louie and Michael load coconuts as Jet/Cord arrive and start loading as well. They say it’s like home when they load feed.

Steve and Allie deliver their bananas and get a clue to take a boat to St. Pierre Island to get the next clue. They swim to the boat and take off. Brent and Caite are still leading their ox, as Dan/Jordan are right behind them. They tell Box to catch up to them and actually pass him. They get the next clue, as Brent and Caite are told they don’t have enough coconuts. She says they did the whole pile, but he notes there still isn’t enough, which Brent calls crap.

Steve and Allie are leaving in their boat and see Dan/Jordan arrive with their backpacks, making them realize they don’t have theirs. The cameraman shows us their backpacks sitting next to the tortoise gobbling up bananas. Steve says it’s up to Allie whether they go back or not. Brent and Caite are standing around trying to decide what to do as well. Suddenly the two first teams are losing their leads. He tells her they’re that close, and are in the lead and should go without the backpacks, but she says her makeup, brush and everything is in there, and she’ll be stripped down and raw. Oh boy, do I get that one. He thinks she looks great with all the bananas smashed all over her and wants her to realize how cute she is and that she doesn’t need makeup. She realizes it’ll make them faster to travel so lightly.

Dan and Jordan board their boat and feel they’re working well together today. They feel like this is “Tropical Beautiful Paradise Africa,” which you never even knew exited. Brent and Caite drive their ox and cart back to look for the coconut they’re missing. He feels they’re being jerked back into a position they tried so hard to get out of, and she doesn’t even want to play the game anymore. Louie and Michael finish their coconuts, including the dropping ones. Crandy’s tortoise walks in the wrong direction and bites Brandy.

Steve and Allie reach the next clue, without their backpacks and find a Roadblock. Phil himself dives into the water and explains while under water that one member of each team needs to find a submerged case of seven bottles, figure out how to untie them, then bring one of them up to the surface, and the team members will work together to assemble a map which will lead them to the pit stop of this leg of the Race. It’s Steve doing it this time.

Crandy still leads their tortoise, and realize it’s not working well as the tortoise doesn’t want the banana. They give up on him and head to the ox. Steve does his diving as Allie says he’s a great swimmer, and will swim for an hour or so at the gym. He finds a bottle and brings it back, saying the bottom of the ocean there was the most beautiful thing. Dan/Jordan arrive with Jordan deciding he’ll do this Roadblock. Dan knows he’s god at this too, but Jordan is probably better. Yet, he can’t get down there to get it, as he can’t hold his breath that long. On his second attempt he gets it, but drops it, and has to go back down again to get it off the ocean floor.

Brent and Caite pass the Detectives and explain they didn’t have enough, but the Detectives are sure they got all of theirs. Back where the coconuts were, Brent and Caite find a local standing right next to a solitary coconut, pointing at it. They pick it up and head back out as Jet and Cord are still loading up. Crandy arrive and start loading as Brent and Caite take off. Seeing them, Crandy realizes they probably messed up somewhere, and say, “duh,” as they themselves messed up the tortoise, and that’s why they’re there. The Cowboys take off, leaving a coconut behind as well, as Crandy call themselves officially in last place.

Steve and Allie swim to shore, as he says they have a great bond. He thought he knew her, but she has come through unbelievably in these situations. Brandy nails Carol with a coconut, as she says like she hasn’t been stomped on enough. Steve and Allie work on putting their treasure map together, and he thinks he knows it, but she tells him to wait, seeing something else. Dan and Jordan are right on their tails as father/daughter head to where they think the pit stop is. They’re right, as they find Phil and his map. Steve high fives the local, and he and Allie are called team number one.

Steve says they have no backpacks, but do have money and passports. And if the local there can hang out in just swim trunks, he can too. Phil notes the seven theme throughout the leg of the Race, and says 7-Up is giving them a reward for now and later. They’ll get to dine oceanside with massages, then will each get $7000 and all the 7-Up they can drink. Cool reward. Allie thinks God has a plan for them, and it’s totally worth it to her to do it without a backpack.

Dan and Jordan arrive for team number two as the Detectives work their ox. Michael figures the ox is wondering why he has to pull the “fat bastards” instead of the “skinny girls.” They get their clue and head to the boat. Brent and Caite are still heading back as Jet and Cord are as well. Brent and Caite try to get their ox to pass the other, and it works. The Cowboys joke that it’s a penalty.


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