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The Amazing Race 16, Mar. 28 – 3 Steps Forward, 1 Step Back

Big Brother team Jeff and Jordan finally couldn’t recover from being in last place any more. They had run out of non-eliminations, others mistakes, and their own luck, and were eliminated last week. Now it will be interesting to see if the same fate will find Brent and Caite, who have only been safe because they seemed to always be on step ahead of them.

Once again, the first team to leave the pit stop in Champagne, France, are Detectives Louie and Michael at 12:35 AM. Team will now fly to The Seychelles in the Indian Ocean. Because it’s difficult to find transportation, the teams will all be on the same flight. Once they arrive, they’ll search for a kiosk to grab a number and their next clue. These two aren’t too happy about now being even with everyone else and losing their lead. Louie thinks they are racing smarter these past few weeks and aren’t jumping too conclusions. Michael says he’s he’s putting up with Louie’s snoring, and Louie is putting up with him saying to read the clue again.

The next to leave are Carol and Brandy at 1:28 AM. Brandy is excited to be headed somewhere where she’ll able to wear her swimsuit. Steve and Allie, leaving at 1:57 AM, aren’t sure exactly where They Seychelles is. He mentions being a professional baseball coach, and says he was as close as you can be to being in a World Series. He loves the adrenaline and thinks Allie is now handling the similar pressure of the Race well. He knows they may not be the strongest team, but he guarantees they’re at it more than any other team.

Cowboys Jet and Cord leave at 2:36 AM and also don’t know where The Seychelles is, making them glad they’re not driving there. Dan and Jordan leave exactly one hour later and have never heard of The Seychelles either. Jordan realizes that taking a number means they’ll be put in some type of order, so need to book it there to get there ahead of the others. Brent and Caite are the last to leave at 4:36 AM. She is frustrated to be in the back of the line, and Brent knows their lack of detail and focus is what’s killing them right now. She says you can tell they were the bad kids in school, which he protests, saying he wasn’t bad in school.

The Detectives and the Cowboys decide to eat first, then get their tickets, but Brent and Caite have the right idea getting tickets first, so they can be in row number 7, while Steve and Allie get row 10, Dan and Jordan get 15, and Crandy get 25. They realize that may have been a tactical error on their part, not to get seats closer to the front. We’ll see if the few minutes they’re seated apart are going to make that big of a difference in the grand scheme of things.

In Mahe, Seychelles, the first to the kiosk is indeed Brent and Caite, who reach a clue to travel by helicopter to the island of La Digue, while the remaining teams will one at a time, leading to an hour’s difference altogether. That was a huge move on Brent and Caite’s part. Steve and Allie are 2nd, Dan and Jordan 3rd, Louie and Michael 4th, Crandy 5th, and the Cowboys in last place. This means the seating order on the plane was a huge deal.

Brent and Caite take off and talk about the view being so beautiful. The other teams then all take off one team at a time. Crandy says it was hard to sit and wait and feel all the strongest three teams in the Race are now pulling up the rear. They think Brent and Caite got lucky. That wasn’t luck; that was smart. But I like how whenever someone does good, Crandy thinks it’s luck or grills or is highly suspect like with the Cowboys earlier in the Race. Caite just wants “the mean lesbians” out of the Race.

Off the helicopter, Brent and Caite find a Detour – Turtle Toddle or Ox Trot. In Turtle Toddle, teams will use a banana to lure a giant tortoise across the lawn to a marker, then each member will grab a large bunch of bananas and carry them a mile and a half to the harbor, delivering them to a merchant to receive their next clue. In Ox Trot, teams will bring their cart to a clearing and load it up with coconuts without losing any, then with an ox attached to the cart, they’ll need to deliver the coconuts to the harbor where the merchant will give them the next clue. They decide to do Ox Trot.

As Brent and Caite load their coconuts, Steve and Allie land. He notes this is the old story of the Tortoise and the Hare. He’s never met an ox he can trust, but turtles are cool. Apparently they’re more trustworthy by this line of thinking. He dances on the lawn to the local music being sung, then he and Allie choose a tortoise.

Dan and Jordan choose Ox Trot as the Detectives land and Crandy take off. Jet and Cord finally take off wanting to make up some ground, as Jet says he’s not giving up until Phil tells them to leave. Brent and Caite are still loading coconuts, and we see that she leaves one behind when pitching them into the cart. Allie is luring the turtle with the banana. He really seems to like Allie.

Leading the ox and cart, Brent wants Caite to slow down with the cart, as they could flip the cart over if they run into a tree. They argue, then call each other dummies. Allie gets the tortoise across the line, and she gives him the rest of he banana, as Steve says that’s the fastest tortoise he’s ever seen. Ah, fast and trustworthy. Steve jokes that’s what Allie mom does to him all the time to lure him, but suggests she probably uses beer.


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