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Project Runway 7, Mar. 25 – The Technology of Textiles

Mila tells the judges she wanted to create a “painterly” look. Michael doesn’t see anything intriguing about the dress, which he likens to a Mexican serape or a gay pride flag. Worse, the model had trouble walking in it. Heidi comments that she saw similar designs back in the 1970’s, while Vivienne simply says the print doesn’t go with the dress.

Anthony wanted to use color and geometric shapes. Nina doesn’t understand some of the elements, particularly the “jacket” that was obviously a last-minute addition. Michael thinks the dress looks too normal, while Vivienne thinks the dress looks too sweet. Heidi comments they’ve seen this silhouette before from Anthony, and she’d like to see something different.

Seth Aaron says he wanted to make pop art with a punk look. Heidi likes how Seth Aaron is always true to himself. She also applauds his use of colors. Michael calls the look impeccable and says each piece in it works. Nina thinks the print is very charming, especially as a jacket.

Maya tells the judges that she wanted to create a feeling of movement. Nina loves the electric print, but thinks the outfit itself borders on being busy. Michael calls Maya a “romantic warrior,” whatever that’s supposed to mean. Vivienne likes the three-dimensional feel of the print.

Jonathan wanted to use layers of dots in order to create a water color effect. Michael calls the jacket “a disco strait jacket,” which makes no sense. The print just looks like a dirty tablecloth and isn’t compelling at all. The model needs help putting the jacket back on, which simply makes things worse. Nina calls the look a “catastrophe,” especially with the pleat in the back. Jonathan protests, arguing that sadness is an emotion and he wanted to evoke it. Michael retorts that sad and melancholy looks have been successfully done before – but Jonathan’s look isn’t one of those successes.

The judges chat, starting with the designers they didn’t like. Anthony always does the same silhouette and just decorates basic forms. Mila’s dress looked like a “striped teepee” or a sundress from the 1970’s. Jonathan got very offended by the criticism, but had still turned out an overly conceptual “car crash.”

As for the designers they did like, Seth Aaron made an outfit that was both polished and whimsical. Emilio’s look was adorable and his print could work in many ways. Maya’s dress was beautiful, and she had made the best print. It was flattering and looked as if it would be easy to work with.

The judges call everyone back and announce the winner: Emilio. Seth Aaron, Maya, and Mila are all in, leaving Anthony and Jonathan in the bottom two. Anthony had made yet another cocktail dress, while Jonathan’s look was a creative misfire. In the end, it’s Anthony who’s sent packing. Personally, I’d have sent Mila or Jonathan home instead, as they’d both made pieces people couldn’t wear.

Still, I suspect they’ll be the next ones to go, as they’re the weakest and most erratic of the designers left. Emilio has seemingly come roaring out of nowhere to stake a claim on a spot in the Finals. Maya hasn’t won yet, but she’s been in the top three about a half-dozen times, by my count, and she has yet to be in the bottom. Jay was in the bottom in the last challenge, and was a non-factor in this one, which strikes me as worrisome. Now is not the time for a slump. He needs to rally or go home. Seth Aaron, on the other hand, all but has a lock on the Finals.

Next week: The designers work for a notoriously difficult celebrity. Plus, they and Tim learn something shocking.

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