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Project Runway 7, Mar. 25 – The Technology of Textiles

Seth Aaron shows off his British punker look with a patterned jacket fabric. Tim loves the jacket’s print, as well as the rest of Seth Aaron’s look. Maya tells Tim that she doesn’t usually use prints, and he says she could have fooled him, as her print is quite good. Maya confesses to having a mental block and Tim advises her to unblock herself. Anthony’s look will include a dress, bodice, and skirt, and will celebrate the lines in his fabric. Tim urges him to be more ambitious.

The models come in for their fitting. Jonathan’s dress and jacket fit, needing only a few alterations. He believes he has a great look. Maya continues to struggle, telling us she prefers more dimension over flat prints. She would also like to win a challenge just once, as opposed to getting second or third place. Anthony thinks his bodice is too big, so he scraps it and starts over.

On the morning of the runway show, Maya feels exhausted. Anthony jokes that Jay looks like a gay Christmas ornament in his bright green pants. Jonathan feels confident about his design, but knows that anything can happen on the runway. Anthony hopes he, Jay, and Seth Aaron all make it through. “Leave as three, return as three,” he says as they all head to the workshop.

As the designers work, Mila thinks she has a good chance of going to Bryant Park. Given that Jay, Maya, and Seth Aaron are all stronger contenders than she is, I think she’s wrong. Seth Aaron is pushing himself to finish all of his pieces, which include a tie. Jay says he can’t tell who is in trouble at this point.

Tim sends in the models to get dressed and made up. Anthony finds everything about Jonathan is pale, from his face to his fabric. He just wants to throw paint in Jonathan’s area. Mila loves her print, but Jonathan notices her model is having trouble walking in the dress. Maya believes her print came out well, but is still worried about what the judges will think. Emilio believes nothing can top his bold look, while Jonathan says he doesn’t want to get sent home now, when he can see Bryant Park out of the corner of his eye. I see a bunch of obstacles in his path to Bryant Park: Jay, Maya, Seth Aaron, and Emilio.

Then it’s off to the runway, where we meet the judges, including guest judge Vivienne Tam.

Seth Aaron is up first. His model is wearing tan pants, a dark top, and a bright yellow tie. He used a multi-colored print somewhat reminiscent of comic panels in a jacket. He also decorated the jacket with a collar and pockets made of some black fabric.

Next up is Jonathan. He used his dotted fabric to make a skirt. He also made a pale yellow short-sleeved shirt and a patterned wrap. Maya’s fabric consists of red, orange, and black horizontal lines– and looks a lot better than I’ve made it sound. She used it to make a sleeveless minidress which she then decorated with black ruffles down the front.

Emilio used aqua and black fabric with a graffiti pattern to make a knee-length dress with a black collar. He also made a poofy black jacket with short sleeves. Mila made a long, narrow sleeveless dress that is mostly pure white, but is decorated with broad, multi-colored stripes down the left side. She also made a tiny, sleeveless black vest. Anthony sends down a sleeveless cocktail dress made out of a black, gold, and purple fabric. He also made the world’s tiniest black “jacket” that basically consists of strips of material around the model’s shoulders and under her arms.

Last up is Jay, who made a suit consisting of black pants, a top and a jacket. The top is made of green and black striped fabric. The jacket is black with mid-length sleeves and has a collar made out of the same patterned green fabric as the top.

After the show, Heidi calls Jay’s name and tells him he’s safe. The other six designers have to face the judges, who start with Emilio. He tells that he wanted to showcase graffiti and the 1940’s. Hmmm. Emilio had also made a vintage outfit in the previous challenge. He needs to be careful with that, as the the judges tend to get irritated with designers who repeat themselves. Besides, does he really want to be a male, black Kenley? Fortunately for him, the judges like his piece. Heidi says she loves it. Michael thinks Emilio “nailed” his abstract design, and Vivienne says she would wear it. Nina likes the juxtaposition of modern graffiti and a 1940’s style.