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Project Runway 7, Mar. 25 – The Technology of Textiles

Last week on Project Runway, the designers faced a team challenge in which each pair had to design two outfits inspired by a well-known New York City neighborhood. Emilio and Seth Aaron both won for their takes on Harlem, and Amy was sent home.

The next morning, Jonathan is missing Amy, who had been his teammate and friend. Anthony believes he’s closer to Bryant Park than anybody expected him to be. Maya is jealous of Emilio and Seth Aaron for their win and comments how she’s never won anything yet. She also notes she’s the youngest designer left.

On the runway, Heidi Klum tells the designers only that the next challenge will involve more than just choosing a fabric. Tim and a “special guest” will fill them in on the details. The “special guest” turns out to be Vivienne Tam, a fashion designer noted for her use of cutting-edge technology. For this week’s challenge, the designers get to make their own textiles. They will use a high-end computer to design a print, and then give a paper copy of said print to Tam, who will arrange to have their designs printed on fabrics. This part will take some time, so this is going to be a two-day challenge. Jonathan, who has made textiles before, is naturally excited, and all the designers are suitably impressed when Tam shows them a lovely butterfly print that she’d designed.

The designers have an hour to work on their own designs, and then they will shop at Mood for “supplementary materials.” Anthony confesses that he doesn’t use prints much, so this challenge will be hard for him. Mila wants to create a design reminiscent of paint dripping down a canvas. Jonathan wants to take a “subtractive approach” to his work. Emilio is making a graffiti-inspired print, and Maya wants to use red and/or orange to show the judges that she can use colors. As they work, the designers do get to make paper tests of their designs in order to give them a feel for how it would look in the real world.

Then it’s off to Mood, where the designers will spend twenty minutes and one hundred dollars. Like Maya, Seth Aaron wants to show he can use color and has found some bright yellow fabric. His look will be a “British take on on pop-punk.”

Back at Parson’s, Emilio is making a three-piece outfit consisting of a jacket, skirt, and top. He tells us the judges will want to see more work since this is a two-day challenge. Mila decides to make a strapless V-neck with a big piece of her print down one side. Jay doesn’t like her print, and Anthony compares it to wearing Legos. Jonathan’s test print comes out looking like plain white paper, and he worries that the real fabric will be way too light. Anthony has decided to make separates, as he wants to try something edgier.

Emilio starts draping a light blue bustier. He ends up hating the result and decides to start over. Maya confesses she doesn’t usually work with prints and thus feels intimidated by this challenge. Anthony chatters about Beyonce and blames her for everything wrong in his life. Jay tells us that everybody loves Anthony’s humor, and Anthony then regales the others with a story about his uncle Leroy and an Oprah episode about porn addiction. Anthony notes that he’s pouring his heart out and being serious, and people still laugh.

The designers leave for the night, eagerly anticipating their new fabrics. Back at the apartment, Seth Aaron gets a call from his wife, who wishes him a happy birthday. He doesn’t want to think about how much he misses his family, as he needs to focus on winning.

The next morning, the designers get their new textiles, and many are happy with the results. Anthony had created a geometric pattern with thick purple and thin gold lines. Jonathan’s pattern turned out the way he wanted: light pink swirls on a white background with light silver and bronze dots here and there. Jay’s textile consists of green and black zebra stripes.

Mila is confused by Emilio’s textile, which consists of some of the letters from Emilio’s full name interspersed with hearts. She questions Emilio’s taste after seeing his print, which is also aqua and black. Maya likes her own print, which is red and black, but wonders if it’s really her.

Tim Gunn comes in to make his rounds and he starts with Mila, who admits that her design does look a bit evening, but she believes the twill will make it suitable for daytime. Her look will be a long dress for a spring event. Tim thinks the dress’ length demands evening. Jonathan is making a dress and a lightweight leather jacket. Tim warns him to watch the proportions.

Tim is confused by Emilio’s print, believing it says “Emilio Sosa loves Seth Aaron,” because of the lettering and the hearts. Unfortunately for both Tim and Emilio, “SA” is Seth Aaron’s initials, as well as letters in Emilio’s last name. Emilio wants to combine a ’40s silhouette with a graffiti print. Tim warns him that his silhouette would look too basic without the flashy print. Emilio, with two wins under his belt, decides to ignore Tim. That’s usually a bad move.