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American Idol 9, Mar. 24 – Final 10 Set!

Ryan mentions Idol Gives Back, and says we can start doing our part now. They have an online program that will allow us to start raising money now if we go to the offical American Idol website. They’ll be watching all of it, and if they like what they see, we could hear our names mentioned during the Idol Gives Back, or even get to come see the show.

It’s back to the results, as Aaron Kelly is asked to stand. He mentions his voice is better, and it’s all good news, as he’s safe for next week. Didi Benami stands, and Ryan mentions her frustration at trying to take a risk. She says it was more confusion than frustration. She’s not sure what they want, other than her sitting there playing a guitar. She wants to branch out and do something great and fun and uptempo. If she makes it through, what Ellen would like to see Didi do is a little diddy. More seriously, she says it was just the wrong song choice, and she has no problem with her showing different sides to herself, as she thinks she has a great voice. Simon adds that he thinks Didi overthinks things sometimes, and just has to choose a good song and be good nonstop. After all that, she’s safe.

Michael Lynche stands, and he’s safe and going on tour. Crystal Bowersox stands, and Ryan asks who she listens to if she makes it through, since Kara said no guitar, yet Simon didn’t want her to change anything. Crystal’s answer is “me.” She’ll get that chance. Andrew and Katie stand, and one of them will be bottom three. Kara likes Katie pop, and Simon likes her country, and she says she likes pop and a little R&B, but she’ll try country for Simon. Andrew defends his song choice and “sucking the soul out of the song.” It did bother him, as you want to impress the judges, but when they said he didn’t know himself as an artist, he disagrees, as he loves his acoustics. So do I. Surprisjngly, Katie is the one joining the bottom three. Yet one person gets to go back to safety, and it’s Katie. That was short-lived.

While Paige and Tim sweat it out, we have Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas out for a performance, although it’s hard to heard any of it through the screaming. He’s doing some weird dancing trying to groove along here, but it just comes off weird. Not that it makes the screaming stop. Joe talks about his stint judging the show during auditions, and interestingly enough, Tim had gotten through then. He advises Paige and Tim to just keep having fun, and Demi tells them to have fun on tour.

The Idol being voted out is Paige, leaving Tim safe, with Paige being allowed to sing for her life to see if the judges will save her. Simon tells Paige regardless of her singing, she’s going to end up going home tonight. It’s gotten to a point where it’s not working, and he doesn’t want to give her false hope. In terms of encouragement, she needs to take herself back to when they first saw her, as she genuinely had a good voice. She needs to just use this experience to her advantage.

Ryan checks with the other judges, and this is a unanimous decision. Paige says it was a roller coaster out here, and while she had health issues with laryngitis, she also had bad song choices. It was a good learning experience. She sings us out and chooses her first song of the semi-finals, All Right Now.

Simon was right that Paige had deteriorated to a certain point it was pointless to go through the drama of a possible save. He kept saying she had the best voice, and I think she let him down. Had she not, I think things would have turned out much differently for her. Interestingly, this leave Tim making the tour, the guy who was a last minute replacement for the final 24. He won’t last much longer and is barely hanging on a thread, which I think he has managed to do each week. The other nine Idol should know they only have to do marginally well to beat him next week. R&B will be a tough genre for him and Simon just isn’t going to let up on him.

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