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American Idol 9, Mar. 24 – Final 10 Set!

At this point many people are predicting Paige Miles will be leaving this week. Some can’t figure how she got to the final 12 to begin with. However, she did have a good performance last week, through laryngitis. But this week, she picked a bad overdone song and couldn’t stay on pitch to save her life.It will be surprising if she’s still there at the end of this hour, and it would make her this season’s Sanjaya Malakar or Kristy Lee Cook. If she doesn’t leave, it almost has to be Tim Urban. He also didn’t do his song justice and struggled, covering it up with gimmicks like sliding and going into the crowd. As the judges told him, he’s just not at that place yet. Ouch.

What the heck? It looks like a nicely dressed woman with blood streaming down her face, clapping in the audience. Am I missing something? Surely makeup could cover that up a little better.

It’s a group number that we get right off the bat, and it’s to the possibly ill-adivised choice of Wham’s Wake Me Up Before You Go Go. Tim and Aaron Kelly seem fit for it, but Lee Dewyze and Casey James seem woefully out of place. The voices are actually blending pretty well tonight, though. And once again, the one that seems to be having the most fun is Big Mike.

Before we get to the results, it’s time for a Ford music video, this time to Our Time Now. The Idols are texting each other about meeting at the fountain, then driving there in their Fords. They put the balls, like the kinds you jump in in a bouncy house, into the fountain, then all jump in and play. They forget poor Andrew Garcia, though, in the fountain, and he gets left behind. Let’s just hope it’s not a case of life immitating art at the end of the night.

Casey James takes about rehearsal yesterday, saying he went into the second verse instead of the chorus, and it freaked him out, making him on edge. He felt better afterwards, as he didn’t weck it, thanks to the band. Siobhan Magnus’ boss is in the audience, and he’s refusing to shave until she wins. He’s looking a little fluffy. And apparently the gal with the blood on her face is a friend of hers, one of the Siobhan-Zombies.

Katie’s dad sprinted away from the studio right before the show started, as he can’t stand to watch her in a competition. She figures he’s across the street having a drink or something. A video is shown of Big Mike walking around with his baby in a little carrrier in front. He says his baby and wife live in a little apartment nearby, and it seems weird, as they moved in together right after high school, so it’s weird not to be together. All he thinks of looking at his baby is how peaceful it is and how blessed he is to have her.

As we dim the lights, Siobhan is asked to stand up, and she talks about Simon Cowell’s comment about her relying on her scream. She knew he’d say that, but this week was so important to all of them, and if she had to do it one more time to get through, it was something she could do and it was different. Of course she wants to challenge herself in the future, but she wanted to have as much fun as she could. She’ll keep having fun as she’s safe.

Lee and Casey are both asked to stand up. Asked if they still feel they were right about Casey, Randy, Ellen, and Kara say yes. Ellen still loved it watching it at home. Simon still sticks by his words that it seemed like an ’80s cover band. Tim and Paige now stand up along side them. If Tim could have a do-over, he doesn’t think he would. It was different, he had a blast, and it was entertaining. Paige thinks she lost herself in the song last night, but she does not agree that she has stopped competing. As far as who’s in the bottom three, Randy thinks it has to be Paige, and he’s right. But Tim is in the bottom three as well.

Next week the theme will be R&B soul with Usher as mentor. That will be interesting. This week’s mentor, Miley Cyrus, is back tonight, this time performing When I Look at You. It’s a slower song that she sings sitting at the piano., with fog rolling underneath her feet. I recognize the song from the trailer for her upcoming movie, The Last Song. Her dad is out in the audience, and Miley says this is her first standing ovation, but Ryan doesn’t believe that. She was only disappointed in one thing last night, and it wasn’t the knee slide. She knows the room was a little heavy at some points, but she also knows the judges are just trying to help the singers grow. She doesn’t think she could handle being judged.


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