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American Idol 9, Mar. 23 – Favorite Pens and Magic Carpets

With Gordon Ramsey in the audience, Casey James gets some stool time. Ryan mentions he was told to push himself last week. He says it made him realize he had years playing in the same place and that he got a bit stagnant. He meets Miley and tells her he’s a big fan of her dad’s. She isn’t too happy to hear that, but I think it’s an age thing. He’s one of the oldest contestants. He’s singing Huey Lewis and the News’ Power of Love. He likes the lyrics and the idea of the song with the power and passion of it. She tells him he rocks and advises him to make eye contact with a few people on the stage. An ironic request, as he was wanting to work on that this week. Casey updates the song the necessary 25 years. Don’t get me wrong, I was always a huge Huey fan, but Casey updates it the right way, while still keeping the horn section that Huey was known for.

Randy says he’s a fan of his and he loves him playing the guitar, in fact he’s probably the best musician they’ve ever had on there. He wasn’t a fan of the song choice, yet he gives him props as he did it well. Ellen wasn’t a fan of the choice either, as there was a better song out there, but it was the best vocal of the night. Kara says he’s on another level. With the right songs he’s ready to make an album. It’s just all there, and he’s in a zone now.

Simon promises Casey it’s not personal, but he genuinely doesn’t know what Kara is listening to. The song was old-fashioned twenty-five years ago when it came out. Kara argues he made it current, but he says he didn’t. It was like listening to an ’80s cover band. Simon wonders if it’s just him, as he’s English. Ryan wonders how they can hear two different songs in the same performance.

Didi Benami got together with Miley, and she’s singing You’re No Good. Miley loves the vibrato in Didi’s voice, and feels it’s a good song choice for her as she can showcase that. Didi was nervous as the song is challenging, and she wants to challenge herself. When she asks Miley about nerves, she says anyone that says they don’t get nervous isn’t telling the truth, as everyone gets that and that’s what drives you a little bit. She starts the song from Adam’s stairs and it’s really understated in the beginning, then she kicks it in and is doing it more nightclubby than rock like Linda Ronstadt. I do like that she’s staying in the dark side. As she’s better there, but I’m just not sure about singing the song this way. I’m kind of undecided.

Randy tells Didi he love the idea of it with the outfit and the guy playing bass, but the pitch was all over the place and she never quite hit it right. Ellen says she doesn’t get the song choices tonight, and this wasn’t right for her. She does love her voice and she isn’t no good, she’s good. Kara felt like she was playing a character, dramatic and slinky. She felt like she was trying to be something she isn’t, leaving her confused. I’m not alone apparently. You knew this was coming, as Simon says there was a certain irony of her screeching out “you’re no good, you’re no good, you’re no good.” It was like a musical, the bad part of the musical. It didn’t sound like it was her, but like something she rehearsed and learned, and like she fell into Lacey’s trap. Did replies she doesn’t want to be pigeon-holed into one category and wanted to show diversity.

Up last is Siobhan Magnus. She’s singing Superstition, and Miley is excited as she thinks Siobhan has something really interesting about her and she loves her voice. Siobhan admits she’s rocked out to a bit of Miley’s music. Miley thinks her voice has a swagger and suggests she brings it to the stage. She also likes that she’s so different, and Siobhan says she’s been like that her whole life, so someone like her noticing that makes it easier to bring that out. She has her hair all punked out tonight like the 1980s for this song. I don’t know if she’s bringing anything different to it than we’ve heard before, but it’s good nonetheless. Until she puts her patented scream in there, and then that’s different, and that’s Siobhan.

Randy is always so excited to see Siobhan as she’s so fearless. He never would have thought she’d sing that, but he’s glad she did. She just goes for it and has so much conviction she could inspire all the kids. Ellen quotes Oliver, “More please?” Siobhan is just so good, and she loves her. Kara finds that Siobhan expresses herself every time she performs, and she thinks she’s more comfortable there than anywhere else in her life. She sees that every time. She doesn’t think that was her best performance, but she wonders how can you not say that end note she does is amazing.

Simon thinks there will be a real split with Siobhan on this one, as some people will like it, but some won’t. He suggests she reverse the screaming next week, as it’s becoming her thing, but scream at the beginning next week, then go softer. He didn’t think she hit the notes as well as she did at other times, but he tells her, along with the others, with the exception of Crystal who he felt was in a different league, she has to start pushing herself and finding better songs and making herself relevant. Tonight wasn’t a good night overall. Siobhan wishes she could do a whole song with that end note. I bet.

Overall, I think Miley did really well as a mentor. We were ready for her not to do well at all, judging her on her age more than anything else. Yet, she offered some great criticism, and gave the Idols better criticism than many mentors in the past who were much older. As for who’s in trouble tomorrow night, clearly Paige is for sure. I’m not sure who will join her in the bottom three, but I do believe Tim will join her again. I think Andrew might make his first appearance there, and if not, it’ll be either Katie or Didi.

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