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American Idol 9, Mar. 23 – Favorite Pens and Magic Carpets

I didn’t even notice it, but she has a carpet on the stage she was performing on. Ryan comes up and mentions it, and she tells him to have a seat. They both sit down on the carpet, and Ryan would like to make a night of it and order Chinese. Crystal finds it homey as the stage is cold and grey. This is prettier.

Michael Lynche meets up with Miley, and he picks her up off her feet. She says he’s already her favorite, as it was the biggest hug she got. He heard she was thrashing people, and she admits to being evil. He’s singing When a Man Loves a Woman, and she admits she’s falling in love with him. She thinks his voice sounds incredible and mentions he sang to her the entire way, whereas she doesn’t think she could’ve done that. To him eye contact is a big deal, and he says looking at her made it easier, as she has kind eyes. She thinks he has personality and that it will take her a long way. He finds it to be a song that speaks to both men and women, and thinks we could all use a little love in our lives. Mike takes the stage with an open-collared shirt and chains. I think women are melting all over the place tonight. This is beautiful. When he holds a note, he holds a note.

Randy tells Mike he doesn’t know if it was a perfect song choice or his best vocal, but what he loves is what Simon was telling Crystal. Mike knows who he is, an R&B soul dude. The best thing he can do here is sing the “I don’t know what out of who you are and be that every time you hit the stage.” That’s what he did tonight, and he loved it. Ellen did feel like it was a safe choice like driving the speed limit. He got there and has an amazing tone with a great voice, and “this woman loves that man.”

Kara tells Mike he knows she loves him, and technically it was great, but she felt it was boring and loungey at times. It was over-indulgent with too many riffs. She lost her connection with him. Simon kind of knows what she’s saying, as you want one scoop of ice cream, but get eleven. If he had advised him about singing this song, he would have taken everything off the stage, and had him alone with a piano. The truth is the audition could have taken place ten to thirty years ago. It’s trying to take an older song and make it relevant, and he did make it kind of loungey. The good news is he has tons of charisma, a very good voice, and people like him. He’s glad they had the chance to have this conversation this week without the irritating interruptions. I think he means from Ryan.

Andrew Garcia meets Miley and says he’s singing I Heard It Through the Grapevine. It was cool for him to meet someone on that level, but he stumbled on his lyrics when he was really trying to impress her. She suggests he put down the guitar and work the crowd. She finds it blocks him and makes him really stiff. He’s taking the risk and deciding to do it. She warns him as he leaves to learn his words. He follows through singing without the guitar, and seems to remember all the words. He performs the song okay, but I just don’t like him on this type of thing. I like him acoustic.

Randy tells Andrew it wasn’t good. It was the wrong song choice, as this isn’t the type of vocalist he is. Ellen says he knows how much she loves him, and she hopes they vote for him, because that’s not enough to get people on board that were teetering. It wasn’t a good choice, but she loves him and hopes people vote for him. Kara feels bad for him as he’s chasing that moment that was brilliant. It’s messing with him and playing with his head. He doesn’t know what to do up there and is really confused. The motions with his hands didn’t feel like him and were like a puppet. She doesn’t know what to do with him, but go back to that moment and look at what was so good, as he’s far from that.

Simon wonders if they overrated that moment in hindsight, as it wasn’t like listening to Beethoven; it was a cute version of a Paula song. Andrew has had enough time to sort himself out, and he thinks Miley had good advice to put the guitar down, as he’s been hiding behind it. The problem was the arrangement that sucked the soul out of the song. It ruined one of the great pop songs of all time, and at the same time made himself really corny. He has the best opportunity in the world in front of tens of millions people week after week, and any good artist with that broad amount of choice should be able to choose and nail a good song, and that’s his problem. He doesn’t know who he is as an artist. Andrew says his point with the song was just to perform and have fun for the fans. Dude, you were already in a delicate spot, and it’s top 10 this week. We’re past having fun, and when you don’t worry about it, they do have fun.

Katie Stevens met with Miley and says she’s singing Big Girls Don’t Cry by Fergie. Katie thought it was great to get feedback from someone her age in the business and asks how she deals with negative comments. Miley tells her to remember who she is as a musician and what she loves about music. Katie listens to the judges telling her to be herself, and Miley thinks if she shows confidence and makes the song her own, she’ll do great. It’s such a stylized song, I’m not sure if it’s going to go well, and sure enough it just isn’t good. The song is not right for her voice at all. Again, you can’t sing songs that you like to sing on the radio. It just doesn’t work.

Randy tells Katie it wasn’t her best performance and it was sharp all over the place, but what was cool is that she listened to them and picked a younger song and dressed younger as well. (Does it not matter she was sharp the entire time?) Ellen actually thought it was her best performance so far, and thinks she looks great and is evolving and changing, like the Dakota Fanning of American Idol.

Kara asks if Simon still thinks Katie is country, and says it’s pop with R&B leanings. She moved like she felt the song and it was a different Katie. This is where she belongs, but she still has mad pitch issues. Simon thinks her meeting Miley was the best thing that could have happened to her, because of her age and career. The way she looked tonight compared to the pageant horror outfit she wore before is like chalk and cheese. If she is believable in this era, he still isn’t sure of yet. He still thinks she’ll find a more loyal market in country and that the pop market would be too difficult. Ryan suggests she hang out with Miley sometime. If you don’t know what market you are, and the judges can’t decide, you aren’t ready for this. No one is trying to figure out Crystal’s market.


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