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American Idol 9, Mar. 23 – Favorite Pens and Magic Carpets

Simon asks Paige how she thinks she did, and she knows she struggled with it in pitch and finding herself in it, but she had fun doing it. Simon says they’re on the same page, as there were like five of them singing the song, and each one got progressively worse. The awful thing was he knew the point she knew it as well. He thinks she’ll be in serious trouble tonight, and what Kara said was right. She stopped competing and believing in herself, and it was a shame as she was so good a few weeks back. but that song just killed her. Paige admits she’s had her struggles with song choice.

Tim Urban is singing Crazy Little Thing Called Love. Miley knows he’s gotten bad reviews for not having personality and being boring, but she doesn’t think it’s personality he’s missing. She thinks he just needs to add a few riffs and switch it up somehow. She gives him a hug after he sings, saying she doesn’t think he’s boring and thinks he’s great, and only wants him to push the limit. Miley thinks it’s cool that he has confidence. He put the guitar down tonight and comes out in a jacket singing. He does okay with it, but this is just the wrong song for his type of persona, even though he does some cool stage antics like sliding and running out into the crowd.

Randy says it looks like Tim had a great time, but what’s hard for him is this is a singing competition, and they’re trying to find the best. Every time they hit the stage they should be showing up and wowing them. Yet the dopest thing he did was the slide, and the vocals were so boring, with it being like karaoke. Ellen tells him he has huge fans, but it felt to her like an audition for High school Musical 6 or 7. She’s not sure which one they’re on, but she does know Vanessa and Troy went to college. It was corny and pushed too hard and there’s a group that will love it, but then there’s her, and she didn’t get it.

Kara says Ellen hit the nail on the head, as it was like Zac Efron in Hairspray. Little girls will love it, but Time didn’t do much with the song and didn’t change it much. He was grabbing at the audience, and he’s just not at that place yet. He was acting like he’d already made it, but he has a lot of work to do yet. Simon doesn’t think the sliding around was the problem, but thinks it distracted from the song. He believes that’s why he did it. The real problem was that it was completely and utterly pointless and silly, and he’s surprised he chose this out of the thousands of songs he could have chosen. He’s not taking part in this and has zero chance in winning, unless he gets his act together, takes lessons, and tries to become someone who is contemporary and relevant. Two weeks in a row, it’s silly song choices. Tim says he picked such slow songs to this point. He hadn’t done any moving around and wanted to have fun, so he picked a song he could do that with.

Aaron Kelly now gets stool time and explains he’s having trouble with his voice, as he’s picked up the laryngitis and tonsillitis going around. Ryan moves his stool away, then writes notes to Aaron, introducing his clip. Aaron admits to having a little crush on Miley and says his very first audition he sang The Climb. She tells him she watched that and gives him thumbs up, saying it was really great. To hear that from someone Aaron is a fan of, brightens his day. He’s singing I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing. Miley makes a face, as she didn’t realize how great he was. He asks to give her a hug and has to stand on his tip toes to hug her. He powers through his laryngitis tonight and does well with it. But, I still see him as David Archuleta Lite.

Randy tells Aaron it wasn’t perfect, but he knew he was a little under the weather. He thanks God he came out and started singing, because after the two before him, he was wondering what was going on tonight. He likes him, thinks he’s talented, and loves the way he sang the first verse. Ellen says it was a perfect song choice for him, and she could tell he was sick, as when she goes home to watch the show, he’s always pitch perfect. She can already see his future career, as he’s so good.

Kara says Ellen said it, as this was the best song choice of the night. Maybe one week he was off, but week to week he knows how to pick songs that show the consistency in his voice, as he does have that country twang. She would like more stage presence from him. Simon says it was brave and with his illnesses, he’s a little “trier,” but if he’s going to offer criticism, it would be that for his age he’s making himself old-fashioned. There’s zero chance he’ll go home, and Simon thinks he should give Miley another hug. Even Ryan calls him David Archuleta.

Crystal Bowersox got her shot to meet with Miley, and she tells her she’s singing Me and Bobby McGee. Miley tells her she loves that song and thinks it has a lot of personality, and she loves what Crystal does with it, as it was different, and she got almost gospel at times. She thinks she can hit more high notes and push herself a bit more. Crystal isn’t sure if she can do that, though. Crystal tells her she has had beautiful, powerful women sing her guitar (Shania Twain and Melissa Etheridge) and asks her to sign as well. Miley writes on there “You are beautiful and so talented. Don’t be afraid!” Crystal is looking gorgeous tonight in a long dress, with her hair up. She starts the song very subdued, then kicks it in as it moves along. This is just amazing. This is that moment that Simon keeps talking about to Lee. Wow.

Randy says this show is called American Idol, and that’s what is called being a star and a folk singer. That’s the way you do it, come out, slay it, and sing what’s in your heart. People have been comparing Crystal to Janis who is amazing and great. This is what it’s about. Ellen says she was driving the other day and this song came on the radio, and she thought Crystal should sing this song, and here she is singing it. There’s nothing wrong with the performance, and she’s consistently great with an amazing voice. Yet, they talked about personality last week, and she feels there’s a little bit between her and the audience. She’d love to see a little more when the audience goes crazy. She needs to take it in more that these people love her. Crystal mentions she has big plans for next week if she’s still here.

Kara says it’s interesting that Ellen brings that up, as Crystal said last week she has a lot on her mind, and she wonders what was on her mind tonight. Crystal says she let go, and Kara did feel more from her and saw her smiling and moving more. She wonders if she’d ever consider putting the guitar down, and Crystal replies she said before she has big plans for next week. Simon says he wouldn’t change anything. Up until now they have listened to a karaoke competition. Someone comes along with a version that he’s heard Pink do, and it was one of the best versions he’s heard, and this was as good as that. It’s about finding a recording artist, and he’s seen her progress, doing her own thing. She’s not sliding along the stage, jumping into the crowd and being gimmicky. She just took a song, nailed it, and her only gimmick is a carpet.


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