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The Amazing Race 16, Mar. 21 – Looking for Cathy Drone

Brent and Caite are still asking around and can’t find anyone with knowlege of Taittingers. Not even wrong knowledge. Carol finds the grape cluster, as Brandy tells her she has the best eyes ever. They take off for the pit stop, as Brandy wonders if children here are happier as they’ve grown up drinking champagne. No, they’re just alcoholics. Dan and Jordan are not enjoying the musical accompaniment while they build their tower.

Steve and Allie decide to do the searching, and Steve hopes the grapes jump out at him like the curb did. Brent and Caite find Crandy and decide just to follow them. Little do they know they will once again be bypassing a needed clue. Crandy runs onto the mat, as Brenet and Caite follow. The two in the back realize their mistake and run off, as he says he wondered how they got there so quickly. He can’t believe they’ve done that twice now. The mime issues his welcoming sign for Crandy, and Phil gives them the #2 fingers. He mentions other strong all female teams and asks if they’re going to win. Brandy starts to be all PC with her answer, then switches and says yes, they will.

Steve and Allie find their grape cluster and get their clue. Jeff and Jordan get to the wrong Taittingers and head off for Pierry. She asks Jeff what the chances are, and says at least it has the same name. Brent and Caite get to the right Taittingers first, and they decide to do Terra. She didn’t want to do this one, but decides to go with Brent, as he seems to think he always knows what will be easier. She thinks looking for something in two acres is too hard. Dan and Jordan can’t figure out how to build the tower correctly, but finally reach what they hope will work for the top.

Jet and Cord arrive and decide to do Terra as they have shaky hands. Steve and Allie run onto Phil’s mat to be named team number three. He explains to Phil that he hopes they insured the car they were driving. Phil gives the best look after this. The Cowboys find the grapes, and Brent and Caite argue whether they should stay there or not. She wants to switch to the Tower.

Dan and Jordan have no other choice but to stack three glasses at the top, as Brent and Caite argue over what to do. He thinks she always knows what to do, while she says he’d rather put the blame off on everyone else. Dan and Jordan get a giant bottle, which they call a 60 pound bucket bottle, to pour the champgne, making Dan wish he were much taller, as he has to reach up with the heavy bottle to pour. Caite makes the decision to build, and they see the boys finishing and pouring their champagne. Brent decides to let her do it by herself since she’s “Miss Perfect,” and she replies that’s why he dates her.

Jet and Cord run onto the mat for fourth place, talking about their scary day. Dan and Jordan finish their fountain, without breaking it, and get their clue to the pit stop. Jordan thinks they’ll get requests to do fountains now at bar and bat mitsvahs. Dan adds that their help will be very expensive. From now on Brent thinks he’ll just listen to every word Caite says. He thinks they would have found the grapes by now, but he would have had to have had his ear chewed off by her. She gets the tower built, and they start pouring the campagne, as she tells him to slow down and to go higher, as it all comes crashing down. They head out to look for the grapes again.

Jeff and Jordan are arriving, and seeing another car, they know there’s hope again. They see Brent and Caite searching and figure they should do the bulding since they obviously can’t find the grapes. Dan and Jordan jump on the mat for team number five. Caite is still bitching in the vineyard, saying they came in without a million dollars, they can leave without a million. They find the cluster as she apologizes, saying they should have stuck with it in the first place.

Jeff and Jordan work on their tower and it all comes tumbling down. They switch to trying to find thee grapes, but now they’re fighting the dark. Brent and Caite arrive on Phil’s mat and are told to pick a number. He asks for lucky number six and gets it. He talks about how they started off strong and in the front, and she talks about how annoyed she is, but he looks more so for having to listen to her.

Using flashinglights to do their searching at this point, and Jeff asks Jordan if they’re doing this to teach kids to stay in school. They finally find a grape cluster, then arrive on Phil’s mat in last place again. They’re eliminated this time. Phil wonders if they’ll get time alone now. Jeff thinks being together 24/7 in any relationship is a struggle, and he thinks they’ve been through the worst. He has a million reasons to complain, but can’t. It was priceless, and he got paid in a way most people don’t. Jordan got to do fun stuff and says she’s never traveled before.

Just like when they were on Big Brother, Jeff seems more into Jordan than she seems into him. He’s talking about their relationship and going through the worst of it, while she’s talking about doing fun stuff and getting to travel. I didn’t figure they would last that long after Big Brother. In reality, TAR probably started filming shortly after the the Big Brother finale in Sepember. So it’ll be intersting to see now that they are done with TV, at least for awhile, if they can still last.

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