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The Amazing Race 16, Mar. 21 – Looking for Cathy Drone

Jeff and Jordan are arriving at the Square, and Jeff knows “listen to what you saw” has to mean something. Brent and Caite are still trying to figure out where they’re going wrong. He thinks she likes to push his buttons, and that it’s a game for her. They go inside to ask for help at a bank, and she shows them to go to the cathedral. They argue about him pushing his front seat back into her.

Steve finds the marked bottle, and he pops it, as he and his daughter Allie take off. Crandy arrive at the Roadblock, and are upset to see Steve and Allie already leaving. Brandy decides she’ll mak the rappel, as Carol hopes she finds the bottle quickly and isn’t in that “piss ass mood” when she comes back up. Think these two will still be dating after the show?

Dan and Jordan find another Office of Tourism and get information, as the Detectives go inside a hotel for help. While the brothers are told it’s in Reims, the Detectives are told it’s in Pierry. They follow a local who offfers to show them how to get there. Jordan thinks the girl who helped them was cute, and says if you can find a good-looking person to give you directions, it just can’t hurt.

Brent and Caite find the sword-playing woman finally, and she gives them the cork as they take off. Brandy gets her bottle and the clue, and I can’t tell whether she’s still in the piss ass mood or not. Steve and Allie are still looking for the vineyard and a local sends them back where they came from. Crandy gets directions and is told it’s in Pierry. Jet and Cord finally make it to the Roadblock, and Cord doesn’t have the faintest idea about rapelling, but will do it anyway. Jet notices there are four teams ahead of them, and knows it’s not good. Jeff and Jordan find the sword-player and get their cork. They’re not too much behind Brent and Caite. Cord gets his bottle, pops his cork, and gets the clue.

The Detectives are following a nice Frenchman in a Porsche through France, and say it doesn’t get much beter than this. They got to the cluebox at the vinyard and find a Detour – Tower or Terra. In Tower, teams must use exactly 680 glasses to build a tower exactly fifteen levels high with only one glass on top, then fill it with champagne, without any breaking. In Terra, teams must search a square kilometer of land for a tiny cluster of grapes marked with race colors. Once they pick that, they bring it in for their next clue. Michael knows they’re both bulls in a china shop, so searching the land is better.

Dan and Jordan see Taittingers, but are told they need to go to Pierry, as they’re in the wrong one. She explains it’s a castle, like a big mansion. The brothers say that’s how you go from the front of the pack to the back really quickly. And I’ll add that apparently it can hurt to get directions from good-looking people, or at least that one good-looking person. Brent and Caite get to the Roadblock, and he decides to do it. Jeff and Jordan are driving along and find the weirdest display window. Some type of combination bondage and medical supplies or something. They’re quite amused at the window as well. Brent gets his bottle and the clue, and they take off.

Louie and Michael look for their cluster and argue whether a cluster is in the right race colors. They decide it’s not. Jeff and Jordan are the last to rach the Roadblock, and he guesses she’d have a paic attack in the cave. He jokes he might get rabies in there. It’s a wine cellar, Jeff. They haven’t seen any other teams, but say you never know as other teams could be lost or something.

Cue Steve and Allie who get in an accident and bang up the front bumper. Additionally, they’re in the Reim Taittingers, not Pierry. As they drive, Allie tells her dad that they’re dragging the bumper along. They stop, and he gets out to see if he can fix it to get them going. He wants her to drive the car forward while he’s still messing with the wheel. Jeff gets his bottle, pops the cork, and drinks a little while he’s there. You have to appreciate a team who can have fun in last place for three legs. Allie thinks they’ll need to wait for a new car. He tells her to get the duct tape out of his bag, and he fixes it with that. As they drive off, he says his wife stuck that in his bag before they left, saying you can fix anything with duct tape.That sounds like a commercial for sure.

Brent and Caite ask a local about Taittingers, but she has no clue. Jeff and Jordan head into the Office and Tourism and find the same lady with wrong information, who told some of the others to go to Reims. She’s still wrong. The Detectives keep searching for their grapes, and just when they think they’ll have to start over, Michael finds it, saying, “If I can find crack in somebody’s rear end, I can find grapes in a vineyard.” I’m hoping finding the grapes was a big more pleasant. Their clue tells them to drive to the next pit stop, L’Orrca.

Jet and Cord arrive at the Reim Taittingers and are told they’re looking for the one in Pierry. Cord notes that people pay thousands of dollars to get the tour of France they’ve had today. Dan and Jordan finally reach the Detour and decide to do Tower. Jordan says when you have skill and luck challenges, you should always do the skill. Besides, he knows they’ve seen their share of champagne towers in bar and bat mitzvahs. Crandy get to the Detour and choose Terra, thinking they just have to pick a few grapes. These two didn’t do so well on the last searching challenge they had.

The Detectives end up at the pit stop PDQ, and find a mime welcoming them with a sign. Phil gives them the #1 finger, and tells them they have each won a trip to Cancun courtesy of Travelocity. Michael wishes they had this same attitude they have in Europe in South America, as maybe the first couple of legs would have gone differently for them.


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