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The Amazing Race 16, Mar. 21 – Looking for Cathy Drone

Big Brother team Jeff and Jordan somehow keep getting the luck going their way. While they had been spared elimination the week before last, when they left this last leg very behind, they only got moreso as they got lost, then had to do a Speed Bump. What saved them was the Detectives U-Turning Joe and Heidi who were fatigued after Joe crawled through the entire Detour with his bum knee. The other half ot he U-Turn required brains and not knees, but they just didn’t seem to have anything left. With them eliminated, it puts Jeff and Jordan back in last place. They need their luck and natural athleticism to get back in this thing and leave some other team in the dust.

Once again, the first to depart are Louie and Michael at 7:47 AM. They will now need to drive themselves to Reims, France, to a gothic cathedral, and find a Joan of Arc Statue out in front. A street musician playing a singing sword will hand then the next clue. Michael says France feels like New England in December, and he hopes some of the other teams are feeling the effects. For him it’s nothing, as it’s the same weather he goes out in at home in just his boxers to get the newspaper. TMI. Louie says it feels great to be first place two weeks in a row, and they’re enjoying watching the others run around like chickens with their heads cut off.

Steve and Allie are the next to leave at 8:04 AM. She navigates from the backseat, and when he tries to ask her for specifics, she tells him he needs to look, as she doesn’t understand it. The Cowboys, Jet and Cord, leave at 8:13 AM, and they, too, are puzzled looking at the map. They decide to stop and ask for directions, and it sounded like they said they’re going to look for a 7-11. Dan and Jordan leave at 8:17 AM, and Jordan thinks the clue means that the Joan of Arc statue will speak, as he moves into a falsetto and says, “My name is Joan of Arc.” Carol and Brandy leave next at 8:39 AM, and talk about how nice it would be to live here.

The Detectives, Steve/Allie, the Cowboys, and Dan/Jordan look for the statue. Dan and Jordan get out to ask around, and a local tells them it’s by the cathedral, and they think she’s saying “Cathy Drone.” Once they realize what she’s saying, they make the comment that people really don’t speak good English here. As if people across the world should speak English, just so they can all communicate with us.

Brent and Caite leave at 9:48 AM and also look around for someone to ask about the statue. The Detectives head to the Office of Tourism, and Steve and Allie get some locals to show them. They find the sword-playing woman, and she hands them their clue on a cork. They ask their local if he knows what that means, and he tells them it’s the name of a champagne, “Leclere Briant.” Jet and Cord arrive at the Square and decide they do sometimes put statues in Squares. How can you not love their simple way of thinking? They find the statue and sword-playing woman just before the Detectives do. Cord talks about a town about 40 km down the road called Champagne. They head off in that direction, while the Detectives go back to the Office of Tourism to inquire about Leclere Briant.

Dan and Jordan have finally found the Cathy Drone, and head inside the Office of Tourism as well. Jordan asks how you make champagne, if you just take wine and add club soda. But looking at his face, you can tell that little bit was all for the benefit of the camera. Carol and Brandy find the statue and get the clue, and Brandy teeters off, excited to get some champagne.

Jeff and Jordan leave at 10:28 AM, in last place, and he says he’s fired up being in last place. He knows there’s a reason why they’re there and thinks they just need to take advantage of that. During the drive, Jeff and Jordan discuss Joan of Arc, and she explains “he’s” the one that carried all the animals. Jeff explains Joan is a she, and that Jordan is getting her confused with Noah and his ark. Then he laughs and asks why they’re in last place. Sigh.

Steve and Allie are trying to drive around a circle to make a turn, and Dan and Jordan are unabashedly following the Detectives, as they both come upon Leclere Briant. Going inside they find a Roadblock. One person from each team must rappel into the winery, then search the caves for a specially marked champagne bottle. They’ll celerate by using a sabre to slice off the cork, and when that shoots out, they’ll get their next clue. Louie is taking on this challenge. Jordan decides to do it as well, since his brother has done the majority of the Roadblocks so far. He’s the first to rappel down.

Steve and Allie eventually get there, and Steve decides he’ll do it after Allie tells him it’s upper body work. Louie makes his rappel as Jordan continues his search. Meanwhile, the Cowboys have arrived in Champagne, the wrong town. They realize their mistake, and head back, hoping they’re not in last place. They struggle to find their way back as well, as they say navigation just wasn’t their thing today.

Jordan finds a marked bottle and takes the stairs this time. Louie starts his search. Jordan cuts off the cork with the sabre and gets the clue “Taittinger La Marquetterie.” They need to figure out this is a vineyard and chateau in the nearby village, where they’ll find the next clue. Steve makes his rappel while Louie continues his search.

Brent and Caite arrive at the wrong statue and in some weird twist of irony, she, too, thinks Joan of Arc is a man. Sorry Joan. Maybe you need better PR. Caite doesn’t hear the sword music playing, but they stand and look around for it anyway. Louie finds a marked bottle and heads up the stairs just as Steve starts looking. Louie pops his cork, gets the clue, but with his “sausage fingers” can’t get the clue out of the tiny canister. This had to make me laugh, as my husband refers to his hands the same way. They head right back to the Office of Tourism.


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