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Project Runway 7, Mar. 18 – There Goes the Neighborhood

Maya is working on a day look for Team Chinatown, while Anthony works on the evening look. At least, that’s the idea, but Maya is more focused on the evening look than her own day look. She’s in fact annoying Anthony with her comments about the look not being “artsy” enough. Anthony retorts that everybody left is an artist.

Emilio believes he needs to keep an eye on Seth Aaron as he works very quickly and can add a lot of stuff to a look before anybody notices. Seth Aaron also doesn’t sketch much. Jay and Mila work quietly on their looks – as far away from each other as possible. They seem to have decided they don’t want to waste time sniping at each other, and are thus avoiding each other as much as possible. Jonathan worries that his and Amy’s shared love of detail could result in unfinished disasters.

Tim brings Collier in for make-up consultations. There’s a lot of talk about smoky eyes and the like. Afterwards, Tim makes his rounds, starting with Emilio and Seth Aaron. He loves the jacket for their day look. Anthony and Maya show Tim their two looks, and he comments the day look is “weak.” He prefers the striped fabric Maya had rejected earlier.

Jay and Mila claim to be getting along – as in they haven’t tried to murder each other. Jay explains he wants to make pants that poof out in the right places, and Tim warns him the judges will not appreciate pants that make a woman look wider than she is. The top will be striped with red and black color blocking. Mila is working on the evening look, and Tim wonders if she’s doing enough with the silhouette.

Last up are Amy and Jonathan. Tim worries they are over-designing with all their ruffles and pleats. Amy laughs this off, but Jonathan later admits he’s using every technique he knows. I’ve already got a feeling somebody from Team Upper East Side is going home, as editing problems have sunk contestants many times.

The models come in for their fitting. Emilio isn’t ready to meet with his model – a first for him. Jay’s pants fit his model well, and he doesn’t think the poofs look as bad as Tim did. Memo to Jay: listen to Tim. If he says a look is bad, it usually is. You’re the front runner, so you probably won’t go home tonight, but one or two more bad decisions could sink you. Seth Aaron finds his jacket doesn’t quite fit, so he makes some quick adjustments – by cutting off most of the sleeves. The result works.

By 10:30, Mila is distressed to notice that Jay hasn’t even begun work on his tank top. Emilio laughs at their lack of professionalism. Amy and Jonathan are both behind, which worries Amy, as she’d hoped that one of them would finish early and then help the other. That’s not going to happen.

The next morning, Jonathan worries about what he has to do. He and Mila both fear they won’t finish in time. Anthony hopes his roommates both make it. It’s nice that he gets along with Seth Aaron and Jay, but there can only be one winner in the end. Maya worries about the evening look being all black, but reminds herself about Team Chinatown’s decision not to be too literal or expected. When the models come in again, Anthony worries that his day look may be too matronly. Mila loves her own outfit, but hates Jay’s tank top as it looks ill-fitting. Emilio doesn’t know what Amy and Jonathan are “building,” much less if they’ll finish.

On the runway, Francisco Costa from Michael Klein is subbing for the absent Michael Kors, and the model/actress Molly Sims is the guest judge. Team Chinatown is up first. Maya’s day look consists consists of a striped brown jacket with a thin gold belt and a black skirt with just a few touches of red. Anthony’s evening look is a short, sleeveless black dress with a plunging v-neckline. The front is decorated with a stylized gold dragon.

Next up is Team East Village. Jay’s day look, to put it nicely, is not his best effort. The khaki cargo pants poof out at the thighs– and what woman wants her thighs to look bigger?! The red and black tank top doesn’t fit the model, especially not up front. Mila’s evening look is better, even though this has to be her tenth black and white jacket with color blocking. There’s also a black and white minidress and red leggings.

Team Upper East Side is next. Amy’s day look consists of a yellow-orange two-toned, sleeveless tunic with pleats all over the place. It’s cinched in with a wide belt. The model is also sporting black leggings. Jonathan’s evening look is a sleeveless, two-toned brown dress with cutouts that have unfortunately reminded some of my fellow recappers of a snake’s scales. Unless your customer is a reptile enthusiast, that’s not a good look.