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Survivor: South Pacific – Ep 5 – Going Off The Rails On A Coch-Train

That’s right, I made an Ozzy Osbourne joke based on Ozzy’s vote at Tribal. Snark points for me.

It is time to officially say for Season 23…Game On. We have Jim Rice (he deserves the last name reference more than Cochran, so I am giving it to him from this point on) to thank for the official start of the Survivor game. The first big blindside and the first very aggressive move of the season goes to Rice, Cochran and Dawn. The budding of the new alliance last week took shape this week. I had questioned how they intended to succeed with three votes out of seven. Rice found a way to get it done, doing it in an old school Survivor way. He used someone’s own words against them.

It was simple enough. Upon returning from the duel, the Savaii spies gave the lowdown of Stacey’s information download of Upolu’s power structure. That is, of course, if you spoke Staceyese. I don’t, but more on that later. Ozzy quipped that if Albert was in fact Coach’s…um, Assistant Coach, that Coach should target him sooner rather than later. This is actually a bad idea at this stage, unless Albert had an idol or was threatening in any way. But regardless, it was an off-hand comment by Ozzy, which was a mistake.

Rice heard this and realized that Ozzy did the verbal equivalent of handing him a loaded gun. He went to Keith and said, if Ozzy thinks Coach should do this, doesn’t it lend t


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