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American Idol 9, Mar. 17 – Tick, Tick Boom … The First Finalist Leaves

I’ve been thinking about this all day. What Rolling Stones song are the final 12 going to sing today as their group song, or will it be a medley? What didn’t we hear last night? We didn’t hear Start Me Up, Get Off My Cloud, and Satisfaction. And what about Let’s Spend the Night Together? Would love to hear the Idols on that one. How about Jumpin’ Jack Flash or Brown Sugar? There is so much we haven’t heard yet. For some reason, though, I’ve had Waiting On a Friend going through my head today, but I don’t think that would offer up much in production value for a dance number. We’ll have to wait and see.

For St. Patrick’s Day, the Irish lighting director “does her thing” and lights up the stage in all green and and little Irish music can be heard playing in the background as well. The judges aren’t celebrating, though. Simon Cowell just wants to talk about Ryan Seacrest’s aggressive behavior last night, and he wants an agreement that it won’t happen again, as he was uncomfortable, but Ryan is more uncomfortable now. With that out of the way, Simon explains the judges’ save, saying the judges can save any contestant voted off until the top five, but it has to be unanimous.

We don’t have our top 12 singing a group Stones song after all. Instead, we have David Cook singing Jumpin’ Jack Flash. He’s looking and sounding really good, I’ll add. Winning has done this guy good. I am wondering, though, why we have him instead of a group song. Not that I mind, but I’m just wondering. I think we’ve all grown accustomed to the cheesy production numbers, haven’t we? After, he talks to Ryan about working on a new album and also about leaving soon for a trip to Africa for Idol Gives Back.

There are some definite worried faces sitting over on the couch. But before we get to the seriousness, we have the first Ford commercial by the Idols, this one to Tick Tick Boom. The Idols are dressed in white and driving Fords, and having a paintball fight back and forth. The faces aren’t so glum anymore. Casey talks afterward about not being in the commercial, as he had the flu. Yet when they all worked on their own Ford Fiesta Graphics, he wasn’t feeling as sick and made it in. They all got to design the outside coloring of their own Fiesta. Crystal’s is the most unusual.

Now we get down to business. Paige Miles is asked to stand up and says her voice is getting a little bit better. Sadly, despite having a good night through being sick, she’s in the bottom three. Lee Dewyze stands and thinks from this point on to create a moment he needs to be himself and let loose to what he knows he’s capable of. He’ll get his chance to work on those nerves, as he’s sticking around.

Siobhan Magnus now stands and Ellen is asked if Siobhhan has Adam Lambert’s potential, and she responds that’s what she likes so much about her. She doesn’t have to work to stand out. She just is unique. Ellen explains for Simon’s benefit that a Snooky’s Poof is a a sugar-free dessert, after she had used the term last night. Siobhan is safe … after all that. It’s Aaron Kelly’s turn, and Ryan brings up Randy’s Justin Timberlake comparison. Randy explains it was the nice tender moment that he did. Aaron can have more tender moments, as he’s safe.

Andrew Garcia and Tim Urban both stand up, and Kara is asked if she’s comfortable seeing either one leave. In regardes to last night’s performances, she tells them both it wasn’t good. Based on that, she’d have to say yes. Andrew sits back down as Tim is the next person to sit in the bottom three stools.

Orianthi is here tonight to sing According to You. My daughter’s happy. I see Idol has found a wind machine in clearance somewhere. She talks to Ryan after her performance about performing with Carrie Underwood and auditioning for Michael Jackson.

Didi Benami is the first on the bottom row to stand up. If she stays around she’ll continue to follow her own intuition, but says she got really emotional when they showed her mom last night and it made her uncomfortable during her performance. No need; she sits back down. Crystal Bowersox stands and agrees that it wasn’t her best performance last night, but says she, too, had seen her dad crying on the tape right before she performed, and that’s what made it hard. She explains as well that she never thought she had it in the bag. She just does what comes natural for her, and she’s not being arrogant. She knows it’ll get tougher after this. She’ll ge the chance, as she’s safe.

Katie Stevens stands up and says the judges’ comments can be confusing, as she wants to please them and take their advice, and with no other option but to do the Rolling Stones this week, she just tried to just follow their advice. Kara is asked if she still thinks she could win, and says there’s an inconsistency regarding her pitch, and she sees her more as pop/R&B and was at her best singing Alicia Keys. Simon disagrees and thinks she should be singing more country, and Randy thinks she should be singing pop/rock like Orianthi. Ellen would prefer to see her do some mariachi. And after all that, she’s safe, but I think the answer to the question was “no.” She can’t still win.

Michael “Big Mike” Lynche stands up and mentions he watched his performance, and he’s here for the people, and they inspire him to move, and he thanks them for that. He’s safe. Casey James and Lacey Brown stand up, and one of them will be in the bottom three. He’s asked what else he could do other than “stand there with the guitar” like Simon suggested, and he mentions maybe he could throw it around his back once or twice or something. Lacey is the other person filling up the stools, and Casey is safe to experiment with using the stage more next week.

Ellen is asked if one of the bottom three is worth using the save, and she says it’s a hard question and she doesn’t know. Simon says one person is worthy of the save, and I’m pretty sure he means Page. Tim is safe after all that, stutters back on stage, stunned, then goes and sits back down.

Randy is asked if he’s disappointed to see two of the girls who he thought would take the year standing in front. He hems and haws his way through it like he usually does. It’s Lacey that is being voted out, as her roommate Paige is safe. Lacey decides to sing her best song of the competition so far, The Story. The judges confer meanwhile, but I’m pretty sure they’re just making it look like they’re conferring. I just can’t see them saving her at this point. As much of a sweet girl as she seems, the judges only get one save, and she just hasn’t ever really found herself in these lives shows.

Simon is asked for their decision, and he says it was unanimous that they wouldn’t be using it. She mentions that she’s had a lot of people suggest she pursue country, so she might look into that, and she’s certaily not going to stop singing. She’s just excited for the future.

Paige and Tim have just been served huge warnings. Yet, this is American Idol, so it’s really not them who have received the warning. It’s their fans. They’ll most likely be trying very hard to protect them next week, leaving others vulnerable.

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