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The Amazing Race 16, Mar. 14 – Luck of the Irish

Steve and Allie jump on Phil’s mat to be named team number two, as Joe and Heidi still work on this code. Brent and Caite finish the task and get the clue to head south down the road, but miss the sign for where south is. She tells him to follow his watch, but he wonders if they mean the direction or just go that direction. What the hell does that mean?

Jet and Cord arrive to be named team number three, and Jordan is still blabbing on as Dan tells him to shut up and just stop talking. I don’t think it’s possible. They’re still pronounced team number four. As Jeff and Jordan are driving to Messiges, he says if they don’t pass somebody, they’re out of this Race. But first, they have to do their Speed Bump. They will have to reinforce a section of a trench with branches before they get on their way. He makes her stop to tie her shoe. We don’t have that time, Jeff.

Crandy is named team number five on the mat, as Jordan says her shoes are too big, and that’s why they’re not tied. Her hat’s too big too. She sits trying to put her gear on in the middle of the field, as he puts the business end of the rifle in his mouth. He wants to know seriously what is wrong with her. They get stuck fixing a trench that is holding Joe and Heidi as they figure out the code still, and that makes them happy to know there’s a chance still.

Brent and Caite arrive on Phil’s matt, assumably figuring out the south thing, and are named the sixth team to arrive. However, they did not pick up the clue after the detour, so they need to go back and pick that up before he can check them in. Without the proper south direction, they went straight to the bicycles and missed the U-Turn stop. That’s not good, as Joe/Heidi will finish soon, assumably, but his knee will probably struggle on the bike ride. Then you have Jeff and Jordan knocking on the door as well. Their smart choice is to skip morse code, as it obviously won’t be their strong suit, and they just saw that Joe and Heidi were struggling with it, knowing they were previously in third place when they left today.

Joe and Heidi are still working on the code, and Jordan and Jeff are working on fixing their section of wall. Joe and Heidi try the clue again with the clue judge, but are wrong again. Jeff and Jordan ask if their wall is good, and it is. They get the Detour clue, and he gives her the choice, while she smartly chooses not to translate and to crawl. Joe and Heidi get their code wrong again, but see Jordan getting frustrated and know the crawling will take her awhile. She’s still complaining about her hat. Jeff says if you take anyone off the street and give them a million dollars, they’ll have more hop in their step than Jordan.

Heidi says they aren’t stupid people, making it more difficult to get this clue. Jeff and Jordan get their message, as he tries to explain to her how to crawl back. He asks the guy with the homing pigeon if the war is really over or whether they’re just saying that because it took so long to get there. They let their piegon go and get the clue to go to the U-Turn. Joe and Heidi still don’t have their clue right. They hug it out while Jeff and Jordan head south. There they discover that Joe and Heidi were U-turned.

As Brent and Caite end up on the mat again, will the clue they had missed earleir, they’re still team number six. Joe and Heidi are hunkered down in their bunker, not believing that it’s morse code that takes them down, and Jeff is telling Jordan to finish strong as they bike to the pit stop. The local tells them “merci,” and Jeff says “mercy” about sums it up. They’re team number seven and still in the Race. He knows it was tough on her and that he can be overbearing. He’s willng to bend on his end and hopes she is as well. She says the race really is a test, because it’s tense, and you are going to bicker. She needs to learn it isn’t going to get her anywhere. Jeff gives her a kiss, but wants a mustache kiss, as they still have their period costumes on.

Phil goes and finds Joe and Heidi in the trench, and tells them they are eliminated, as all the teams have checked in. Ironically, the clue they were looking for was “We will prevail.” I think it would have been much easier if they hadn’t done the other one first, as that kept confusing them on what the answer should be. Joe isn’t happy the Detectives U-turned them, but says it’s part of the game. He was impressed a lot by Heidi who always helped him out along the way. She has no problems walking away eliminated, just knowing she has him in her life. I guess at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about.

It looks like Jeff and Jordan ended this one just like the last one, with a little bit of luck. Maybe they’re the ones with the luck of the Irish, and not the Detectives. They fought direction problems throughout this leg and left more than two hours after Joe and Heidi. It’s just incredibly ironic that he was battling knee problems, but what took them down was an intellectual challenge. It’s how this Race goes, though. You need every single one of your resources as you get more and more tired and confused. I was thinking it was a silly move on the Dectives’ part to U-Turn them, since they weren’t in danger of being behind, but apparently you’re always in danger. What they did clearly well was take out one of their enemies, just like on the batllefield.

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