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The Amazing Race 16, Mar. 14 – Luck of the Irish

Finally, Jeff and Jordan are leaving at 12:17 PM, nearly three quarters of an hour after Brent and Caite, and two and three quarter hours after the Detectives. He thinks everyone should still look out for them, as he believes they’re the best, and he thinks Jordan is starting to believe that as well. She doesn’t understand the streets as she’s drivng, and he wants her to go one way, but she says it’s going to take them right back to where they were. They know they’re so behind, and she thinks they’re never going to get caught up this way, as they can’t even get out of the town. He tells her to stop, but she says she can’t, because cars are coming. He says if she makes another turn, they’ll be lost again. She wants him to “hush.”

The Detectives have to fight through the exhaust of the planes flying overhead, and Michael says, “I hate the smell of sulfur in the morning.” Louie is gagging so hard it’s hard for him to keep going, but Michael thinks it’s the coolest thing. Steve/Allie and Joe/Heidi are trying to figure out which way to the battlefield. The Detectives finally make it across and get the message, then start their way back. The other two teams are just heading out, with one of the teams thinking the plane overhead is the Red Baron. Joe plays horsie at home with the kids, so to him this is completely comfortable. They all pass the Detectives on their way back.

Crandy and Dan/Jordan arrive at Messiges, and both teams decide to crawl underfire. Jet and Cord discuss if one of them knows morse code, which they don’t, so they’ll be crawling as well. Louie and Michael attach their message to the piegon and get a clue tellng them to head south down the road, and what they find is a Blind U-Turn, meaning they can force another team to go back and do the other task. Since it’s “blind,” they can remain anonymous. They wonder if they should do this to Joe or Steve, and decide Joe, but frankly, they’re right behind them, and they’ll know it wasn’t Steve and Allie, making it not so blind as they’ll realize the Detectives stuck them with this. Michael explains they heard Joe saying they had no fears of the teams here, and they think he needs to be humbled and realize it’s a competition. Their next clue tells them to march themselves into town to find the Church of Massiges.

Brent tells Caite to look and see they’re flying things, which she thinks is cool. They decide to crawl, and putting the uniform on, she thinks she’s getting ready to model out-of-style army clothes. Dan and Jordan are heading out to the battlefield, and Jordan wants them to play war and run as if the enemy is chasing them. Carol and Brandy are not enjoying their walk, and get passed up by the Cowboys. Jordan gets mad at Dan running faster than him. Brandy is made at Carol thinking she can do this physical task, but Carol notes it’s physical vs. the needle in a haystack. Dan and Jordan are very funny in their crawl, and I can’t even tell who is who, as one can’t understand why the planes are shooting at them, and the other tells him because “they’re Nazis.” They also check on a soldier playing his role on the side, saying they’re just checking on their fellow soldiers.

Jeff and Jordan finally get to the bakery and get their baguette. Jeff can’t figure out the clue is in the baguette, but starting to eat it, he finds it. Jordan talks with her mouth full as she runs, so we can’t understand a word she’s saying. Steve and Allie let their message go with the pigeon and take off down the road, as Joe admits the crawl was tough on his knee with the boots and gear, but they got there. They let their message go on the pigeon, and as Steve and Allie arrive at the U-Turn, they find Joe and Heidi have been U-turned. As Joe and Heidi arrive, he says he never would have imagined someone would U-Turn them. They obvoiusly realize it was the cops, as Heidi says she thought they had a good rapport with them. Joe can’t wait to repay them, as they head back to do the other half ot the U-Turn.

The Detectives arrive at the church and find they will “pedal themselves to victory.” Inspired by 1903’s inaugural Tour de France, they’ll don traditional riding gear and bicycles built more than 100 years ago, and ride all the way to the pit stop. Louie and Michael humorously help each other change out of their fatigues and into this riding gear, and take off on their bikes, still talking about getting rid of Joe.

Joe and Jeidi work on trascribing the morse code, as the Cowboys get their message before crawling back. Joe figures it’s the same exact message and tries to hand that off, but is told no. He’ll have to do the work on this one. Sorry, Joe. Jeff and Jordan stop to ask where they are, wisely, and she thinks they were just there. He tells her to relax, as he still thinks they’re going to catch up, but not with this attitude.

Dan/Jordan and Jet/Cord say a plane flew dangerously close to them, and it’s pretty real for a Detour. Brandy never wanted to roll around in the dirt and play guns and army and never wanted to be a boy. She doesn’t feel she needs to prove herself physically, nor does she want to. She tells Carol that smart people do morse code, and dumb people do this. They, along with Brent and Caite, come through the field. Caite says she dislikes Crandy, as all they do is talk crap about her and Brent. She refers to them as the “mean lesbians.” Joe and Heidi struggle with the morse code, as it goes so fast, and they know the other teams behind them are finishing, giving them a drive to keep going.

Steve and Allie take off on their bike race to the pit stop, as the Detectives are arriving, while a band plays at the pit stop. Michael says he hears music, as “they’re singing for us.” They cross the finish line, and Phil is hamming it up with the local representing France. He welcomes them, and Phil tells them once again they are team number one. The good news is as winners of this leg, they have each won a 55″ HDTV. They are now the team to beat with two first place finishes in a row. MIchael says they have a chance of representing law enforcement all across the world. Phil brings up the U-Turn, and Michael brings up the sheep and wolf comparison again, saying they’re the wolves.

Joe and Heidi are still working on the morse code, complaining about how fast it goes. Brother Jordan complains the whole way out, saying it’s not his cup of tea, as he likes swords, not guns, and his right foot is killing him. Jet and Cord run past them instead of walking, and head in to don their bikeriding gear. Dan and Jordan arrive shortly after and take off. The Cowboys say this is why they like horses better than bikes, as you don’t have to pedal horses. After the other brothers arrive, Jordan wants it confirmed he looks like Lance Armstorng. Crandy have made it this far, and continue to argue, even though they said they wouldn’t.


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