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The Amazing Race 16, Mar. 14 – Luck of the Irish

Big Brother team Jeff and Jordan really got lucky with a non-elimination last week, but since they’ve essentially done really well so far in the Race, other than last week, I don’t think they’ll they have too much of a hard time with the Speed Bump, since lately they all seem to be pretty easy and don’t take the contestants too much out of their way.

Instead of having a standard departure from a bus stop, once all the teams arrived, they boarded a bus together and traveled to an unknown destination. Jeff talks about him and Jordan being in last and having to do the Speed Bump, but says he can almost guarantee they won’t be coming in last on this leg. That doesn’t bode well, that type of promise. Joe talks about his nagging knee injury, but asks if it can be imagined how great they’ll run when he has two healthy legs. Michael says Joe sees himself as bigger than he is and is confident, but he wants the confident guys to go. Heidi says they’ve been in the top three every time even with Joe’s injury.

Louie and MIchael will now be the first team, at 9:35 AM, leaving from wherever they were dropped off. They believe they are in France, as they know they are south or southwest from Germany. Their clue tells them to drive themselves to Ste. Menehould and find Boulangerie Defontaine where they will have to buy a baguette to get their next clue. The detectives say their schedules are so in synch with this lifestyle, getitng to wash their clothes or not, and maybe getting a shower, as they have to live that lifestyle in their daily life. A postal worker gives them directions, making them think they have the luck of the Irish with them … in France.

Steve and Allie are the next to depart at 9:55 AM, and he says at 57, he’s the oldest left in the Race, and until he looks in the mirror, he feels like he’s 25 years old. His daughter thinks he’s rocking it so far in the Race. He asks her what a baguette is and she says a loaf of bread, accusing him of not knowing. He said he did know, but was just checking to see if she knew. Right.

Joe and Heidi leave at 10:11 AM, and she says they have a history that other teammates might not have, with their unconditional love and patience for each other. Beacause, you know, obviously the brothers and parent/child teams wouldn’t have that. She’s excited about getting a chance to see the French countryside. I’m beginnign to agree with the Detectives, that they need to be taken down a notch. Jet and Cord leave at 10:35 AM and Jet mentions they drove “from Hamburg to here, wherever here is.” That doesn’t sound like this will be a good leg for them if they don’t even know where they are yet. Theyir next discussion is what a baguette is, and Jet says he thinks it’s like a pastry. Close. Kind of.

Carol and Brandy leave at 10:44 M, and have decided it’s “us against them,” and they will not be at war with each other anymore. Brandy’s high school French is coming back to her, but it’s getting rumbled in her head with Spanish, making it Franklish. Dan and Jordan leave at 10:57 AM and are ecstatic to find an automatic transmission car waiting fo them. Jordan says they continuye to do a hard game, and it’s what they’ve always done, as it’s about not being eliminated. Dan says it’s a marathon and not a sprint. Jordan figures the baguettes won’t be very expensive since they were only given $20 for this leg of the Race.

Louie and Michael find the bakery and a baker with the name “Defontaine” on his jacket. They ask for the baguette, and he gives them one. They ask for a clue, and he tells them good luck. Opening the bread, they find the clue that tells them to drive themselves to La Main de Massiges to receive their next clue. Walking away, they decide it’s the freshest bread they’ve ever had. Louie also wonders if they’re headed to a massage place, but Michael doesn’t think it would be that easy.

Steve and Allie arrive in town and start looking for the bakery, along with Joe and Heidi. They both get their baguettes and someone adds a “merci.” Brent and Caite leave at 11:35 AM and are again stopping for directions. They thought they were down and out towards the end of the last leg, but are still around. With a little luck and concentrating on their details, they’ll be okay. She notes they’re doing everythng great, but think they know where they’re going, but don’t. They need to be less hard-headed. She says when she gets handed the baguette, she’s ging to “eat the crap out it.” Well, that definitely doesn’t sound appealing.

Louie and Michael arrive at Massiges and find a war reenactment, a Detour – In the Trenches or Underfire. This is a strategic hill that was the sight of intense fighting in WWI, and teams will dress as American soldiers and join their French comrades on the front line. In the Trenches, teams will get down in a trench and choose a communication area. With the batlle raging around them and an old manual for reference, will translate a message in morse code. In Underfire, teams will get on their bellies in a muddy field booby trapped with barbed wire and crawl 100 yards while the battle rages and they receive a message from a French soldier, before crawling back to safety. In both tasks their message will be attached to a homing pigeon who will deliver the message that the war is over. Michael says he’s not good with morse code, so they’ll do Underfire. The uniforms are tight, making Louie feel like he’s the Hulk.

Carol and Brandy catch up to the Cowboys a tthe bakery, and Dan and Jordan arrive at the same time as well. All three head to Massiges, as Jet calls the bread a “good baguette.” Still driving to the bakery, Caite wonders if the person they get the baguette from is a “Boulangerie.” They find the bakery, and Caite is excited to get food. She says it’s so fricking good, and she is really happy to not have any “crazy crap” in it. Let’s review. She was going to “eat the crap out of it,” but is happy it doesn’t have any “crazy crap” in it.

Steve and Allie arrive at the Detour and decide to crawl, as do Joe and Jeidi, despite his knee problems. Louie and Michael call it crazy running out there to get ready to crawl under fire. I’d think they’d be used to things exploding around them, and Louie confirms that, saying it’s a lot like what they do. Maybe they just need to imagine it’s a crack house.


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