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Project Runway 7, Mar. 11 – Elemental Designs

Ben tells Tim about his great white shark theme, and Tim worries that the judges aren’t picking up on Ben’s nuances. Tim is impressed by Mila’s choices in textiles, and she explains she’s doing a mineral-themed outfit. She is making a “sleeveless jacket” or long vest and fuller pants. Tim likes the idea of the pants and advises Mila to make sure the whole look is harmonious. Maya tells Tim about making an outfit reminiscent of a siren coming out of the water, and he assures her that he has confidence in her.

The models come in for their fittings. Jonathan worries the judges will think his design is too literal, even though his inspiration is laughter, rather than plain old air. Ben admits that he’s never made pants before, which tells me he’s in trouble and that he’s a moron. Wanting to show the judges something new is generally a good idea, but it ought to be something that you actually know how to make. A contest with a short deadline isn’t the best time to experiment with brand new techniques.

Anthony has worked with darker colors before, and comments that not only is black beautiful, it is also now presidential. Heh. Mila admires Anthony’s color blocking. Jonathan believes everybody is being “ambitious” and taking a lot of creative liberties, many of which involve dark colors and opaque designs.

Two hours before midnight, the designers scramble to finish as much as possible. Maya has a lot of sewing left to do– but so does everybody else. Ben fears he was too ambitious, but realizes he can’t start over. At the end of the day, he calls his husband, Bobby. They have never been apart for more than three days before, and Ben misses Bobby’s laugh.

The next morning, Emilio tells us he feels more tired than ever. Amy worries about her garment keeping its structure, but says she doesn’t regret taking such a risk. At the workshop, Seth Aaron tells us he doesn’t like making pants in only two hours. Ben is frantically working on his suit’s sleeves. Jay, who has already finished his own look, decides to help him. Again, we’re told the two guys are roommates and Jay wants his roomie sticking around a bit longer. I don’t think Jay is likely to get his wish, as it’s becoming obvious that Ben is almost certainly toast. Ben, of course, is extremely grateful for his friend’s help.

Tim sends in the models. While Mia ususally has only a few loose ends to tie up by this point, today she still has to finish her pants. She doesn’t like feeling nervous. Anthony, our self-appointed fashion critic, doesn’t see women wanting to wear Seth Aaron’s get-up, as it looks too intimidating. Jonathan worries that his friend Amy may not have had time to fully complete her vision.

It seems he’s right to worry, as Amy can’t get her design to stand the way it’s supposed to. Anthony laughs at the fake hair Amy is putting on her model. Mila is still nervous, but finds it reassuring that other people are behind on their work, too. Ben thinks everybody, including himself, got too ambitious.

On the runway, the designers meet this week’s guest judge, Roland Mouret, a French fashion designer.

Maya is up first. She made a gray minidress with long sleeves. There are wavy ruffles down the sleeves and the sides of the skirt. Her model’s hair is pulled back on the right side, but is a long, cascading wave on the left side. Jay’s model is wearing a striped black and tan bodice, a gauzy, flowy, black and tan skirt, and striped leggings. She is also wearing a tall headdress with swirling black and light tan stripes.

Ben made a white suit with a tan shirt. To hammer home his shark theme, he decorated the sleeves with shark’s teeth. His pants are a disaster, as he’s stitched them in such a way to make it look like the model’s wearing a jock strap or very tight underwear over them. Anthony made a black and gray dress.

Mila made a beige turtleneck and dark pants. She plainly spent most of her time on the “sleeveless jacket,” a long vest made of gray tweed and dark leather. Jonathan made a sleeveless white minidress with a shoulder piece on the right that curves around behind the model’s head. The dress is decorated with a light gold pattern or embroidered embellishments.