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American Idol 9 Results, Mar. 11 – Early Favorite Misses Out On Top 12

We’ve had a chance to hear our semi-finalists three times now, and we have some mixed results and reviews. Some have been strong throughout, some have been been getting stronger, and some are just still searching for a way to go. It’s right in front of them, as they just need to be themselves and do what got them to the dance, but for some reason they start trying to please people instead. So tonight’s vote for final 12 will be quite interesting. There are a handful that we know will be here next week, regardless. But among the rest, it’ll be interesting to see what determines who will go, whether it’s singers who fell and couldn’t find their way back or ones that could just never get it going to begin with.

Ryan Seacrest starts out telling Simon Cowell that he was really great last night, and not surprisingly, Simon thinks the same thing. He tells Simon he was really on his game, telling Alex Lambert to envision Randy Jackson in a bikini, then splashes on the screen a picture of someone auditioning in a bikini with Randy’s head superimposed. It’s drowned out, but you can can hear Simon asking Ryan if that’s from his personal collection.

The final 16 take on a group song singing Michael Buble’s Haven’t I Met You Yet. The hard thing at this point is that some voices just don’t blend well together at all, such as Casey James and Alex Lambert. And stll, Big Mike is the ham of everyone, totally enjoing every dance move and just hamming for the camera by himself and with the others. You can’t ignore his personality. And paired with Crystal Bowersox, they’re both really cute together. You wouldn’t think this would be her thing, but she’s digging it, or at least seems to.

Ryan tells us that the first theme next week will be the music of the Rolling Stones. Something new they’re doing this year is collecting the music that the Idols have to choose from on Idols and putting it out there as special downloads on iTunes. As usual, the audio and videos of the Idols’ performances will be available for download, but if you haven’t checked, the audio has been available throughout these live performances.

It’s time to fill the twelve empty stools across the stage, and Ryan starts with the girls. Didi Benami is called on first. She admits to struggling in the beginning and says it’s nerve-racking here. Randy says consistency is everything for these people, and you have to be hot and dope every night. Didi makes it in and is the first of our top 12. Siobhan Magnus is next. Ellen says if Siobhan makes it, she wants to see exactly what she has been doing in the finals, as we can see that she’s having fun. She’ll get that chance, as she’s our next to make it through.

Someone’s about to leave as Paige Miles and Katelyn Epperly come downstage. One’s in; one’s out. Simon says if he’d been asked a few weeks ago who had more potential, it would have been 100% Paige, but since the live shows started, she hasn’t gotten it together. Katelyn has had one good week, and this week was a very bad choice of song, so the person he’d choose with more potential would be Paige. Sure enough, she’s going on, as Katelyn is going home. She sings one last time for us, singing I Feel the Earth Move.

It’s time for some results from the guys. Tim Urban, Todrick Hall, Lee Dewyze, and Casey James are all asked to join Ryan onstage in a line. Tim is told told to hang tight. Todrick, Lee, and Casey are reminded of their time here so far on the show. Casey is the first one to be safe. Lee is stiff as a board, and Tim, the last minute replacement for Chris Golightly, is told he’s in.

Between Todrick and Lee, Randy thinks they both deserve a chance in the top 12 and says Lee deserves it more because he’s been more consistent, although Todrick came back last night. The guy moving into the top 12 is Lee, meaning Todrick is going home. Crystal looks very sad … or mad. Todrick feels he proved he could sing as well as dance, and sings us out with Somebody to Love. Katie Stevens is up watching, looking like she is about to puke while she awaits the results, assumably reading the writing on the wall for her. Crystal wipes away tears at the end, as Big Mike picks him up a few feet off the floor in a giant bear hug.

Our special guests tonight are Scott McIntyre and Matt Giraud singing and playing the piano on Tell Her About It in a special duet. I so wish we would have gotten more of a chance to see these guys in a duet more last year. I hope this will be available on iTunes later. Matt looks like he’s put a little weight on from looking at his face, but not necessariy in a bad way. It’s just hard not to smile watching these two together. Would love to see them at Howl at the Moon some night. Scott talks after about his new album out, Heartstrings. Matt is congratulated on his number one single and says he’s working on recording for his EP.

Crystal stands up and is still really somber. She makes it and walks slowly to the other side. Big Mike is up and he’s hamming it still. Kara is asked why she was so emotional last night when he sang, and she says when someone sings something emotional about what they went through, you feel that, and it was what he was going through, so it really touched her. Ryan asks him if he can fit on one stool, and he says yeah and gets a chance to check it out.

Lacey Brown stands up and Ryan wants to know if she knows who she is supposed to be as an artist, and she says she’s just herself and likes to sing songs that evoke emotion and sing the softer side of things. She doesn’t think there is one specific thing she’s good at. She joins him onstage, and he talks to her, then works in that she made it to the top 12. Aaron Kelly stands up and seems like he’s crying already. He talks about his confidence and says he grew up watching the show and being with the judges makes him a little intimidated. He gets a chance to know them more, as he made it into the top 12.

Alex and Andrew come to the bottom of the stage. Oen of them stays, one of them goes. Simon is asked if Andrew peaked too soon, and says arguably yes,. Talent is talent, but it’s a matter of finding the right material, yet he’s still a very talented singer. The last spot for the guys goes to him, and Alex is out. I’m not totally shocked by this one, but I know several people that will be. Alex wishes he wouldn’t have been so nervous onstage and says there were a lot of things the judges and America didn’t get to see yet. As Siobhan cries, Ellen tells him he is so good, but just needs to believe in himself, and that will come with time. He looks so upset, yet somehow has to sing Trouble through it. He totally doesn’t have it in him to sing right now.

Katie Stevens and Lilly Scott are now up for the last spot in the top 12. Kara is asked for her reaction in seeing these two here, as she championed both. She feels Lilly knows herself very well, and Katie is struggling with it, yet has a very contemporary sound. It’s funny for her to see them together. The last spot in the final 12 goes to Katie, as Lilly Scott goes home. If you could see me right now, you’d see my jaw on the floor. She says she gave it her all every time, and it’s surprising that a lot of incredible talent is going home tonight. She sings I Fall to Pieces one last time for us and sings through her emotions pretty well. As if Crytal wasn’t upset enough, she looks like she just lost her best friend right now.

There were definitely some surprises here tonight. In answer to my question that started the night on how people would vote, I can’t even find any rhyme or reason. America knows what they like, though. I suspect with Lilly that it was just too much of a split in the unique factor. Crystal, Siobhan, and Lilly were all so unique, and I think they split that vote, and Lilly was on the losing end as the less commercial of the three. Katelyn picked the wrong week to have a bad song choice. But for me it doesn’t answer why singers like Katie and Paige who never got it going are still there. For the guys, it’s kind of the same thing. I think Alex and Tim share viewers, and with a good night last night, Tim took the lion’s share of votes. As for Todrick, it was a little too late.

Moving on, we have Rolling Stones music to look forward to next week, and it certainly suits some performers more than others. Crystal and Lee should both have really good weeks, meaning if they are anythng less than spectacular, the lynch mob, and not the Lynche mob, will be out, as they’re supposed to be good next week. Some advice for Andrew? Forget trying to repeat your Paula Abdul success and just make a good pick and sing it well.

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