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Amazing Race 16 – Ep. 4 Commentary – Big Brother Reprieve

• At least that was the end of the gassy-segment of the show. Oh, wait – drink a gigantic boot of beer! Excellent. Let the burping continue! Seriously, have you ever seen more burping on a reality show? Louie and Michael find a way to share the load well – one eats the kraut, the other chugs the beer. They complete each other.

• Steve continues to kick serious ass on the show without ever getting to say anything. It was kind of fun to see him get all Gus on us and embrace the beers.

• Was there an ad for Magnum on the soccer field? Is there more than one product with that name?

• Great drunk Louie moment at the mat – ”I’m no longer a sheep, brother! I’m a wolf! AROOO!” And a $5000 Discover gift card for winning? Nice gift. It ain’t a lifetime supply of gasoline (coolest part of the Family Edition), but it sure is nice.

• Caite is the latest Amazing Race contestant to use “baby” as a way to mask out and out aggression at her partner, “Baby, baby, baby, I am SICK of getting lost. Ask now!”

• Jeff to cabbie – “Is this a hamburger place?” Cabbie – “This is Hamburg.” Uh oh!

• Did Allie call her dad “Steve”? My dad would have throttled me like Homer on Bart for doing that.

• Cowboys have never been in a soccer stadium. I have a feeling that will be happening a lot this season. Never drank a beer either. Nice air “Check” though. These guys have such a great dry humor, I really like them.

• Caite goes down with an injury, and my wife makes the great observation – these racers should stretch whenever they can. In airports, bus stations, etc. It makes sense, you could be sitting on a plane for 8 hours and then have to run at a sprint. No wonder she got hurt. Although that is no excuse for her hating beer.

• Jet, upon seeing loads of German strip clubs and brothels – “Cord, we are no longer in the Bible Belt.” Dan and Boy Jordan got into it as well – ”Are we in the red light district?” ‘Hell yeah we are! And I’m drunk!”

• Cord, as the beer boot started to drain – ”You’re down to a tennis shoe,”

• I love sauerkraut and beer. I would have ROCKED this episode!

• So, BB team is last. The cab driver didn’t help, but they were going slowly the whole episode. Even if Jeff downed that beer like a pro – shocking. Girl Jordan had a fun line about going back to the bar if they get eliminated. And then she had rapid fire stupidity – “Let’s ask older people.” Because you know, only older people can help you find a Beatles cover band. And “Is it going to be a word in German?” No, it’s going to be in Klingon.

• Lastly, no big deal about the Non-Elim. They have done it at the 8th place mark before; even though I am sure the conspiracy theorists out there will be thinking that it is a plot to keep the stunt casting in the Race. If the Race did that, I am sure the first non-elim in All-Stars would have saved Rob/Amber from that early exit. So I chalk it up to luck for BB team. For now, at least.

Intersection – Bungee Jumping – Jet/Michael, Dan/Brandy, Joe/Allie, Caite/Girl Jordan

Detour – Kraut – Cops, Crandy, Dan/Boy Jordan, Joe/Heidi (After switching)

Soccer – Cowboys, Steve/Allie, Brent/Caite, Team BB (after switching)

Order of Finish – 1) Cops, 2) Steve/Allie, 3) Joe/Heidi, 4) Cowboys, 5) Crandy, 6) Dan/Boy Jordan, 7) Brent/Caite, 8) Team BB – NON-ELIMINATED

Next week – Johnny Get Your Gun, it’s WWI action!

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