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Amazing Race 16 – Ep. 4 Commentary – Big Brother Reprieve

First of all, I am sorry for the long delay. It is actually a shame because I enjoyed this episode; life has simply gotten in the way of my reality show viewing. Thankfully, this was the first non-elimination leg of the season – which I had called because I saw no way CBS wanted a team eliminated on a night when most TV viewers were watching James Cameron taken down by his ex-wife. So without further ado, I will make this one quick and just go through the moments of this episode as they happened, according to my notes.

• Was it weird for anyone else to see the Cowboys using a laptop? And it sure seemed as if there was another long pit stop as they did not get the “Jet and Cord arrived at 10:57 am and will depart at 10:57 pm” line – we just got a departure time. Not for nothing, I’m just saying.

• Crandy sure looked tired at the airport – I wonder if they are a prime Killer Fatigue victim waiting to happen. And why did they suggest running down the moving sidewalk in the airport? How does that make things go quicker? Wouldn’t running on any surface in the airport essentially equal running?

• The Cowboys are afraid of the subway? Wasn’t there a Woody Harrelson movie about that? I did like how the Cops were able to help them because “metro” means “city” to these cowboys, not subway.

• Intersection – I am still not in love with this feature. Very little drama to be had – the most interesting strategic decision with an intersection was Eric going slowly so that they would eliminate the Guidos in All-Stars. Here, again, not much Race drama, but some nice moments nonetheless.

• The Cops and Cowboys bungee jump together and amazingly Jet’s hat does not fly off. He’s not just a cowboy; he’s a 1940s movie cowboy!

• Crandy and Dan/Boy Jordan combine for the ultra-gay team, and the “lesbian aunts we never had.” Brandy over does it with the panic on the bungee jump, leaving Dan to repeatedly reassure her. Meh, both of these teams are bugging me.

• Caite and Girl Jordan navigating the German subways together. Man, talk about the blind leading the blind. I love how Caite blamed the subway system for getting lost, when we all know how the German people are known for their sloppiness and inefficiency.

• Allie gets a very cute moment as she prepares to bungee with Joe and we see her take a series of deep breaths before plunging. I must admit, bungee jumping would scare the heck out of me, but nighttime bungee jumping may have produced some vomit.

• Find Kaiser Wilhelm! Something about that struck me as funny. Incorporating a cause for the Great War as part of a televised game show.

• Detour – Kick a soccer ball through several targets (and have to chase after your misses!) or eat a plate of sauerkraut. To me, this was a no-brainer. Next to the AR6 deep dish pizza challenge, it may have been the lamest eating challenge ever. Everyone other than Big Brother had an easy time eating, albeit a gassy time. Chowing down a huge plate of cabbage will do that. Michael hysterically comments that “I eat things as big as Jet and Cord.” I actually think we watched Michael eat that kraut in real time. And Heidi was taking gigantic bites – how impressive was that? Less impressive? Girl Jordan plugging her ears as she ate. Not good.