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American Idol 9, Mar. 10 – It's a Good Night to Be a Guy

Todrick Hall is taking on Queen. How will he reorganize this one? Or will he finally just sing a damn song? He sings Somebody to Love, and he takes it to a gospel feel and back to its roots. He might finally get it. However, doing so has exposed him, as the song is definitely too big for him. When he really hits it with the song is when he moves around and puts that performance value into it which we know is his strong suit. He has some great hidden moments in this song, though, to build on if he survives this week.

Randy says Todrick is back. What he did just there is prove he can really sing and that’s why he’s there. All the stuff about him being a dancer, this was one of the best vocals he’s heard by a man the past few weeks. Ellen tells Todrick he’s a brave young man. It it almost sounded like a gospel song, and she wishes he would have been more committed to that part of it.

Kara notes you can’t listen to that and say it wasn’t good singing, as it was. Yet at times, she wasn’t sure whether to laugh at it or or love it. It was so dramatic and a little like Godspell. She doesn’t know whether that’s bad or good, but the singing was good. Simon says it was good in parts, and what he’s done tonight is tell him who he is. He’s a Broadway singer. He sees him more as that than a recording artist. And we’re seen so many performances of guys sitting playing a guitar, but this was something different and may have saved him.

Michael “Big Mike” Lynche is styling tonight in a Ryan Seacrest suit, but it’s on a much bigger scale. He’s singing This Woman’s Work and starts off in a falsetto, then returns to a normal register, and it’s such a slow song, but is so captivating. That’s what this guy has going for him, that magnetic personality that draws you in, and when he pairs it with a good vocal and hits it in his stride, it’s impossible not to fall into it. This, to me, is the vocal of the night, and where you have to recognize Todrick’s, sure, but this so much blows it away vocally.

Randy asks, “Really?” He has to give it to Big Mike again, though, as it was crazy. For everybody that doesn’t know it was dope and unbelievable. He wants to call Maxwell and tell him Big Mike is knocking on the door. That last note, he was like, “What?” Ellen says this is one of her favorite songs, and it was so beautiful, it feels like the show just began. He is the one to beat now.

Kara wipes away tears and says she has never cried after hearing something like that. It’s amazing; he was amazing. It’s so relevant to him and she can feel it. It’s his life right now and his respect for his wife and what they’ve gone through. As a woman who doesn’t have a child, she can relate to it so much. Simon gives her a hug, and doesn’t let go. He says it was so needed tonight because when you think back to the beginning, it was more boring, but he comes out with an incredible difficult song to sing, but 100% nailed it. It wasn’t just the best performance tonight, but the best they’ve had on all these live shows so far.

Here’s the thing. The guys get what so many of the girls are failing to see at this point, who they are and what they should sing. They know who they are as performers. It goes past voice here and goes to being honest about who you are and pulling that out of your performance, telling us who you are with it, not just who you want to be as an artist, but who you are. Andrew is still overthinking it whether he admits it or not, but he’s closer than he was last week. If he makes it to next week, which I’m sure he will, once he hits genres, I think it will be easier for him to find songs to change up like that.

I have to go back and honor a few guys here. For Lee, it’s just the type of performer and music I listen to, so he’s always going to be among my favorites and the ones that I download. Casey finally impressed me tonight as he’s getting honest about who he is instead of being that faux rocker. And Big Mike? Wow. Kara hit on it. That guy is going through so much in his life this past year, but he’s finding a way to tell us about it in his performances, and that’s what a great artist does.

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