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American Idol 9, Mar. 10 – It's a Good Night to Be a Guy

Last night with the top 8 girls, that gap seemed to be widening between them with the ones that get it and the ones that don’t. Tonight with the top 8 guys, I’m expecting more of the same. It’s not the time to sing your favorite song from the radio or to take something and totally annihilate it. It’s time to sing something that shows us who you are as an artist. Let’s see which guys have that figured out, although I’m pretty sure we can figure that out before we even watch tonight’s show.

Ryan Seacrest addresses the rumors of why Kara DioGuardi and Simon Cowell keep sitting so close to each other at the table. Kara states that Simon is leaning on her, and she figures it’s because of separation anxiety because he’s not with his fiance. Simon says there’s no way he’s leaning into her, and when Ryan suggests she’s his binky, Simon wants a clarification on what binky means.

Lee Dewyze is up first tonight with Fireflies. This is a different sound for Lee, not quite as brooding. And while I wasn’t sure about it at the beginning, I really like it by the chorus. However, I’m not sure it will gain him as many fans as his last two performances. To me, though, this is the type of song and voice I will listen to on the radio.

Randy tells Lee that for him it was a strange song choice, but what he loves about what Lee did, was that despite the few pitch problems, he really kind of made it his own. To him, it’s a cool song, but softer for such a big voice, but Lee worked it out. Ellen liked that he made it a little more rock. She agrees about the pitch problems, but she doesn’t think it matters right now, as she knows a lot of people like him. She knows a lot of people have admitted to having crushed on him.

Kara thinks Lee looks confident tonight, and that’s what they’ve been waiting for, for him to step up, as there’s a star bubbling there. She thinks he made the song a better song with his interpretation. I have to agree with her on that one. I like it better this way, although the original is a favorite of my daughter’s. Production value is what made the song really big, and to strip it away and just use the guitar, she thought was a solid job. It wasn’t his best moment, but a solid job.

Simon says there’s nothing to rave about, and he doesn’t think Lee had a moment, but he’s seen the progress he’s made over three weeks. He’s glad he’s there and thinks he has a good chance of making final 12, but he thinks he’s better than the version of the song he just did. Lee says he’s gotten good and bad comments and he’s trying to just focus on the bad so that he can improve. He picked that song instead of a rock song, because he wanted to pick something a little different and put his own spin on it.

Alex Lambert takes on Trouble, and he’s playing along on the guitar. His fans are increasing it seems weekly, and this isn’t going to do anything to change that. People that like him are going to do so even more, and I certainly don’t think it’ll turn many fans off. He seems to be a frontrunner at this point. For myself, though, I need a lot of soul with this song and just didn’t find it.

Randy thinks it was a good song choice for Alex, the whole Ray LaMontagne thing. He wasn’t sure if Alex wowed him with it. He wanted it perhaps more slower, as it felt a too fast. Ellen continues her banana theme and says this week he’s becoming a mushy banana. He’s ripening so fast. Some people are good, then not the next week, but he’s consistent, getting better and better and better. She loves his innocence, that we can see how sweet and vulnerable and real and honest he is, and she doesn’t want him to lose that. She warns him not to get cocky and become a cocky banana, as no one likes that.

Kara tells Alex the only thing standing in the way of him winning is him right now. He has so much, and when she closes her eyes, she knows exactly who’s singing when she hears him. He’s still so stiff and not letting go. She wants acoustic guitar and him just singing in the moment. That’s what they need, some vulnerability. Simon thinks he has to mentally get himself somewhere else, as he’s still trying so hard. They never see him relaxed and having a good time, and he thinks he needs to imagine Randy in a bikini or something. He needs to stop staring down the lens of the camera and just let himself go. He has a really good distinct voice and people like him in a person. He’s going to get Randy in a bikini for him net week if he’s till here. Kara says Randy will wear a bikini and Simon a binky. Simon still wants to know what that is.

Tim Urban sings Hallelujah, and he’s going to have to do really good to beat Jason Castro’s version of this, or at least our memory of Jason on this. Tim sounds good on this, surprisingly, but he’s missing the soul that he needs in this. You can’t just stand up there and sound good. You have to feel it, and the contestants have been told this all season.


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