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The Amazing Race 16, Mar. 7 – We are No Longer In the Bible Belt

Dan was hoping there would be a soccer challenge, and here he is with Jordan. Brandy literally licks the sauerkraut plate clean, literally, as they say, “Thank God for sauerkraut.” Let’s see if they’re still saying that when everyone that ate that is enjoying time in their hotel later. Can you imagine a whole wing of a hotel filled with sauerkraut eaters? Dan and Jordan finish their Soccer as well.

Joe and Heidi’s taxi driver passes up the Cowboys as they head inside the bear. No one can find the cluebox at first, and Jet and Cord are the first to find the note on the wall stating the challenge. Cord makes Jet take this one on, as Joe starts downing it. Steve and Allie wind up on the mat at Indra and are pronounced team number two. Jet is having a hard time with the beer, saying it’s nasty, as Joe and Heidi make easy work of it. Maybe they just tacked this onto their whole tailgating experience.

Jeff and Jordan finally end up at the restaurant, and Jeff instructs the band to play as slow as they can so that they can finish their plate of sauerkraut. Jordan tells him to shove it down as she holds her nose and chokes. She also holds her fingers in her ears, apparently not liking the Saukerkraut Polka. Brent and Caite arrive at Soccer, and she’s excited, as she’s bene playing since she was five and she’s really good at it. Jeff and Jordan can’t handle the sauerkraut by the time the song is finished and head to the Soccer stadium. She calls it the nastiest stuff ever, and is upset that he acted confident that he could eat it. He’s hoping someone fell off a bridge with cement shoes, as it’s their best hope. Kind of early in the season for that kind of talk.

Caite slips in the grass and hurts her upper leg. She calls it quick pain going up through the thighs, saying now she can’t even kick an easy one, and it really pisses her off, since this is something she’s good at and has been doing since she was five. He asks if she wants to switch, but she refuses. He warns her to not hurt herself.

Carol and Brandy reach the bar knowing the Cowboys can probably drink a ton of beer. Little do they know Jet and Cord are inside nurisng their boot. The girls think they can do this. Joe and Heidi reach Indra and are pronounced team number three, as Jet finally drinks the beer and gets the clue. He says he never wants another beer in his life. Carol and Brandy finish just after aand both teams are headed to Indra. Carol lets out a huge burp in the cab.

Brent and Caite work on Soccer still, and she finally hits the last target for them to get the next clue. He’s so proud of her for staying strong. She shot three of the targets, and he hit two. Dan and Jordan hit the bar, as Jordan says it’s so much beer, they’re “going to be _____-faced.” Fill in the blank on that one. Going through the red light district, Jet says they are no longer in the Bible Belt. They reach Indra and are named team number four.

Jeff and Jordan reach the Soccer field and struggle to hit the targets. Dan and Jordan kill their beer and head to Indra. Carol and Brandy reach Indra and are named team number five. Brent and Caite arrive at the bar, and he’s upset to have to drink all that beer. She hates beer and doesn’t enjoy it. She doesn’t even like to kiss him after he drinks it. Dan and Jordan reach Indra to be pronounced team number six as Phil seems to be jamming along to the music. Jordan and Jeff hit their targets and take off for the bar.

Brent says he’s going to throw up as he’s drinking the beer, and she tells him to go outside and throw up. He does. There’s literally a few swallows left, and if she could just drink it down, they’d make it to the pit stop easily before Jeff and Jordan. Jeff is saying on the way to the bar that they should have just done soccer to begin with, and if they get another chance, they’ll be taking the easy routes. He admits this was his fault. Brent makes his way back into the bar and tells Caite she needs to chug it. She refuses. He does it and they get the next clue. Jeff and Jordan’s best hope is going to be a non-elimination or for Brent and Caite to get lost yet again,

Jeff and Jordan arrive at the bar and he’s excited to have to drink a beer. She knew this would be good for Jeff, and he admits to being a champion of this one. He finishes it quickly enough, and they get their clue. Sure enough, Brent and Caite are asking for directions again. She’s also telling him she can’t walk fast. Jordan is already making plans for elimination, saying if that happens to them here, she’s going back to that bar. They’re wandering around looking for Indra just as Brent and Caite are. Jordan thinks she finds it, but Jeff tells her it’s a strip joint. Brent and Caite reach Indra first and are expecting bad news, so are thrilled to find out they’re team number seven. She starts to cry and says she’s speechless.

Jeff and Jordan step on the mat and are welcomed to Hamburg by the local, as Jeff says, “Thank, you. It’s beautiful … pleasant here. I like it.” He must be looking forward to going back to the bar as well. Phil tells them they are the last to arrive and starts talking to them about it not being easy. Jeff says he knew they could have been better and that he’s sick, which could be the sauerkraut, but could also be because they’re last. Luckily for them, it’s a non-elimiantion leg, and they will be enduring a speed bump next time. He knows they’re the underdogs, but he’s happy to be there fighting a other day. He thinks this is when their true personality comes out and thinks it will make them a stronger team.

So here we moved away from the cowboy ways, but Jet and Cord still succeeded. Interestingly, nothing was really in the Detectives’ wheelhouse, yet they still managed a great come-from-behind leg. We had soccer which is Caite’s specialty, and she ends up injuring herself, and a beer challenge which apparently is right up Steve’s alley. They also had bungee jumping which didn’t seem to be anyone’s forte, but they all took it on willingly. It sure didn’t seem this time that having previous experience helped anyone through the Race. Somehow, it all seems to even out in the end.

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