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The Amazing Race 16, Mar. 7 – We are No Longer In the Bible Belt

The Cowobys and Detectives get reuinted and open their next clue, telling them to make their way to the statue of Germany’s first emporor, Kaiser WIlhelm. They take off in taxis, Mercedes taxis yet. Dan and Brandy make their leap, and the look on her face is of absolute terror, as Dan tells her it’s okay, as he’s got her. She says he couldn’t have been more supportive and is so chivalrous and such a sweet guy. They take off to reunite with their teammates.

The Detectives are the first to arrive at the statue and find a Detour – Soccer or Sauerkraut. In Soccer, teams will travel to a stadium and play the most peopular sport in Germany, needing to hit five targets suspended in the goal. In Sauerkraut, teams will travel to a restaurant, and as a band plays the Sauerkraut Polka, teams willl dig into the plate of sauerkraut and finish it before the song ends. If they don’t finish, they have to start over with a new plate. They detectives decide on Sauerkraut. Jet and Cord are still traveling there, decing they took the long way.

Joe/Heidi and Steve/Allie reunite and take off to find the statue. Caite and Jordan take their bungee jump and neither seems that frightened by it. They take off to find their men. The Detectives find the restuarant, and they’re surprised the plate of sauerkraut is so small. Michael says he’s eaten things as big as Jet and Cord, so they can definitely handle this. After just two of Michael’s bites, they’re halfway done. Louie is proud of Michael for takng on the challenge, as Michael says he just imagined it was pasta. Their clue sends them to the Haifisch Bar where they have to polish off a boot glass filled with beer to get the next clue.

Carol/Brandy and Dan/Jordan reunite and take off for the statue. Jet and Cord finally arrive at the same time as Steve/Allie and Joe/Heidi. All three teams decide on Soccer. Brent/Caite and Jeff/Jordan reunite and take off for the statue. The Detectives reach the bar, and Michael calls this challenge nasty, saying he doesn’t drink beer. Louie seems to be handling moree than his share. I think I’d need all that to wash down the sauerkruat, but I’d need to hit the bathroom on the way out, yet wouldn’t want to “break the seal,” as then I’d be going every five minutes, severely hampering that leg of the Race.

Joe/Heidi and Steve/Allie reach the soccer field and have to don the but this is doing nothing for Joe’s knee problems. I wonder why they didn’t take on Sauerkraut. Jordan/Jeff and Brent/Caite reach the Detour, and Brent/Caite choose Soccer, as Jordan weighs the pros and cons and decides on Sauerkraut. Jeff tells her she has to shove it down like nobody’s business.

Steve and Allie finish their five targets of Soccer and receive their next clue, telling them to head to the bar. Joe is still struggling with the targets becuase of his knee. They decide to go to Sauerkraut and tell Steve and Allie to just keep going and take first place. The Cowboys arrive and kick the ball the first time just to place it a little to see how to adjust their kicks. They start hitting them right off the bat. That answers that dilemma. It’s not just cowboy things they’re good at.

Jeff hopes their driver is heading the right way to Saukerkraut, as Louie and Michael are still working on their beer. Louie says he used to chug beer all the time, and he thinks it’s neat how he had a weakness with the sauerkraut and MIchael took over, and when Michael had a weakness for the beer, he took over. They receive their next clue telling them to head to Beatles-Platz, a monument honoring the Beatles. They’ll run through the red light district and search for the pit stop, Indra, a small bar which was the first place the Beatles played in Hamburg.

Dan/Jordan and Carol/Brandy finally reach the statue and the Detour, as Brandy says she likes sauerkraut so they head there, and the guys head to Soccer. Caite yells at Brent from the streets of Hamburg, “Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby. I don’t want to get lost. Let’s ask now.” Do you think he understood more because she called him baby five times?

Jeff is still wondering if they’re headed in the right direction, and he asks if it’s a hamburger place as he’s told yes, he is in Hamburg. Hmm. Language barriers show their ugly heads again. He looks at the guy’s GPS, but says it just goes on and on, and Jordan feels they’re getting further behind as they’re in the middle of nowhere. She figures they’re done. It turns out the guy put the wrong info into the GPS, and Jordan says they should have done the Soccer, but Jeff feels either way he would have gotten the GPS wrong.

The Detectives’ driver explains the red light district, telling them it’s a place filled with pubs, discos, and sex shops. They’re excited now. They find Indra, and Phil. As a Beatles tribute band plays, Louie pronounces that he is a wolf. Phil pronounces them team number one, and they couldn’t be more excited, as Phil notes they went from the back of the pack to the lead. They’ve each won a Discover gift card worth $5000. Louie doesn’t think it could have been more perfect as they were running like the wind. They made bad decisions in the beginning, but they’re not doing that anymore.

Steve and Allie reach the bar, and she says the whole time he’s been complaining that he wanted a beer. He didn’t want to waste money, yet he really wanted a beer. She figures this is a perfect challenge for him, as he pretty much downs it himself. Jet and Cord work through the Soccer challenge easily, as they say, “How’s that for two cowboys from Oklahoma?” They get the clue sending them to the bar, noting it’s both of their first time on a soccer field. Steve chivalrously allows his daughter to have his backwash at the end of the beer, and they receive the clue to head to the pit stop.

Brent and Caite are looking for the soccer field still and ask for a taxi to take them there. Joe and Heidi end up at Sauerkraut and shoevel it in. She says whenever they tailgate they bring sauerkraut. He knows they have to finish this quickly, knowing the Cowboys are right behind them. They admittedly “inhale it.” They finish and take off for the bar. Jordan and Jeff are on their way back from the middle of nowhere. Carol and Brandy reach the restaurant, and I have to say the violin player looks a little like Marie Osmond. Carol and Brandy start eating as Brandy notes normally Carol is shoveling it in, but is being much more slower with this. Carol admits she thought she’d have a gag reflex.


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