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The Amazing Race 16, Mar. 7 – We are No Longer In the Bible Belt

It’ll be interesting to see what happens to our Cowboys this week once we’re out of Western territory and the challenges that involve milking cows, lassooing steer, and riding fake horses. Are they really the team to beat or have they had luck on their side? Some of the others don’t think it’s fair that they have had to do tasks that the Cowboys knew how to do previously, but frankly it would be extremely hard to gear all challenges away from anything anyone on any team has ever done in their life. As they travel around the world, we’ll be moving away from the Western cowboy challenges, so let’s see how they fare as the season moves on.

Cowboys Jet and Cord are once again the first to leave, as they depart Pategonia, Argentina at 10:57 PM. They must now fly to Frankfurt, Germany, and catch a train to Hamburg. There they’ll race on foot to Jungfernstieg Street where they’ll get the next clue. Jet is impressed by the city lights here in Pategonia, Argentina, as Cord tells them there are cities all over, then mentions they’re from the country in case you can’t tell. They stop at a travel agency and find a flight leaving at 11:10 AM. With eleven hours to kill, they realize it’ll be a foot race in Frankfurt, with most of them making that same flight.

We don’t get to see all the teams leave, as Brent and Caite mention at the airport that they’re all pretty much “even steven” now. Detectives Louie and Michael approach the Cowboys as Louie calls Jet and Cord his brothers from another mother. He also mentions they’re sick of being in the bottom of the pack, with Michael saying they’re trying to stay positive.

Brandy talks about her and Carol’s problems on the last leg as they were wound up and not listening to each other. Two strong-willed women together and they both think they’re right, so their word for the day is “respectful.” Jordan the brother mentions that his brother Dan hates traveling, and Dan admits Jordan said running the Race is the only thing he ever wanted to do, so they’re doing this together so he can help his brother achieve his dream.

All teams are flying to Buenos Aires. This is where they all split up, as the Cowboys and the Detectives are connecting in Paris to get to Frankfurt. Carol/Brandy and Dan/Jordan are flying direct to Frankfort, and Joe/Heidi, Steve/Allie, Brent/Caite, and Jordan/Jeff are connecting in San Paulo, Brazil. At 2:35 PM, the Detectives and the Cowboys arrive in Frankfort and obtain their train tickets. Cord just watched a movie about a lady falling off the train tracks, so he’s a little nervous.

At 3:00 PM Carol/Brady and Dan/Jordan arrive in Frankfort and try to make the same 3:37 train as the others. They have three minutes from the time they buy the tickets and have to run to meet the train. They just miss it, as the Detctives and Cowboys make it easily. The teams from the next flight arrive and everyone gets the next train. Dan is happy to have the other teams in sight. You have to understand that reasoning. Even if they’re right next to you, you know where they are. You don’t have to wonder if they’ve somehow skipped ahead.

The Detctives and Cowboys get to the next route marker and find an Intersection. It’s a no-brainer for them to team up, especially since they’re brothers from another mother and all. For the first time ever, two members from opposing teams will pair up on a Roadblock. They’ll make their way to Hamburg Harbor where they will take part in a bungee jump in the middle of the city. After, they’ll get the next clue. Jet says it’s a good thing he had Mike with him, as the clue said Metro, and to him that means city, not metropolitan area. But “city and country are going to work together today.”

The other teams arrive in Hamburg, and Joe and Heidi decide they want to work with Steve and Allie, despite having their earlier alliance with Carol and Brandy. Heidi notes Steve and Allie come from a good family, just like they do. “It’s good people sticking together.” They find a local who tells them which train to get on. Jordan thinks there’s something between Dan and Brandy where they just hit it off, but Dan notes he likes Carol, as she’s like the lesbian aunt that he never had. These teams luckily end up pairing up together. Brandy has bungeed before, yet knew she never, ever, ever wanted to do it again. They, too, find a local to help them navigate the streets.

Jeff and Jordan are surprisingly in last place with Brent and Caite and team up together, which suits all of them just fine. Jordan is a little confused, no surprise, navigating the subway system. Brent has a feeling Caite can figure this out, yet she put herself and Jordan on the wrong train. They’re going in the complete opposite direction. Caite notes it isn’t specific enough about which direction it’s going.

Jet and Michael arrive downtown and see the bungee cranes. One of the workers is worried Jet will lose his hat, but another thinks it’ll be fine. Nevertheless, Jet is curious why they wished them good luck. Michael says the adrenaline rush going up is incredible. He’s been telling his kids forever to not be f to live life and to just do it. He and Jet make their jump, and sure enough, Jet’s hat is still on, as Jet notes “a real cowboy’s hat never comes off.” Michael thinks it was scarier than kicking in any door. They get their clue, but aren’t allowed to open it until they’re reunited with their teammates.

The next to arrive are Joe and Heidi, and he says it’s taking a toll on him physically, as he’s running on a bad wheel, his knee, but he’s not giving up. They prepare themselves for the bungee jumping as Dan and Brandy are on their way there. Joe and Allie make their jump as she screams and he keeps saying, “Oh my God.” Brandy is upset to see that they go upside down, saying it’s going to kill her.


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