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Project Runway 7, Mar. 4 – Hardware Designs

Jay, of course, used trash bags for his faux leather attire. He also used blue masking tape for the stripes in his bodice. Heidi is amazed that he managed to make it look like real leather. Michael is similarly surprised that Jay’s clothes were made of trash bags.

The judges deliberate, starting with their favorites. Mila impressed them by using hard materials to make a hard-edged look. She had really thought about the challenge. Jay’s attire didn’t look like it had been made of garbage bags; instead, it looked like a luxury product. Maya’s pieces all stood on their own, and she’d made the best accessory.

Onto the designers they didn’t like. Emilio’s swimsuit was a tasteless disaster. Jesse’s look inspired a lot of negative comparisons and showed no artistry. Anthony had tried too hard to make a pretty dress, and made something boring and generic in the process.

The judges call the designers back in and announce their decision. Maya is in, and Jay is the winner. Mila and Anthony are both in, leaving Emilio and Jesse in the bottom two. The judges tell Jesse that his look was disappointing and uninspired and Emilio that his was tasteless. Jesse is sent home, while Emilio gets to stay. Jesse’s look may have arguably and marginally been the better look, but this was his third trip to the bottom two – and the judges seem to have an unspoken “Three strikes and you’re out” policy. Also, Jesse has never won a challenge, while Emilio has. Thus, despite Emilio’s extreme lapse in judgement this week, the judges decided to keep the stronger overall performer.

The judges seem bent on making sure that the people who get to the Finals or even near the Finals are the most worthy. They obviously don’t want a scenario like Season Six – otherwise known as “The Season Which Must Not Be Named” – in which somebody like Logan gets within sniffing distance of the Finals without winning or even cracking the top three. Happily, everybody left has been in the top three at least once. Jay has won twice; Emilio, Mila, Amy, Anthony, and Seth Aaron have all won once. Maya has yet to win, but she has been in the top three four times and also has yet to grace the bottom with her presence. Jay and Ben have also never been in the bottom.

Next week: There is “a fear of the unknown”, and the usual snark about frightful designs. Somebody’s look is compared to a cat in a baby sling.

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