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Project Runway 7, Mar. 4 – Hardware Designs

After finishing his rounds, Tim sends in the models. Jonathan compares his look to “Veronica Lake meets C-3PO.” His accessory will be a clutch. Jay does indeed find his pants don’t fit; in fact his model can barely get them on. Emilio discovers he has too little material to make anything other than a bathing suit. He fears he will have to move out of New York after this debacle.

Jay uses straps to fix his pants. He also works on his belt. Jesse decides to paint his copper silvery gray to differentiate it from the other copper garments.

The next morning, Seth Aaron mentionsat he’s eager for the show to start. Maya can’t wait to use normal fabric again. Emilio jokes that everybody will be in the “Bottom 10.” Jesse is hoping that there’s safety in numbers.

In the workroom, Jesse tapes the interior of his bodice so he won’t have to sew. Tim sends in the models. Emilio shows his model the bikini he’s made. Amy is happy with the combination of colors in her sandpaper dress and her model’s skin. Jay is sewing his model into the plastic pants and is fretting while he does so, because every hole is permanent. He also tells us that she can’t pee while wearing them.

Emilio’s washer bikini bottom is too heavy to stay up. Anthony is scared for Emilio and Jesse. Emilio’s look is “tasteless” and Jesse’s outfit looks “tortured,” as do Seth Aaron and Ben’s pieces. Note the last three all used copper. Mila’s proud to have made her model look like a mod rock star. Jesse thinks his outfit looks great, while Emilio is simply relieved to have made a “head-to-toe committed look.” It’s a disaster, and he knows it.

On the runway, Heidi introduces this week’s guest judges. That’s right, there’s two of them this week: Isabel Toledo, who had designed Michelle Obama’s Inauguration dress and Stephen Webster, a jewelry designer. Yow. Tim wasn’t kidding about the accessory being important, as it seems they’ve got an extra guest judge to critique it.

Mila is up first and sends down a black and white dress made of plastic paint trays. It has a plastic choker or yoke connected to it. Jesse’s outfit is a silver miniskirt with a poofy bottom that makes it look like a bit like a ballerina’s get-up. The bodice is obviously beaten metal trying to look like wrinkled fabric. The outfit includes a metal hair piece.

Jonathan made a red, black, and copper dress. Anthony sends down a lilac and light grey dress with a silver belt. Ben made a copper dress.

Emilio’s disaster is a bikini made out of washers and pink cords that is just this side of indecent. The washers form the bikini proper and the pink cords look like they’re tied to the bottom, to help hold it up.

Jay’s model is wearing skinny pants with diagonal black-on-black stripes and a bodice with black and aqua stripes. She’s also wearing what looks like a black rope belt. Seth Aaron made a silver minidress, reminiscent of something from the Jetsons, with its flared skirt. Amy sends down a tan and black minidress. Maya made a tan dress, which she livened up with her key necklace and cord jacket. She had somehow stiffened the jacket’s cords so that they stood away from the model’s body and held an actual shape.

Heidi then Amy, Ben, Jonathan, and Seth Aaron and tells them they are safe. The judges want to talk to the remaining six designers who have the highest and lowest scores between them.

Mila is up first. She tells the judges she used paint tray liners and wanted a glossy mod look. Nina calls it extraordinary. Stephen calls the use of stiff materials “brilliant.” He also likes the accessory, and Isobel is amazed by the transformation.

Emilio tells the judges he wanted to make a bathing suit for a “strong woman,” obviously unwilling to admit to his screw-up during the shopping phase of the contest. Nina asks, “What happened?” She likes the full Barbie-doll effect (which is probably courtesy of the hair and make-up folks), but Michael thinks it’s cheesy. He’s glad the suit’s a one-piece, because the model would have lost her bottom otherwise. Heidi can’t see a pattern, but Isobel appreciates Emilio’s giving the challenge some thought.

Anthony wanted to take harsh mesh and give it softness. Michael thinks the result looks like a bad prom dress. Nina thinks it’s so pretty that it missed the point of the challenge; it’s too conventionally pretty and the designers were supposed to make something unconventional. Isobel says she would have preferred Anthony to have gone with the hardware fact. Stephen quips that Anthony shopped at a software store instead. Ouch. Very bad pun there. The consensus seems to be that Anthony’s look lacks edge.

Maya tells the judges about her see-through jacket and key necklace accessory. Michael says it’s a true a head-to-toe look and that Maya took normal things and looked at them abnormally. Nina believes that Maya showed just the right amount of restraint. Heidi thinks it looks like something that could be on the cover of Marie Claire.

Jesse used copper flashing and drywall fixer in his design. Nina compares the result to the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz. Michael says the model’s hair is cool and modern-looking – but she’s dressed up like a Hershey’s Kiss. The asymmetry of the back is the only thing a modern woman would like. Stephen expects to vacuum the floor with this design, and Heidi chimes in that it looks like a dirty vacuum bag. Let’s see: Tin Man, Hershey’s Kiss, vacuum cleaner and bag. Nope, I can’t imagine anybody wanting a look that made them resemble any of those things. Jesse is in trouble.