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American Idol 9, Mar. 4 – No Big Surprises In These Results

Last week we had a few shockers in who went home, so I don’t even think I’ll hazard a guess, other than to say I think we might lose one of the younger girls. I think they’re going to split the vote like the young guys used to do. I wouldn’t be surprised if we end our night without either Haeley Vaughn or Katie Stevens.

Simon Cowell thought he got it a little bit wrong last night with his comments. He was watching it back on TV last night and they gave compliments to some contestants, and one was so bad last night listening to it back, he had to turn the TV off. He says sometimes you just look back and wonder what you were thinking. Ryan mentions Ellen DeGeneres was confused about the difference between a guitar and a piano, and he explains sometimes if you squint, the piano looks just like a giant guitar. Sure.

The final 20 get together on a group song, doing I Got a Feeling. They do pretty well with this song, and what’s even better is they’re having a lot of fun with it. When they have fun, we have fun. Siobhan Magnus thinks she’s going to the beach or something, as she’s wearing a t-shirt and cutoffs. Amazingly, no one tries to change the melody up. Big Mike is completely hamming it up for the camera.

Addressing the back row of guys, Ryan starts the results. Tim Urban is safe. Todrick Hall is told to hang on, but Michael Lynche and Casey James are safe. It’s between John Park and Todrick. Randy Jackson thinks both of them lost the plot. The person they saw still hasn’t shown up again on the show. Todrick is safe again, as John is the one leaving. Yet again, someone is leaving who had been a favorite of the auditions. The highlight for him is Shania Twain’s comments, but also meeting everyone here at the show. He has no regrets at all, as he leads ius nto his final performance of Gravity. He does a better rendition of the song this time. He decided to show up, I guess.

Instead of switching to the girls, we address the guys for more results. Lee Dewyze is safe, and he actually looked worried. Aaron Kelly and Alex Lambert are safe as well. Jermaine Sellers and Andrew Garcia are left as the two with their futures on the line. Lee looks worried about this particular result. Ellen is asked if she is frustrated, and she repeats the word back with Simon’s accent, saying it has more of an impact that way. She’s acaully sad, because every Thursday gets harder and harder. She’s also despondent and listful, as well as sad, but not frustrated.

Andrew is safe, and Jermaine and his onesie will be going home. Jermaine is asked if his mouth got him in trouble, and he doesn’t think so, but says where he sings from can’t be taught. He’s a church singer, and a lot of people here are doing their own thing and he respects them. In God there is no failure, so he leaves here happy and appreciates everyone to the fullest. He suggets everyone go out and get a onesie. For the last time, Jermaine sings What’s Going On.

Before we get to the girls, we get to one of our finalists last year, Danny Gokey, singing his new single My Best Days are Ahead of Me. This song has a really weird rhythm to it at times. It has an interesting beat. Yet I like the upbeat-ness of it. I’m surprised at the country tone of it. Big Mike is again dancing along and bopping in the audience. The big guy just seems to enjoy life and music. Danny just met Ellen for the first time tonight, but they start joking back and forth, as he says he wants to come on her show some day and dance.

We get an explanation for the country sound, as Danny explains Randy Travis came up to him after last season and asked if he had ever considered doing country, because with his soul and passion, the fans would embrace him and love him. He liked coming out and singing something so upbeat afte being known as the guy with the tragedy. But what’s really intersting is the writer of the song lost his wife too and wrote the song a few months after he lost her. Danny didn’t find that out until after he recorded it, though.

It’s back to the results as the back row of girls stand up. Lilly Scott, Paige Miles, and Katie Stevens are all safe. This leaves it between Didi Benami and Michelle Delamor. Kara is put on the spot and says this is tough, as she wasn’t crazy about Didi last night, but as moved as she was watching Michelle, watching it back later, it was technically off. She was wanting that connection fom her and she got that in the room, but it wasn’t great, and she thinks she may be in jeopardy. Safe for another week is Didi, as Michelle is indeed going home.

Michelle thinks she was so wrapped up trying to do everything right that she lost sight of just performing. She still knows she was made to do this and will keep going for it. She’s worked with some of the most amazing people ever. Michelle sings With Arms Wide Open one last time. She’s like the girl on every season of The Bachelor that goes home early on because she couldn’t learn to open up. It’s kind of the same for Michelle. She has a good voice, but she’s just singing and not putting herself into it.

We have to lose one more person still as the front row of ladies stand up. Katelyn Epperly, Crystal Bowersox, and Siobhan Mangus are all safe. That leaves it between Haeley Vaughn and Lacey Brown. Simon does think someone deserves another chance, but feels it’s clear to everyone watching who’s going home.

Sure enough, Haeley is going home, and Lacey is safe. Hugging, the two girls get their outfits stuck. Haeley knows she needs more experience and will do her best from hereon out. Back at school, she plans to learn, and Ryan tells her she’ll be the most popular girl at Pooter. Debbie the stage manager starts screaming offstage, and Ryan tells her to relax. We see everyone’s clip package, and Debbie comes out to bitch as Ryan one nore time, then Haeley sings us out with The Climb, a truly appropro song.

But the truly neat thing on this whole night is the great spirit that girl is. Haeley kept saying she can’t stop smiling, as that’s who she is. But through her performance, she has a really hard time holding the tears back, yet doesn’t stop smiling. Every single one of the remaining eight girls is shown with tears they’re holding back as well. At the end, it’s Big Mike who comes out and wraps up Haeley in his big arms. This proves to Simon once and for all, I would hope, that they all really do care about each other, even if they’re competing against each other.

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