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American Idol 9, Mar. 3 – Unique Sells the Night

Kara can see Paige having a hit with the song, as she thinks she is in that soul, pop, rock thing. They want her to have fun and smile but if she knew the guy she wrote the song about and her relationship and how upset she was, she wouldn’t have been smiling when she was singing it. It needs to be a bit angry. Simon agrees with Randy, saying two weks in a row Paige failed to pick the right song for her, and she’s becoming lost in the songs. She has such a strong voice, but is making bad decisons. Next week, if she’s still here, she needs to come in and nail it.

Siobhan Magnus is going to focus on just singing her heart out and not focusing on all the technicalities. Something people might not know about her is that a year and a half ago she had a mohawk. She always said she had to have one before she was 30, and she talks about trying to do it herself with a beard trimmer. She does lip exercises before the show holding her nose so it doesn’t tickle. She has to agree with Simon that she is a funny little thing and unpredictable. She’s singing Think, after the judges said they missed her singing big songs. Ther’s that big old voice we met in Hollywood on Group Night. Although, she does have some pitchy moments in the song. It’s worth it though to hear that big ole voice. Some people try that song and never should. She should.

Randy tells Sioban what’s funny is she picks the dopest, coolest, greatest singer of all time and comes out so bold and so fearless, and it was dope! He thought she’s going crazy with this with her mouth open. He loved it. Ellen loved it too, and says most people would say don’t take on such a big song, but they also said don’t mix sleeves with a blanket, and look at the Snuggie, it’s huge. “Oh man, that was good!”

Kara can’t get over that note and isn’t sure wheter it’s a correlation between the glassblowing and being able to hit the notes. She doesn’t know how Siobhan does that. Siobhan says she figured out how to belt that high singing Kelly Clarkson in the shower, and she has to thank her. Simon asks how many years ago that was, and she answer it was 2-1/2 to 3 years ago. He says again she’s such a strange person, and he means that as a compliment. She admits she gets that a lot. He loved that film, as it made her more interesting than coloring hippos. There were parts of the song that were terrible, but then she hit that note that was incredible. She was least worried about that big note, as it’s her favorite part and is the most fun.

With a few moments to spare tonight, Randy thinks some of the girls showed improvement tonight and showed fire, trying to knock it out of the park. He’s still thinking about that ridiculous note of Siobhan’s. Kara cuts Ellen off and says she definitely saw a lot of bright moments on the night. Simon found some marked improvmeents and some horrific performances. For him the person that stood out was Crystal. Ellen thinks she could have potentially have seen the winner. She thought Crystal was great, but didn’t see horrific performances.

Once again, just like the guys last night, we have some that are very much getting the idea here of being themselves and taking someting and making it their own without obliterating it. However, we have a few more girls here that are close to getting it. Crystal, Lilly, and Siobhan get it. Katelyn and Michelle are close, and the others sitll have a lot of work to do. Someone that needs to really be worried is Paige, as we keep hearing that she has the best voice in the competition, yet we’re not hearng it. That’s a problem. I hear Siobhan as the best voice here, as she knows how to use it.

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