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American Idol 9, Mar. 3 – Unique Sells the Night

Randy asks why Michelle is making a face before he starts. She admits to feeling good about her performance. The most positive thing for the Dawg is that the outfit is hot. As far as the song, she just didn’t do enough with it. It was a great opportunity to make it something different and fell flat to him. Ellen agrees she looks fabulous, and feels she did do enough fo the song and even forgot for a few minutes it was a rock song, so that was good. There were a few pitch probelms, and it almost worked, but not quite.

Kara says this is her favorite performance of hers … ever. It may not have been technically perfect, but she took a risk for once and was believable. She listened, has a good attitude, and is trying. Simon is kind of with Kara on this, saying the first half was much stronger than the first half, but to be fair there is a lot of contradictory advice, and she took the point, didn’t sing a safe song, and atttmpted to make her own version and got it about 80% right. As far as the outfit, he asks Vera Wang in the audience if it was good, but they don’t show her on camera, only Michelle’s friends. Michelle has tears of joy and Ryan attacks Randy a little for being the only one that didn’t like it.

Lilly Scott tells Ryan after Simon’s comment about stage presence last week, she worked with the vocal coaches on it, especially connecting with the camera and opening her eyes. One thing people don’t know about her is that she plays a bunch of different instruments, 6 and 12 string guitars, pinao, harmonica, etc. Before she goes onstage she uses a breath spray which works out pretty well for her. Her favorite comment last week was Randy saying she was an indie artist. Tonight she’s singing A Change Is Gonna Come with her 12 string, and she’ll have to do a lot of different with this song. Interestingly, she does. Again, she’s like a better Megan Joy. It’s not what I would preer to listen to, but she does do well.

Randy tells Lilly what he loves about this season is she’s the most unqiue contestant they’ve ever had. Bjork, Dylan, Lucicinda Williams, are all unique. That’s what he loves about her. The thing they’ll always say is that she’s unique and does her thing. It’s one of the toughest songs to sing, and she works it out. It’s Randy’s favorite perfrmance of the night. Ellen says people say they’ve got “it,” and she doesn’t know what “it” is, but she has “it.” Ellen forgot they were in a singing competition and was just a fan in a seat watching an amazing performance. It’s by far the best performance of the night.

Kara tells LIlly she just had her first moment in the competiton. Sh was riveted and couldn’t wait to see what she wcould do next. She is a mismatch for the competition, but thank God she tried out, because she’s really going to change the game. Simon really makes the point they were telling the other contestants on how you become relevant and how to use the show to showcase your talent. He thought it was good, but wasn’t crazy about it like the others and felt she oversang it a bit. He compares her to Crystal since they’re similar artists, and he found Crystal stronger.

Katelyn Epperly has couch chat with Ryan, and he talks about how emotional it must be for the ladies. She agrees it’s been intense as they get hammered for originality, all wondering if they’re original enough. She hopes the judges like her choice this week of The Scientist, because it’s a really intimate song. She hopes she can really show how muh it means to her and wants to move people.

Something people may not know about Katelyn is that she was studyig to be a recording engineer before she tried out for the show. She’d like to open up her own studio at some point. Before she performs she likes to goof off a bit and doesn’t tend to think about it too much. As far as Kara not liking her look last week, she was not thinking Kara was a bitch, but if she thinks she’s not going to wear makeup every week, she has another thing coming. It’s her first time playing an instrument here, but it’s a risk that pays off since the beginning. She sounds great, and the piano only compliments it. For Kara, her makeup is there, but understated and much more natural-looking.

Randy really liked it, and it was really slow, although an amazing song. He liked Katelyn playing the piano and found it great until the end where it fell off pitch a little bit. It wasn’t over the top, but he lked it. Ellen says she liked that she was playing guitar, then corrects herself and says she was playing the piano, not guitar. That’s an indication, though, that she began to fall asleep a little, as it was too slow. If she’s at home babysitting, she’s heping her out, as the baby’s asleep, but people can’t vote if they’re asleep.

Kara understands what they’re saying, but she kind of loves her. She has an incredible instrument and can do alot of things with it,. That’s her biggest problem, as she does so many different things, but she’s really good, and when she gets to a sweet spot, it’s like, wow, that’s awesome. Simon asks if she has heard the Natasha Bedingfield version of the song, abd while she hasn’t, he found this peformance identical. He thought this was a smart choice of song, but what she has to work on is not becoming corny, as it’s a cool song. Yet, it’s a million times better than last week, and she may have put herself back in the race.

What we don’t know about Paige Miles is that she likes to color. She uses regular crayons and markers, and she outlines with the markers so she doesn’t color outside the lines. That is a preshow ritual for her as she realxes that way. She thinks the others are taking a liking to it, as they’re starting to ask her where her coloring book is. Her performance last week was the best time she’s ever had in her life. She could only say thank you when Simon said she had the best voice of the girls. She’s singing Walk Away, and it’s a risk, doing something from the original Idol. You’re not going to top her, as she’s royalty in these parts. Paige doesn’t top what Kelly has done with the song, but does do the song justice until she misses the glory note by a mile and has to slide into it. It’s not going to be anyting that people remember.

Randy points out Kara wrote the song. He liked it, although it wasn’t over the top for him. It has so many words, that he didn’t get a chance to hear Paige with it. She has a big voice, and for Kelly it kind of worked for her, but he’s not sure if it worked for her, as he wants to hear her big voice. Ellen disagrees, saying she loved it and thought it was fantastic. She loved everything she did with it and she thinks it’s risky to change the song, but it worked. Paige had great energy and had fun.


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