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American Idol 9, Mar. 3 – Unique Sells the Night

Kara felt last week like they were losing what is special with her, which is her tone. And this song, especially at the beginning, brought that back. But, she has to say she has to step it up from here. She did do some things, but we’re back and can hear her tone, and it’s a happy song, because she’s a happy girl. Simon agrees it was marginally better, but gets the feeling she is taking part in the comeptition, rather than showcasing her talent. But in comparison to Crystal’s performance, one is showing America who she is, and the other is coming out bouncing around the stage.

Ryan talks with Katie Stevens who says her high school friends think it’s awesome she’s on the show, and her friends even have a viewing party. Last week she picked a song the judges thought was a little old-fashioned, but that’s why she picked the Michael Buble version. She understood, though, that she should do something more current and youthful.

What we don’t know about Katie is that she can say “Give Me a Kiss” in six deifferent languages. She’s embarrassed for herself, but it’s not like she goes around asking people for kisses. Before she goes onstage, she does what the girl in Boston auditiond did, jump around in the mirror. This week she’s singing Put Your Records On and it’s definitely something better for her. However, I’m not sure if she’s bringing anything different to it. I actually thought she “sounded” better last week and started playing on the Inernet while I was waiting for her to finish singing tonight.

Randy thinks there were some bright moments, such as right after the bridge when Katie went into her upper register. It’s when she reminded him of the girl they liked in her audition. She can tackle things more difficult, and the beginning of the song was pitchy and uninterseting, but she needs to believe she can tackle some bigger songs. Ellen thinks she has a great voice, but it still feels like she wants to see her younger. She doesn’t want to hear something she’d hear in the dentist office.

Kara agrees and says she is so frustrated, because she sees so much in Katie. At the end she started opening up and going off with the melody, and she should be doing that from the beginning. Some songs are great on the radio, but aren’t great to perform. Simon agrees that it’s frustrating, saying she did take their notes to sing more young material. But if she came into his record label and asked what she should do, he’d tell her to get experience, then ask what kind of artist she is going to be. That’s what she’s failing to do, let them know what type of artist she is. Kara suggests she sing something about what she’s going through in her life next week.

Ryan mentions to Didi Benami that it looked last night like she was watching the body language of the judges as the guys performed. She tells him she was just comparing song choices, and it makes her nervous to hear the judges’ comments. She then apologizes for going on and on, as she tells Ryan she could talk forever. I find that honesty refreshing.

What people don’t know about her is that in middle school she was a mascot for two years. She was in reality wishing she was a cheerleader, but eventually she made the squad as a cheerleader, as she thinks they felt bad for her. One thing she does before performing is pray, and she also does meowing, as it’s a really good vocal warmup. She looked up indulgent after Simon called her that, as she wasn’t sure how to put it in context. This week she’s doing something totally differnet, doing Lean On Me, wanting to connect with people and bring up her StarMeter. It’s interesting, as she puts a little country twang on it and changes up the melody slightly. Regardless, she brings that honesty of hers in aagain, and it makes it, and her, likable.

Randy doesn’t know what’s happening tonight, as he wouldn’t have chosen such a deep-rooted soul song like that for Didi, as it shows more of her imperfections instead of heightening what she can do. Ellen loves her voice and says she’s here because she has a good voice, smile, and presence. She just wishes it would have been a differnet Bill Withers song. She tried to do stuff with it, though.

Kara tells Didi it wasn’t good, and she said as a singer/sngwriter she wanted to do something different this week, and she’s not sure what she meant by that. What she’s missing is consistency, and as a singer/songwriter, she should sit down with a guitar and give an honest imprssion of the song, instead of this performance that seemed karaoke. Simon tells Didi that at least she continued the cat theme throughought, as it was screechy throughout and was a bad choice of song. Someone meows in the audience to break it up a little. He thinks this generic performance was a wasted opportunity. Ryan consoles Didi, as it looks like she is ready to absolutely break down.

Michelle Delamor has couch chat with Ryan about the judges’ critiques, and she mentions that everything they say is important, but she needs to find the balance between taking that all in and staying true to who she is. They had asked her to take some risks last week, so she’s singing With Arms Wide Open.

What some people don’t know is that she works with kids as a children’s choir director, but frankly, we already knew that. The kids mean the world to her. She can connect with the realness of them. Before every show she prays and meditates, visualizing what she wants to happen. She felt last week went well, but knows she played it safe. Tonight, in an oddly ballooned white skirt and black gloves, it’s definitely not playing it safe. It’s not my favorite of the night, but she showed she still has a voice. Still, it’s not anything to jump up and down about. And to go back to her intro, she wasnt’ willing to be honest and tell us something we really didn’t know about her. Until she opens up, the performances won’t be real either.


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