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American Idol 9, Mar. 2 – Liking the Ends of the Bread

Something we don’t know about Tim Urban is his large family with four brothers and five sisters. There’s a year or two between each of them, so it like being born into a group of friends. On thing he does before performances is take the time to pray. He jokes last week was a great confidence booster, and knows that Simon was right. He’ snot going to try and be an artist he’s not tonight and is singing Come On Get High. This song choice makes so much of a difference, as he’s just comfortable out here singing a song that he likes. I like him this week, and oddly, he gets the lesson here before some of the other bigger names do.

Randy tells Tim he didn’t really get it, and it was kind of karaoke and nothing special, with some pitch problems involved. Ellen has said it before and says if he was on Glee and was singing as part of his acting, girls would go crazy. There’s no stage presence, but he’s so adorable, so if he acted and sang a little bit in the performance, he’d have it made. She doesn’t think singing is his strong point.

Kara actually liked the song choice, and she sees him more in that lane, but he didn’t make it his own. It’s frustrating because he looks the part and plays the part, but it’s not all there yet. She still wants to see him next week though. Simon disagrees with the others and says it’s a marked improvement, because he really listened to the criticism and chose a better song. He went back to what they liked about him personally and was more relevant than the other singers they saw. He’s impressed not with the performance, but with his attitude and work ethic.

Last up tonight is Lee Dewyze who says high school for him was pretty rough, as he made bad choices. He got placed in an alternative school and a teacher, Amy, really helped him find his way. He’s a nice guy and always was, but made bad decisions. He couldn’t believe Simon called his performance last week the best by a mile and knows he can do even better than that. He’s going to arrange something a little different for tonight and hopes the judges enjoy it. Tonight he’s singing Lips of an Angel, and man this guy gets it. He’s like a David Cook or Kris Allen to me. He just comes out with no big stuff every week, just himself. He sings it and gets it and gets it done.

Randy calls it a bold move for Lee to come out and do it without his guitar. He’s a huge fan of his, and while it had a few pitch problems, he liked it. Ellen agrees, and says he didn’t move around or perform, but there was so much passion and intensity and it came out as a great performance as he was really into that song.

Kara thought it was a big improvement on last week. The one thing she can say about him is that she could hear him on the radio right now. It’s very commercial, but he needs to own his stance a little. Simon was going to say that too, that he needs to raise his shoulders. He is head and shoulders above the others right now. It’s all self-belief. Simon thinks he looks terrified right now, and Lee admits he’s not a front guy. Simon’s just waiting for him to totally connect, lose the nerves, and if he does, be the one to beat.

To me you can forget everything in the middle and just go back to the first and last songs. For once I like the ends on the bread. (My dad used to ask how do you know which one is the end and which is beginning.) Somehow it might work in with Ellen’s ripening banana. There are two performances I’m going to remember and look to download off iTunes, Big Mike’s and Lee Dewyze’. That’s it. The others had their moments, improved, etc., but at the end of the day, it all comes down to what you remember and what you’d listen to away from the show. For me, it comes down to Big Mike and Lee. That’s it.

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